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Found 6 results

  1. Louis Lapides

    Missing Hebrew Bible tagged BHS

    I am using Accordance 3.2.1 on my new iPad Air. I also used Accordance on my iPhone, MacBook Air and a PC. But in my iPad Air 2020 I cannot get BHS-W4 to install. I tried so many troubleshooting tips. But I have had no success. Accordance was recently installed in November since I purchased a new iPad Air.
  2. Hello I would like suggest Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible as a module for Accordance. See http://www.baylorpress.com/en/Series/5/Baylor%20Handbook%20on%20the%20Hebrew%20Bible /Stefan Green
  3. I would love to see Umberto Cassuto's "A Commentary on the Book of Genesis" volumes 1 and 2 published by Magnus Press / The Hebrew University. -Phil
  4. I was wondering if you had any plans to provide Everett Fox’s, “The Early Prophets,” as part of the Schocken Bible series (you already have Volume 1, The Five Books of Moses). I was also wondering if you were going to add Robert Alter’s magisterial work, “The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary. Both of these texts, together with the their commentaries would be a phenomenal addition to the Accordance suite.
  5. So I'm having some trouble searching and making productive use of the the Bracketed Words search option. The three options currently are: (1) Included, (2) Ignored, and (3) Exclusive. The thing is, unless I'm missing something, this doesn't allow for the user to search the text for a phrase according to the Qere. For example, a well known correction my the Masoretes is in 2 Kgs 18:27 || Isa 36:12, where commander says (according to the Ketiv) "Was it only to your master and you that my master sent me to say these things, and not to the people sitting on the wall—who, like you, will have to eat
  6. Hi all, I have the Accordance software with the Bible Study Collection. I am looking to upgrade the BHS-4WD (Demo version) and after looking through the Hebrew resources online, am a little confused as to which way to go. I'm a layperson who dearly loves to search the Scriptures but I am disabled and therefore have to make best use of my finances when purchasing Accordance modules. I need some guidance here, which is the best way to go with the Hebrew Scripture? I see that several of the Hebrew Bibles are part of rather expensive collections. With a limited budget, which way to go, t
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