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  1. Deep down I know that this request is more technical than I understand, but I will request it anyway. It would really help if the fonts could handle all languages and not be segregated. For example, if I am writing an email, or working in Open Office, or Pages, or anything, and I am writing in English, Greek, and Hebrew, I can easily change the font of the document. I can select all and press Times New Roman, or whatever, it doesn't matter, and whatever I change it to I can still read all my languages. In Accordance, by contrast, my Tools seem to be set to Helvetica Neue, and since I like Times New Roman, I always want to select all and change to MSS, since it looks similar. HOWEVER, if I do that, both my Hebrew and Greek text gets scrambled, and I have to go through and hand select specific words or sentences to have that in one font and the the rest of the document in another font. So it would really help if I could do "select all MSS" and not worry about it scrambling my Hebrew. (On a related note, if anyone knows how to set the default of my Tools to MSS when I write instead of Helvetica Neue, I would appreciate it. I can figure out how to change the default of Notes, but not Tools). Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  2. Hi, Default font for my User notes is Cambria. When I insert a word in Greek, Accordance is changing font for the closing parenthesis to the Greek text font (Cardo), and even if I select it, change to Cambria, it's still Cardo. Can't be changed. Tried to use Cambria for the closing parenthesis later on in the text and delete preceeding text backward to move closing parenthesis back to the Greek word, but even before deleting space between old parenthesis and a new one it changes back to Cardo automatically. P.S. Synced and tried to edit this text in Accordance for iOS. I could change font to Cambria, but Accordance changed it to Accordance font. Tried once more, again — Accordance font remains.
  3. Hello, I use Parchment background color for all commentaries, and Cambria font. However, when I use Live Click, new Research zone opens with the white background and text is shown in some other font. Could you please use the default font and background color settings also for this zone/pane?
  4. senilemonk

