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  1. This is primarily to @Tech Support but since it is the weekend I wanted to post here and see if anyone has ideas. As most people know, I have had major highlight corruption issues, so I recently tried splitting the highlights into three sections for the OT. This technically kept the files small, but since switching between highlight files is a multi-step process, and I am doing this hundreds if not thousands of times a day, it is becoming not worth it. I thus need to merge the files and take my chances with corruption, but I am not sure how. If I were to just merge them, it would crash since I already know that highlight files can only have 100 custom highlights, and each of my three has 77 custom highlights. Even if I only merged two of the three files together that would still be way over 100. I think my goal could be accomplished two ways. One way is knowing how to merge the files. The other way is if there is a more practical way to flip between highlight files without it literally being an 8 step process. I am pretty sure the second idea is not possible, so I need help merging I guess Thank you for any help anyone can provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  2. Kristin

    easier highlight access

    There have been several posts with highlight files becoming corrupted. While small files have also been corrupted (showing a deeper issue), the advice users have been given thus far has been to have small highlight files. As mentioned on another post, my Bible is now split into four highlight files. I split the OT into the Torah, Prophets, and Writings. The reason I mention that is because as I am going through the OT I am constantly needing to flip between the Prophets and Writings files and it is pretty obnoxious. This is in part since it is just a commotion to have multiple files, but also because it is a multi-step process. Every time I flip between Kings and Chronicles I need to: 1) open highlight 2) flip to the correct file 3) close it since it takes up too much screen space 4) highlight 5) open highlights 6) flip to the correct file 7) close it since it takes up too much screen space 8 - repeat process 100x a day. I am thus requesting for the highlight to have a drop down that I can choose with just to clicks and cut down on a few steps 1) press highlight 2) press the correct file 3) highlight 4) press highlight 5) press the correct file 6) repeat process 100x a day Ideally the files would not be getting corrupted, but in the meantime, this would be a helpful work around. Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  3. There have been several of us who have had major corruption issues with Highlights. The only way to "resolve" it when it happens is to hope there is a backup, but that comes at the cost of months of work. In order to find a backup under 5 MB I had to scroll back in TimeMachine all the way back to some time in July. That is coming at the cost of over a month of work. From various threads, the common theme with Highlight corruption issues is the size of the files. I am aware that it is possible to create multiple files, and I have done so, but my OT file just really can't be split further since I really do need to see all the highlights. With that as a preface, I would like the ability to view multiple highlight files at the same time. Similar to how we can switch between highlights, but more like checking a highlight file on or off, so that I can see two or three files at the same time. That way each file can remain fairly small, but the information being viewable. This is just a suggestion, but I am interested if people from the forum or Accordance have ideas how to resolve this. I have personally experienced severe highlight corruption on three occasions, and I just can't work with the highlights much more until there is a stable solution. It is just too time consuming every time it happens. Obviously the corruption with the Notes is normally more catastrophic, but nothing as an idea is coming to my mind at the moment. Thank you for your consideration regarding this. Kristin
  4. I know this has been asked before, but it is important enough that I would like to ask again. My request is that the program can remember that I said NOOOO for the "enabled" on highlights. While I understand it may be helpful for some, it is a major, major problem given how often I need to flip between highlight files. I currently open highlights, turn off enabled, highlight, try to close the highlight file with that gigantic pen, continue working. Open the highlight file to flip to another, turn off enabled, etc, etc. It is really rough going back and forth between 4 different highlight files, but I understand dealing with huge highlight files is not a problem for most users. However, needing to deselect "enabled" with that giant pen (as the cursor auto changes to it just opening highlights) over 300x a day (no joke) is really stressful since I am already dealing with carpel tunnel and I don't have the screen real estate to just leave the highlights open. I am thus hoping that it can be built into the settings that for highlights I can say NEVER and it will remember that so it will save me several hundred clicks per day. Thank you for considering this, Kristin
  5. Hi there, I am using Accordance mainly on my iPad and iPhone, I have also installed it on my desktop computer and laptop. Situation: While reading the Bible I usually take notes in "user notes", I also highlight verses and/or words, and so on. After my reading time I usually hit the sync button on my iPad and after syncing I also do the same on my iPhone. This will allow me to have the same notes and highlights on my phone as well. Straight forward and simple. Now, as we all are well aware of, Dropbox had a policy change and charges a fairly high amount of money for subscription. I would like to see the feature to sync all Accordance files via a file folder. The file folder of choice, obviously can be located in a cloud folder, where in turn all files would be synchronized. Has anyone solved the same or a similar problem? Has anyone the same request? Matt 6:33 Blessings, Olivier
  6. I am not sure if I should be posting this in Tech Support or General, so hopefully this is correct. I remember that Acc 13 has the ability to search by highlight. For example, if I search for a highlight I would see all the verses with that highlight. Is that possible? If so, how is this done? My issue is that I have maxed out at 100 custom highlights and I really need another. I am thus needing to delete some highlights but will not be able to do that until carefully reviewing the verses which would be affected. If more than 100 highlights may be possible soon, please let me know and I will just hold off and wait for that to be possible. Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  7. Kristin

