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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way to include a commentary in more than one folder in the library? Can we make something like a shortcut or a link to a commentary in a library folder? I’d like to make folders of my favorite resources for a given topic so I can search them as a group but sometimes I need a resource in more than one folder. For example I’d like to include “Anchor Bible Job-Song” in both a Psalms folder and a Job folder. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Charles
  2. Tim Hall

    Papers organization

    With the 2.7 version of the iOS Accordance app, I am looking forward to fully embracing the use of papers for my preaching!!!! Whit that comes a need for organization. It would be amazing to be able to create folders and even subfolders for the papers that then show up in the library on MacOS/Windows and are then synced and visible on the iOS (and eventually Android) app(s). I was able to create a folder in the library in MacOS, but then was unable to move any papers into it.
  3. For some reason some of the folders in my library pane no longer show an arrow so I can't expand/collapse that directory. So there's no way to see the resources in lexicons or dictionaries (the two affected) from the library pane. I can double-click and it opens all the resources in a window but that's not helpful. How can I restore the collapsibility of those folders?
  4. The syncing in general works fine for me, both WIFI sync or dropbox, which I prefer. I use iPad, iPhone and 2 Mac Laptops and 1 Windows Laptop. No real problem so far. No I have been looking more into getting more User Tools into Accordance, have written an import script to automate this (https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/20404-user-tool-import—making-it-more-doable/?p=100256) and have create a little structure (folders) ordered by authors. Unfortunately it seems that the structure is not respected during the sync, I would understand it (little bit) for iOS, but even on the other computers all the imported User Tools appear in a single list and no folders appeared. Am I doing something wrong or is there no folder / structure sync at the moment? Would be a big + for me, otherwise the list gets too messy. Thanks a lot. Best Regards
  5. Hello, an improvement in the accordance app I would love to see is folder creation. Since I have many modules it would be nice to be able to nest and organize modules in folders to reduce the length of the list as is possible in the desktop version. Thanks for all your great work
  6. joescro

    Aliases for tools

    Suggestion: It would be helpful to be able to create a folder holding all of my commentaries, for example, on the book of Romans. Since some commentaries are purchased in sets and cannot be broken into individual volumes I would have to put, for example, the whole Word Biblical Commentary into the Romans folder. This makes it convenient to access the Romans volume in the WBC set with the drop down menu on the pane. The problem with this, however, is that if I want to access the John volume while doing another study, I have to remember it is in the Romans folder. Solution: Allow the Word Commentary set to be placed in both a Romans folder and a John folder by means of an alias. I tried to use different workspaces and its okay but I think aliases would be more effective. Thanks!
  7. Just installed a collection and am organizing my tools. Am finding that some tools seem to be in the wrong folders, e.g. Hebrew language tools appear under Reference Tools of General Tools. Is there a way to move them to a different folder? I can move them within the folder they are currently in, but I want to move them to another tool folder. Thanks
  8. These are small wishes I hope to see in an update. Two of these you can do in Accordance for Mac, and one, you can't. I would love to be able to organize my modules into folders. This can already be done on the desktop version of Accordance, as well as add dividers. I suspect these are coming. However. Something that I have wanted in Accordance from day 1, and have never seen is the ability to rename modules. I have so many accordance modules and tools that I don't even know what they are because all I have is an acronym. Why can't I rename "ZEB" to "Zondervan Encyclopedia"??? That would be so much more helpful and something I surely hope to see soon. Thanks!!
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