    More font style issues

    Working in User Tools I am running into all sorts of style issues. It appears to be mostly related to the first character of each line. Things that I make bold somehow the first letter becomes unbold (seen in attached photo) Font Colors change in First letter of sentences (seen in attached photo) Copy and paste (especially when using keyboard shortcut) occasionally pastes the previous text copied not the current copied text as if the copy 'didn't take'. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.4
  5. Recently I thought I was doing the right thing and upgraded: Accordance 12 to Accordance 13 Mac OS to Catalina Latest version of MS Word for Mac Some glitches overall but the oddest one is that my SBL Greek font is now a joke in Word. Looks nothing like how it displayed in the past, nothing like the web version. Overall this wouldn't be a problem except that I have many Word docs that use SBL Greek. To change those to another font (where there are many footnotes in the text, etc.) would be a real pain. By the way, the Accordance Greek Unicode font displays well. And, the SBL Greek font displays well in other programs (Pages, etc.). Just Word that doesn't seem to like it anymore. Any ideas? Daniel
  6. I have installed Accordance 12, Greek and Hebrew Discover package, plus Syriac add-on. The Accordance font file has loaded correctly in the Windows\Windows\Fonts subdirectory. But when I open MSWord, although I can see the Accordance font listed, it only types characters in English. How do I get MSWord to recognise and type in Greek and Hebrew and Syriac? Yes I can do this through Insert\Character Map, but I need to do quite a bit of typing in Greek and Syriac, and it would be better to be able to set up a style to do this. Has anyone done this successfully. Tricia
  7. When I hover mouse cursor over thy Bible reference in the Tool display, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Cambria font, small size. When I hover mouse cursor over some Bible reference in the User notes, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Verdana font, larger size. It seems that I have no control over it to show both in the same font face and size?
  8. I am having some difficulty with the user note font. My notes are set to "Lato" and I am trying to make the default for my notes to be Times New Roman. It does not appear that I can change the default, however. Is this correct? I don't have the option to change the font (since it is grayed out) unless I click "standardize font." I am not looking to standardize the font, however, since I use a different font for English and Hebrew. My goal therefore would be to have a default of Times New Roman going forward, without needing to "standardize" all of my current Hebrew notes to Times New Roman. Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide. Kristin
  9. I would like to be able to change the default fonts for Greek and Hebrew texts in Accordance. I have heard from someone at Accordance who says that this is difficult to do technically because it means switching to Unicode. However, technical issues aside, from the users perspective it is really very strange that the Hebrew and Greek fonts are not customisable. I had imagined this would be in the basic feature set for electronic Bible software. And there are a plethora of options for customising the font for English texts. On a personal level I really like the SBL fonts that can be found here: https://www.sbl-site.org/educational/biblicalfonts.aspx Would others appreciate being able to switch the default Greek and Hebrew typefaces? Thanks, Andy
  10. Hi, I am running Accordance on OS 10.13.4. My Accordance version (now) is 12.2.6. I have two questions that have arisen since my upgrade to version 12: 1) I had a bunch of workspaces (created in a prior version of Accordance) that contained panes with KJV. In the upgraded version, when I reload those pages, I get the message that I don't have KJV installed. Ummmm???? 2) So, related to the above question, when I add a pane with "KJV with Strongs", the font is unlike the other panes. How do I change the font in this pane to match that of the other panes (so that scrolling is more "natural"). You'll see in the attachment the difference. Thanks, Gary
  11. I have a long document (over 300 pages) which includes many Hebrew citations that I need to convert from Mellel to Word. I inserted the citations into Mellel by cutting and pasting from Accordance and they appeared in the Yehudit font. Now, when I export the document from Mellel to Word format, the Yehudit Hebrew appears as a jumble of English characters. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this without me having to go through and redo the Hebrew in the entire document? Thanks, Stephen
  12. I am totally exasperated. For some time it has been impossible for me to know which font Accordance will use when I copy and paste to another program. That is probably my fault, but I don't know how to fix it. I have learned to live with it. Now, suddenly, (and this is the problem I really want help with) even in my user notes the fonts are not correct. When I paste from the Greek text into my notes, the p's are turned into pilcrows (¶). Please see the attached screen shot. If I had access to Helena within Accordance, I could fix this, I assume. But even though Helena is available to every other program on my computer, Accordance doesn't list it in the font menu. BTW, I have since removed Helena from the system in case that was the problem. I also have started Accordance in safe mode and selected "Clean installed fonts" twice. No help. I would appreciate help with this. Thanks. Kevin
  13. Guntis

    Citation font styles

    Hi, I don't know is it a bug or is it a normal expected behavior and in that case this should it be a feature request… When I copy any Bible text as a citation and paste it in the word processor (Apple Pages), each citation contains three different fonts: Bible text is copied as Cambria (as it is in Accordance), Bible reference (in the brackets) is copied as Times, Accordance link is copied as Helvetica Neue. When I copy any commentary as a citation, and paste it in the word processor, I get this: Commentary text is show in Cambria (as it is displayed in Accordance), Commentary reference is shown in Geneva, which doesn't have Italics, thus the Book title cannot be italicized — this is not good at all!, Accordance link is shown in Helvetica Neue. Could you please use the same font for the whole citation, preferably the same font which is used for the Bible text / commentary? Thank you in advance!
  14. I wonder if someone can help clarify if the | symbol that appears here, is meant to be there, or if its a bug or font issue? I have never come across this before so I don't know how to interpret what I am seeing. Thanks! PS: This screenshot also demonstrates that annoying bug, where some of my resources can't be navigated by the side bar table of contents thing. (You can use the search to navigate to verse references, but you can't expand things in the sidebar).
  15. Hello, I am trying to add or install the Avenir Book font in Accordance. I saw it on the youtube video: Customizing Workspaces (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #146) at 5:09 https://youtu.be/T9hltcWyzUM?t=309 It show's the Avenir Book font being used. I have the font installed on Windows. I have closed accordance and reopened it. I have also been to my windows fonts folder C:\Windows\Fonts and I see that it is correctly installed. I still do not see the font on my list of fonts under Edit->Preferences->Text Display. Do I need to install this font somewhere else for it to show up in Accordance 12?
  16. I recently made the switch to Accordance in Windows. In my user notes when I type Hebrew (using SBL font and unicode keyboard) everything types backwards. Is there something I am missing here for inputting Hebrew text properly from right to left?
  17. Tony Pyles

