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Found 7 results

  1. It appears that [KEY H1980] (הָלַךְ) and [KEY H3212] (יָלַךְ) are different forms of the same lex. HALOT seems to think so, and brings up the def of (הָלַךְ) when looking for the def of (יָלַךְ). If anyone has thoughts, do you perceive these two as two different words, and if so, what would the difference in meaning be? Given HALOT, I am inclined to just call it one word and be done with it but I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts. Thanks, Kristin
  2. Hello everybody dear Accordance team as exchanged in https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/27814-linkingmerging-hebrew-lexica-halot-dch-bdb/ it would be great if one could link all the Hebrew lexica together so that scrolling along is possible. It is a feature I know form Logos and it is working really fine. Up to now it seems limited to Scripture etc. http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX13/Default.htm#topics/04_gswa/tie_separate_tabs.htm%23kanchor745 (as Fabian pointed out to me). So here is the request: It would be great to treat the lexica just like the text versions that one could really match them on one entry. It will save a lot of time and it should be possible since the lexica are digitally «lemmatised» already Many regards and thank a lot for your inspiring work Florian
  3. I am very new to using Accordance. I only purchased it a week or so ago. I have BDAG and HALOT and can see that they are indeed correctly installed on my Accordance IOS. However, whenever I select a word and amplify it, it automatically takes me to "Greek Keys," and "Hebrew Keys" and frankly I would prefer it take me to BDAG respectively automatically. Is there a way to change your default search tool? Another aspect to this... I would like to be able to have HALOT and BDAG as tools that I can have opened in the second window, but at present it is not available in the list of available Greek and Hebrew tools in the drop-down menu. When I consult both resources I have to leave the text I'm in and interrupt my current session. Is this just something that still needs integrated, or is it a matter that I just haven't learned to use yet?
  4. Shalom! I kept looking, but I couldn't be sure 100 percent. In HALOT, there is 'pa.' Especially, ", MyElVv to be completed, come to an end; pa. to make complete, repay; af. to fill, fill up, conclude a peace, stay unharmed, give over (so also Samaritan);" [vol. 4, p. 1532] Anyone who can help me? I looked up abbreviation, I couldn't find it. JOY
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble using a URI with BDAG and HALOT. accord://search/BDAG;Entry?λογος But it didn't work. Is that because the accents and everything have to be right? Is there a better modifier to use than "Entry"? Or is "BDAG" not the right term to point to the module? If this will work, it will really help with using Accordance and Quicksilver. Thanks!
  6. HALOT lists Num 22.34 under def. 1 as one of the instances of the root I-רעע. However, the Context window displays Num 22.32 when i cursor over this link. When i search the root רעע in HMT-W4, Num 22.34, which i saw in HALOT, does not appear at all. This discrepancy is very discomfiting. BDB complete, at def. 1, lists Je 24:2, 24:3 as instances of I-רעע. Clicking on the link to Num 24.2 gets no display in the Context window, and clicking on 24.3 displays 24.1. Either i'm doing something wrong, which is possible, or maybe Accordance needs to rework the two רעע roots carefully. But it seems i find one of these mistakes every time i use the program. In other words, there seem to be a *lot* of mistakes in Accordance's dictionaries. Can anyone explain why Num 22.34 doesn't appear in a search for רעע at all? What do other people have to say about how reliable Accordance is, really? John burnett.
  7. I don’t know if this has been brought up before but there seems to be an issue with BHS/HMT tagging in the Aramaic texts of Daniel and Ezra. Perhaps there is an “option” somewhere for resolving this but I suspect it’s a bug. With HALOT as my top Hebrew tool, when I hover my cursor over an Aramaic word, sometimes Instant Details brings up the correct Aramaic entry in HALOT but very frequently it brings up the (incorrect) Hebrew entry with the same root letters instead. This is particularly irritating in iOS but the same thing happens on Mac. Frequently this entry is a faux-ami. Do others have the same problem? Is it resolvable?
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