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Found 3 results

  1. I know I'm a little late in the game, but I recently upgraded to Accordance 12 (12.2.4). I teach Greek and N.T. Exegesis here in Brazil, and to make things smoother when cutting and pasting bits of text to my slides, I opted for using the Helena font in my Keynote presentation slides. Yesterday (March 9, 2018), for the first time since the upgrade, while typing a Greek word into a new slide, I noticed that the easy-to-use and -remember alt+1, alt+2, alt+3 no longer corresponding to the same accent/breath marks combinations of the previous version of Helena. Something as intuitive as alt+s for the final sigma had changed, too. While I don't necessarily understand the decision to change something that was so intuitive (maybe someone can explain this), I get that changes happen. The real problem is that since the Helena font kept the same name, and more importantly the same embedded font ID, and therefore the old can't coexist with the new. Now it seems that because those keystrokes no longer correspond to the accents and/or letters in my slides, I have to choose between revising all the previous slides or reinstalling the old Helena font and getting really wonky results in all my Greek texts in Accordance. Is there a workaround? Maybe Accordance could kindly release a retro Helena font with a different embedded font id, so that both can coexist peacefully on a Mac? [Just to clarify, this is not the same issue as the installed font conflict I've seen in some other posts. I know the steps to open in safe mode, resolving those issues, etc. What I appear to be dealing with is that the newest Helena font (helena.otf) has different shortcut keys than the previous helena.ttf (and possibly helena.dfont; I'm not sure which is the oldest).]
  2. I am on Mac OSX Sierra. Accordance 12.1.3. Recently the Greek font has not been displaying correctly, it is giving odd characters in various places. So far I've tried the following: 1. Cleaned up fonts when opening Accordance in Safe Mode. 2. Cleaned up fonts in Font Book. Note, I actually have been using Suitcase Fusion for font management for several years, no problem till now. 3. Reinstalled Accordance. At one point the problem resolved upon restarting the computer, but no longer. I see also in Preferences / Unicode Display Settings, neither Helena nor Yehudit appear as choices in the pull down menus. They are activated in Suitcase Fusion. Note also that if I copy/paste into Word, Helena appears properly - so it seems to be a display issue, not an issue with the font itself. This problem may have begun when I upgraded to 12.1.3, so I am wondering if there is some issue in that version. Regards, Rich R.
  3. In my teaching, I wanted to use "Keynote for iPad" which has helena font. As you know, I have to install helena font. I found one app, "font," and it installed a new profile to have fonts. Therefore, Keynote was great! However, greek text in the accordance looks strange. My goal is to use helena font for keynote in my ipad and accordance without any problems. Anyone can help? Or does "anyfont" work fine with helena font and accordance?
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