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Found 6 results

  1. hardyf86

    Footnote Letters

    Consider making it possible to export text with search words bolded, but without footnote superscripts. I can get rid of the footnote marks by using Edit | Copy As | Citation, but this also gets rid of the bolding that shows me where my hits are. Similarly, I can keep the bolding (by copying as a Citation), but that retains the footnote marks. I’d love to able to separate these two factors (hit bolding, footnote superscripts). Currently I have to choose or reject them as a group. Actually, I can easily imagine a world where no footnote superscript ever sees the light in an export. This, for me, would be the perfect solution, i.e., just to dump the footnote superscripts altogether. The only place they are useful is on screen, where they serve as live links. There they are useful; everywhere else they are not. Thanks for a great product!
  2. It is possible that I just don't know how to use the program, but I am fairly sure this is a feature request. It concerns commentary footnotes working like biblical footnotes. When I am reading a commentary sometimes the author of the commentary is making their point and in the middle of their sentence there is a footnote. If I hover over the footnote I can see the footnote in the instant details, which is helpful. When the author's footnote is just another book, that is also normally sufficient. However, sometimes the author's footnote contains a bunch of supporting scripture links and I would like to read the verses. I am aware that if I click on the footnote it will bring up the verses and I can click on them, but if I do, there is no practical way to get back to the sentence I was reading without starting over. With all this said, it would be helpful if when clicking on a footnote that the footnote material opens in a new window, how it already does when clicking on a footnote in a biblical text. Thank you for considering this.
  3. Is there a way to include the footnotes when you copy from a commentary? thanks, Charles
  4. Just started exploring Accordance a few weeks ago, have been using a couple other bible software tools for years. The instant details panel is cool for quick information, but sometimes I want to quickly see the referenced scripture or other info as a pop up and not a separate panel. I know you can click and hold on footnotes for example, but once you do it is just text, there is nothing clickable in the popover detail pane, would be cool to be able to actually click on the references to see the scripture or even click on the strong'ss number to see that info, etc. Is there a preference to enable the contents of the popover to be clickable or revealed by hovering your mouse over it? (show the actual scripture or reference content in the popover when you hover over the link)
  5. Nick Laurence

    Footnotes in TAD-English

    The TAD-E module seems to have a number of footnotes indicated throughout. But I am unable to find the text associated with any of these footnotes - nothing appears in instant details and I can't find any relevant text within the module. Am I missing something? Have I correctly installed it? Thanks.
  6. Has there been any updates from the Turabian world that have included online software such as Accordance as of yet? It would be really nice in the seminary world I live in to have this ability. I know we discussed at length ways to do this earlier through scripts and only certain texts. However, if there is a general ability to cite books in Turabian from libraries like our own I would love to know. Or, if anyone has compiled a list of Turabian format from Accordance's materials it would be greatly appreciated if we all could contribute to it. Please let me know...Thanks
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