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Found 5 results

  1. When I create a Tool I use the little T things to create the categories and subcategories which then show as an index on the left of the tool (I can't remember what that is called). My problem is that the index is super small, on my screen it looks like maybe 9 point font while the text in the tool is more like 14 point. Is there a way to increase the font size of the tool index? Thanks, Kristin
  2. I appreciate that we can change font size easily in all the panes, including Instant Details. My eyesight is weak and I have increased the font size in Instant Details to its maximum size. However, in Android and iPadOS/iOS the font size is still too small for me to read easily. It appears that there is a limit to the max font size. If you could either remove the max size, or increase its maximum size limit, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Dave A
  3. I am having an issue with font size which I am sure is user error but I don't know how to fix it. For starters, I like User Notes and User Tools at size 24 pt font. When I edit a User Note I type in 24 pt font and when I press "update" it views as 24 pt font which makes sense. However, when I create or edit a User Tool it views as 24 pt font, but when I press update it views as 48 pt font. I went to the settings in User Notes to try to mimic it for the settings in User Tools, but they seem to have two different setups and I am unclear how to fix this. Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  4. Charles Grebe

    Accordance 13 font size

    Hello, I just upgraded to Accordance 13 and all the interface fonts (menus, buttons etc) seem to have gotten smaller. I tried different settings in Preferences/Appearance but I can't seem to increase it. Is there a way to return everything to the font size of Accordance 12? I'm getting too old to read small text. שלום, Charles Grebe
  5. When I hover mouse cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see commentary content in the Instant Details palette. I adjust font size in the palette so they wouldn't be too large. Then I hover mouse cursor over the Bible passage links in some commentaries in other panes, and the same Instant Details palette shows commentary text, but now text size is too small. If I make it a notch bigger, then hovering mouse cursor over the Info Pane commentary icons shows very large txt here in the Instant Details palette. It seems to me that Instant Details shows one type of links with bigger letters than the other type of links. Could you please fix this? P.S. Sometimes when I hover cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see only article titles in the Instant Details. No commentary text. For example, UBS Translators’ Handbooks NT, Calvin's Commentaries. (When I open the Bible to Luke 20:1). I've noticed the same about WBC in some instances. Probably it's related to the line breaks after the title.
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