    de-select "enabled"

    I have two feature requests concerning highlighting: 1) It would be very helpful if once I de-select "Enabled" that it remembers this. I open and close the highlights over 100x a day, and it would be great if I did not need to de-select "Enabled" every single time (I cannot just leave the highlights open since the file takes up too much space to be practical). 2) I know I have requested this second point before, of the custom highlights being able to exceed 100. (I have exactly 100 and I am blocked from creating more). I think in the system it would be a simple thing to just change the max from 100 to 200, but perhaps that is not true. Would it be a major issue for the programmers to increase the custom highlight range? Thank you for considering these issues. Sincerely, Kristin
  8. Kristin

    highlight requests

    If it is not too complicated, I would like to request a few features concerning highlights: 1) I would like to request the ability to create more than 100 custom styles. I know I had posted about this before, but I just wanted to mention it to see if it can be included sometime soon. I love the highlights and am having some difficulty since I cannot create others. While I know I can create a new highlight sheet, I am not able to do that since I use all the highlights on the text I am working with at the same time. 2) It would be helpful if I can toggle off "enabled" so that it stays off until I turn it back on. As it is, I need to turn it off every time I open the highlights. I cannot just leave them open since I have 100 custom highlights and it takes up a lot of screen space. 3) I greatly appreciate that the custom highlights are not using a scroll bar since I can view them all at the same time, and it would be helpful if it was possible to view ALL the symbols also. As it is though, no matter how I change the size of the box, it is not possible to see all the symbols at once. (I think this might be possible if someone does not have many custom highlights, but I am not sure). Another option would be if I could rearrange the order of the highlights. For example, for a good king I place a crown and then I need to scroll down for the red heart. Then the next guy he is talking to is an evil king, so I scroll back up for another crown, then scroll back down for a black heart, etc. If I could put the crown and hearts together it would be helpful, but I don't know how complicated that is. 4) It would help if there was more flexibility with how to shape the box. I greatly appreciate the long skinny rectangle which can go from one end of the screen to the other, but it would help if I could have this shape vertical going from the top to bottom, as opposed to side to side. 5) It would be helpful if the numbers included a "0" and 11-25. As it is, if I need to put a "23" under a word, I need to use the 2 and then 3, which take up far more room than the 10. The number 20 has also been complicated since there is not a zero. The 11th disciple is another example. I can place a 1 and another 1, but this takes a lot of space compared to the 10. Thank you for your consideration. Kristin
  9. I am having trouble syncing highlights from my iPhone (XR; iOS 14.2) with my iMac (10.14). I am syncing through DropBox. I have a bunch of highlights done on my iPhone in a particular book. I sync, and I can verify that the timestamp on the file in DropBox changes to the current time. When I then sync in Accordance on my iMac, it goes through the motions, but not of the highlights appear in the book. Is there some step I am missing? In Christ, Bret Hicks
  10. Kristin

