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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Accordance people! When I try to open the TOC in the Hermeneia commentaries, the Android app freezes up. TOC works fine in the Anchor commentaries. Eventually, at least sometimes, it will unfreeze after a very long time. Only just discovered this accidentally after setting my phone down for a while. Maybe I just need to be more patient? Previously, I would impatiently press the Android back key many times (or press it once and wait a while), and then I could usually get the program to crash, which is not the worst thing that can happen. If it crashes and closes spontaneously or if I get the message, 'Android is not responding, Close, Wait, Send Report and close the program myself, when I reopen the program, it is then in the right place. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and contents several times in multiple configurations of different amounts of resources, but this seems to be an issue with the Hermeneia commentary modules, regardless of how much other stuff I have downloaded. By the way, when I get an "Accordance isn't responding, x Close app, _ Wait, _ Send feedback" message, I have sometimes sent feedback but that seems to be sending logs to Google/Android. I'm not sure if you get those logs. If not, is there another way I should be sending you logs when things go amiss? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+, which is a fairly recent and powerful phone. But there is indeed an enormous amount of awesome material in these commentaries so perhaps we all just need to work on the virtue of patience. [/Parenesis]
  2. Michael J. Bolesta

    Consistent crash

    If I open Hermeneia NT-20, and it is positioned at the beginning of the module and I use the TOC to attempt to navigate, Accordance iOS crashes every time. If I scroll down a little and use the TOC no problem. iPad 2, Accordance 2.2.2, iOS 9.1
  3. Michael J. Bolesta

    Tool Browser for Hermeneia very limited

    Using Hermeneia2 NT and Hermeneia NT (alternate vols.) on an iOS device is frustrating due to the limited function of the Tool Browser. It does not drill down into the article or section. That functionality is present when using the modules on the Mac. The functionality of the Tool Browser for other tools, e.g., Anchor-NT and Anchor-NT2, is the same on iOS and Mac OS. I am not sure I understand why, but I would enjoy improvement of the Hermeneia modules on iOS. Accordance for Mac 10.4.0 [Mac OS X 10.9.2] Accordance for iOS 1.7.2 [iOS 7.1] iPad2, iPhone 5S
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