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Found 10 results

  1. I select and copy Bible references from the «Feasting on the Word», Year A, Proper 27: Amos 5:18–24 Joshua 24:1–3a, 14–25 Wisdom of Solomon 6:17–20 Wisdom of Solomon 6:12–16 Psalm 70 Psalm 78:1–7 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18 Matthew 25:1–13 and paste into the search bar, press Enter and get an error message. Turns out, Accordance doesn’t understand "Wisdom of Solomon”. If I shorten it to “Wisdom” it finds referenced text. Please fix this bug.
  2. Is there a "find command" in Accordance? This is a simple function available in any word documents or Internet browsers (usually short cut key is ctrl+F or command+F), not about word search in the Bible or lexicons. What I wish to do is have a specific word highlighted on the screen that is already showing a search result, but ctrl+F doesn't do this in Accordance. Thanks for your help!
  3. How do I search for me, you, her him, etc. as follows: I am looking for help in searching for object markers with pronominal suffixes, such as ,אֹתִי, אֹתך
  4. How can I run a search that will show me only the verses that differ between two very similar texts, such as the HMT-W4 and BHS-W4 or ETCBC? I need something more than just ticking the "compare" option since the differences are so few. I'm pretty sure I've seen in the past how to do this, but now I cannot find it. Thank you
  5. Hello, I've run into an anomaly. I copied the quotation text below from the Hendriksen-Kistemaker NT Commentary in Accordance. Then I went on to other places in that commentary and thought it'd be a fast track back just to paste part of that copied text in the ENGLISH CONTENT search and I'd be right there. No go. At first it seems the quotation marks are hanging up the search. So I deleted them. Then "Matt." is unparsable to Accordance. Then the "16" is a mystery to Accordance's search engine. Quotation: Though “church” in Matt. 16:18 and “kingdom” in verse 19 may not be identical in meaning Why would it do this? I just took that text from that source and now it can't find it. Weird, if you ask me (you didn't ). Attached are screenshots of the search and then when Accordance trips on the quotation marks. Any help would be appreciated. And even just telling me a better way to go back to the place in a book where I recently was would be a help. I think I've seen feature requests for back and forward arrows. A history of recently locations would be a blessing. Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan) Acc Hendriksen-Kistemaker NT Commentary v. 1.4
  6. Because of the changes how Accordance names user Bible texts (by adding small "o" in the end), I would like to transfer all my individual word highlights to the newly generated (Unicode) user Bible text module. Problem is, how to find individually highlighted words? What would be the search syntax? I understand that there should be [sTYLE *] and then something else. What?
  7. Hi, Tonight I wanted to find and replace quotation marks in the User note. Test was in Latvian. I was searching for „ and wanted to replace with “ but search couldn't find anything. When I selected that quotation mark and clicked on the Replace, Find button, it did replace quotation mark, but then crippled Unicode text for the next three words. Please fix this problem.
  8. While creating custom layers in Atlas, could there be an UNDO feature, just in case 3 steps down you realize you made a mistake, and instead of losing all the data/moves you previously made because you didn't click save, you could hit undo for a few steps instead? Also, After CMD-F (Find) on map, I realize that there is no CLEAR ALL SEARCHES button, but what I'd have to do to make all the highlighted "found" cities not be red is to close the map and open a new one. But then, there's all the selections I've also made, etc. When showing a class it'd be nice to be able to clear my searches and start afresh right from the same map. (Even an option to have those cities stay on the map but revert to normal lettering?)
  9. I remember few words from my user notes and I want to find that particular note. Therefore I open user notes in the main window and use Search command to find that note. Search results is a long list of my notes where search criteria is highlighted in red, but I still have to scroll through all my notes. If the note I'm looking for is near the end of my notes, it'll be half an hour scrolling… Could you please show only those notes in the search results, which contain hits? And perhaps scripture index along the right edge of the screen to navigate faster to the Gospels or the book of Revelation.
  10. Today I pasted lengthy text in my user notes from the Kindle, wanted to clean up this pasted text. Pressed Command+F, typed in the Find field "Read more at location" and in the Replace field "(Location", but Accordance didn't find any instance of this phrase. I see several instances where this phrase is used. Please fix Find/Replace.
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