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Found 6 results

  1. Is it possible to do the following embedded search, and if so, what is the best way? Search for all roots in the Hebrew Bible that form adjectives; From that set, search all roots that form verbs in Niphal.
  2. Ok, I've watched two hours of video so far and I still can't work out why: (בית,בין,סכת,סֻכַּ֥ת) <WITHIN 3 Words> (דוד,=דוך) Does not return Amos 9:11, which contains: אֶת־סֻכַּ֥ת דָּוִ֖יד I wonder if anyone can clarify? Notes: that the search query above is inverted when I paste it into this forum. In accordance the "dvd" part is last. I can't work out how to add the yod into דוך. When I do it gets upset and seems to want vowel pointing, (It gives me a pick box)
  3. Clearly I have some learning to do about the Hebrew Search. It doesn't behave as I expect. How does one go about learning the idiosyncrasies of searching hebrew? Thanks!
  4. Ιακοβ

    Searching for דויד

    When I search Biblical Hebraica for דויד, using the "Words" in the dropdown box, it says it can't find any results. But then it suggests search using "letters", and then after saying ok, it finds multiple instances of the word. Is this a bug? Why would it find the word I am looking for when I switch to letters? (Actually I do ultimately want to search for דויד and for דוד but I don't quite understand the differences here.) Thanks
  5. I would like to be able to search for 1. words in the Hebrew bible excluding Aramaic. So all words occurring the HB less then 70 times but excluding Aramaic words. 2. Only Aramaic words occurring less than 5 times. One struggle I always have with making Hebrew/Aramaic searches is that when I type the font goes right to left even when I try to type something like "-0". Also is there a guide for making these types of searches anywhere? Maybe just a text file with sample searches and some sample guides on how to make searches in the search bar for things like frequency?
  6. I tried to search "waw consecutive perfect" (whatever you may call it) but I found out that option is not available though I have "was consecutive" option that is only for waw consecutive prefix conjugation. I hope I am missing something. If I want to search waw consecutive perfect form of a certain verb or that grammatical entity in general, do I have to do the construct search or put a complicating set of commands?
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