    Macro for changing fonts

    Hi All, I thought I had cracked a way to create a macro in Word using Find/Replace All to change any Unicode Greek and Hebrew to a font of my choosing. It works, but only mostly. I'll paste my steps below. The problem seems to be with characters that use combining diacritics, both in Greek and in Hebrew. E.g., for any Hebrew character with a dagesh, the dagesh doesn't get changed but everything around it does, with the result that a vowel under such a character gets bumped out and given a hollow circle (I'll post a screenshot). Similarly, some (but not all!) Greek letters with breathing marks don't get changed. Any suggestions on how to fix this? It happens both with Hebrew/Greek Unicode pasted from Accordance and with Hebrew/Greek Unicode that I type out. Thanks in advance, Tony Edit: here's that screenshot:
  18. Hello I found some Old Fonts http://www.obib.de/Schriften/AlteSchriften/alte_schriften.php?Fonts.html~Text Greetings Fabian
  19. ray robinson

    Accent issues in user notes

    Hi Having upgraded to Acc 11.01 OSX10.6.8 MacAir C2Duo. I note the program is using Cardo font for the greek instead of Helena. I'm noticing problems with the accents when I'm pasting words into my user notes; see attachment. Even when I try and change the font in user notes to Helena the 'travelling accent' is still cardo. Also when I select in preferences Helena as the greek font I'm still having the problem. Can you confirm this is a bug and not my incompetence? tks
  20. I am running iOS 8, beta 4 on an iPad air and Accordance for the iPad is not rendering the Greek and Hebrew fonts. Any thoughts? I am attaching a screen shot from the iPad.
  21. Brett K.

    Missing Fonts

    There are various fonts missing from the font menu in the customize theme dialog. They used to show up, but now they don't. The missing fonts are installed and enabled in Font Book, and they appear in other applications. Here is a screen shot from Font Book showing I have eight fonts that begin with the letter V. Here is a screen shot from Accordance showing I have one font that begins with the letter V. Any ideas? Thanks -- Brett Accordance 10.4.1 Mac OS X 10.9.2 MacBook Pro 15" 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7
  22. Accordance 1.7: 1) User Bible still doesnt use Georgia font 2) Options' toolbar in the Search screen could be a notch taller, to preven accidental tapping below it and returning from the Search mode back to the Bible text view. 3) Still no 2 and 3 finger single-tap and 1, 2, 3 finger double-tap customer-adjustable commands, like toggle highlights, show navigation grid (Go To), open Library/Favorites, etc. 4) Navigation grid could have option to be smaller, to fit into one iPhone 5 screen without a need for scrolling. 5) Still not possible to select several words for highlighting. For me that's way more important than in-app purchase features. I buy something few times a year, but I highlight text every week.
  23. Can you please help me. After updating to 9.6.6 I'm seeing my GNT module without spaces between greek words (see screenshot). I've run font fix 9.5.3 to no avail. Any tips beyond that? Stuart. P.S. I'm running OSX 10.9.1
  24. Regardless of the app settings, Accordance for iOS shows user Bible text with Helvetica font. I'd like to use Georgia, but it's being ignored... Please fix this bug! Affects all Accordance for iOS versions...
  25. wrightoptions

    Customize Export Fonts...?

    I would really like to be able to CUSTOMIZE MY EXPORT FONTS (both the font, and other languages beyond just Greek/Hebrew; e.g., Coptic)? For instance, I want/need these: (1) GentiumAlt unicode for Greek, and (2) New Athena for Coptic. I already have these fonts on my computer, but I haven't figure out how to access them in Accordance and/or add them to my options for exporting fonts. This would be a huge help to me (and I'm sure others), as I've needed specific fonts for various publications in the past (e.g., CBQ and JTS), and now I'm needing specific fonts again as I'm working on my PhD dissertation. I've already contacted technical support, but they didn't know and suggested I post this topic to the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :-)
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