    highlight requests

    I have seven requests concerning the highlighting. I hope that is ok! 1) It would help if the "enabled" would remember my preference. While I can see how helpful it would be for some, I never use it. However, even though I never use it, every single time I open the highlight I need to deselect it. Since my highlight file is so large I cannot leave it open all the time, which means I am de-selecting "enabled" sometimes 50x a day. 2) While I greatly appreciate that I can expand the highlights, it would help if I could truly expand it so that I could see ALL the symbols at a time. As it is though, even expanded I need to scroll through the symbols. I don't know if it would be possible, but it would be helpful if there was a toggle (like the enabled button) that would activate the scrollbar or show all symbols. 3) Similar to the point above, it would help if there was a scrollbar on the custom highlights. I love how narrow the highlight window can get so that it can sit parallel to what I am doing, but I can rarely use it since it currently goes from the top of my screen to the bottom and my custom highlights take up 90% of the space not allowing me to see most of the symbols. It would help if there was a scrollbar I could activate for the custom highlights, but not the symbols when it is in this parallel view. 4) The ability to have more than 100 custom highlights would be helpful. Even if that means the box would get larger, with a scrollbar for the custom highlights it would not be an issue. 5) It would help if there was a way to auto sort the highlights alphabetically. While I know it is possible to manually sort them, given that I have 98 custom highlights it is very complicated to sort them in that tiny window. 6) Similar to the point above, when I am editing highlights it would help greatly to be able to see more than 6 at a time. I am sure it is obvious how difficult it is to manually sort 98 highlights viewing them 6 at a time. 7) The last point I will mention is something mentioned before, but I figured I will put it here for the sake of being organized. It would help if there was a "0" custom highlight and that the numbers went at least to 25. They currently go two ten, which is helpful, but there are 12 tribes and 12, disciples. I am hoping for at least 25 though since there were 23 kings in the southern kingdom, but 23 is a odd number, so 25 makes sense to me. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Kristin
  11. I need to report a highlight issue. I spend a lot of time highlighting in a very specific way for my work and it is critical that the highlights are correct. However, every once in awhile (as in this is not the first time) HUGE blocks of text have the highlights jumbled and self populate. This is not just in that the highlights are off center, but rather than random highlights appear which I never placed. This happened twice in Acc 12 and now it happened again just now and it is pretty frustrating. I will attach a screenshot to show the random highlights. The reason why I would like to include a screenshot is because you will see that I could not even place highlights like this if I wanted to. Notice the star under the "o" in "Job 9". This is not an issue of the paragraph being too narrow since if I increase the margins or do anything, it will stay exactly where it is under the "o." I cannot even do the "undo highlight" since the highlights were not made like this. They were just like this when I opened the text again. Thank you for looking into this. Kristin edit - I am attaching one more screenshot of another example of a highlight I could not do if I wanted.
  12. Kristin

    show symbols

    This might just be user error, but I think it is a bug. With the new highlighting system when you select a word there are three recents and a little paint pallet which allows for the highlights to appear. With this little paint pallet you can click "show symbols" but this does not seem to be working properly. Regardless of whether I click it or not, the symbols do not appear, but then randomly they will appear without me doing anything, and then the next word I click they are gone again. Please let me know if this is user error, but I think it is a bug given that how it appears changes without me clicking anything. Thank you for your help, Kristin
  13. Suddenly, some of my English bibles are now full of highlights of different kinds, which i never knowingly created. Can't for the life of me make them go away! I can't even figure out what the principles behind the selections are. I don't want any highlighting!! How do i make it stop??!!! UPDATE: I discovered that the problem applied only to certain texts (ESVS, NRSV, but not KJV etc) in a particular search tab. When i deleted that tab, the highlights did not appear in those texts in other tabs. Thank God the nightmare is over, but why did it happen??
  14. Kristin

    time to stop studying

    I was alarmed to see a message tell me that I am no longer able to make highlight divisions saying that I am not able to exceed 100. As I think I have mentioned in previous threads, I use the highlights heavily for personal and professional use. Before I do anything drastic, can someone let me know if there is either away around this or have an idea of what I can do? I cannot just use the symbols since I am already using every single one (and often in creative ways!) Also, since it is connected to the highlights, I will mention the issue on the other thread is still an issue. When I click the paint pallet the symbols appear 5% of the time. Thank you for any help and ideas anyone is able to provide, Kristin
  15. Kristin

    tiny highlight editor

    If you want to add a custom highlight, you need to select "Define Highlight Style," and a little box pops up. This works as it is supposed to and is helpful. However, the box is super tiny. It only shows 6 highlights at a time, and there is no way to sort, search, or view more of them. Given the fact that I have over 100 custom highlights, I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is to find specific highlights in this little window. I am thus hoping that the box can be expanded so that I could view perhaps 25 at a time instead of 6 (and the ability to sort and search would be helpful). Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  16. I absolutely love the highlighting in Accordance, and the highlighting has greatly improved my ability to study the text and help with lesson preparation. I use ALL the highlight icons, and sometimes in creative ways. One thing I really wish though is that the numbers (and letters, but especially numbers) went higher and at least to 20. For example, if I want to number the disciples or tribes or whatever, things work great for disciples 1-10, but the 11th and 12th are pretty tricky. I find myself marking a "1" highlight and next to it a "2" highlight, but this obviously takes far more space than the single "10" and it is often difficult to place two numbers next to each other on names (and especially pronounces such as "he." Not being a computer programmer, I am actually not sure how major of a request this is, but it would be very helpful to add numbers 11-20 if possible. Thank you for looking into this. Sincerely, Kristin
  17. Morning all!! I have been reading a book in Accordance and have made numerous highlights in it. Is there anyway to quickly transfer the highlighted parts into a user tool? I was unable to find anything.
  18. KCarmanIII

    Stylus support

    I would love to see stylus support for highlighting. I often use my laptop in tablet mode and would love to be able to use my s pen for the live highlighting feature.
  19. Hey guys, In ver 12 I had created pastel highlights that worked for my eyes. At times I use them to highlight repeated words or phrases. I just upgraded to Version 13. It wiped out my highlights and started from scratch. Very frustrating. Could this be prevented for other customers? Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  20. I have been having an issue with highlights on my iPad. When I first opened Accordance on my iPad I noticed that the iPad seems to have different and simpler highlighting, and that is fine, so I just made highlights in a random color. However, when I then went to my computer the highlights are not shown at all. I looked through some of the threads and it seems like this is because I have not synced my computer and iPad to dropbox. Is this the case? I thus have two questions: 1) Is there a way to transfer highlights between the computer and iPad without dropbox? 2) If not, how much space does it take to sync things to dropbox? My dropbox space is pretty low and I am not sure if this would be possible. Thank you for any clarity which you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  21. I really appreciate the flexibility we have with highlighting styles. Sometimes when I'm highlighting a word or verse my highlights overlap (I mark a phrase as "important" and within that phrase a single word as both "Imperative Verb" and "StudyThis"). Later, when I want to remove a particular highlight ("StudyThis") from the word, the "clear Highlight" deletes all three highlights instead of giving me the option of choosing which highlight style I want to remove. It would be great if we could remove one specific highlight style from a word while leaving the other highlights untouched. Thank you again for all your great work!
  22. Moments ago when I synched my Mac Accordance with iOS, I got a message stating that "My Highlights" could not be opened because it requires a higher version of Accordance. Sure enough, lots of marvelous highlights were gone on both the Mac and iPhone. (Tears) I restored "My Highlights.hlt" from last Saturday via Time Machine. That has restored the highlights on the Mac Accordance. The majority of the previous highlights that showed up on iOS no longer show up. How can I at least restore those that did show up? Versions: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.5; Accordance 11.2.4 iOS 11.4; Accordance Version 2.7.0 Build June 2018
  23. Is it possible to save the highlights that I made in, for example, Acts 2 and start again in Acts 2 without highlights? with kind regards, Jan Klein
  24. Because of the changes how Accordance names user Bible texts (by adding small "o" in the end), I would like to transfer all my individual word highlights to the newly generated (Unicode) user Bible text module. Problem is, how to find individually highlighted words? What would be the search syntax? I understand that there should be [sTYLE *] and then something else. What?
  25. With the recent revisions to the NIGTC, PNTC & ZEC modules, I am having troubles getting my highlights to sync properly between my ipad and my Mac. I suspect this is because I have not updated to the new modules on my ipad (e.g. I am still running NIGTC instead of NIGTC-13, PNTC-16 instead of PNTC-14 etc.), but have downloaded the newer versions on my Mac. I don't seem to be able to roll back to NIGTC on the Mac. So, my question is, is there a way that I can migrate / restore my highlights on the newest versions?
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