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Found 7 results

  1. Attaching notes to multiple verses would provide a place to capture research that applies to a pericope, larger section of Scripture, etc, and not just an individual verse. This same thing could be applied to chapters. Notes on sections can appear in the order of the first verse (or first chapter) mentioned in the user notes file, perhaps distinguished by text color or bracketed in some way to set them apart from notes on individual verses. Is this something Accordance might consider?
  2. Accordance contains the works on Divinity by John Gill, but not his commentaries. I think that would make a nice addition. Also, we have Gesenius' classic Hebrew Grammar, but not his Lexicon. And while we have the Expositor's Bible Commentary, the older Expositor's Bible is not available as an add-on. My last suggestion is the that the texts of the Unlocked Literal Bible and the Unlocked Dynamic Bible be considered as an add-on... www.unfoldingword.org/bible Thanks for a great set of resources and for the amazing level of support you have provided over the years. Accordance is a remarkable tool. Blessings, win
  3. I don't know the geek term for what I have in mind (widget? headless? whatever??) .. Expanding on the functions of the dashboard widget might be one approach, but for me at least I think I'd rather a menubar function. I'd like to be able quickly access some basic functions of Accordance without needing to launch the full app, which takes quite a few resources. I actually find it easier to bring up a bible text on BibleGateway than to launch Accordance - if all I want is a quick look, copy, paste, etc. Apart from that, the particular function I most use is adding user notes, which I like to do while having my devotions. I don't want the distraction of needing to launch Accordance, open a text window, use the context menu ..... etc. I'd like to be able to just click an icon in the menubar, type a note to a verse, and save it. Other users would no doubt have other functions they'd like to access quickly and move on, so I guess there could be many functions for such a 'mini app'. But these are the ones I at least would like.
  4. I have been using Accordance for a few years now, and love it - especially with the addition of the Info Panel and other recently added features! One feature I'd love to see added would be to have a simple way to scan texts to automatically find and link to scripture passages references. This would be especially helpful when reading everything from on-line religious articles to complex doctrinal statements; any text that contain a number of Bible references, without supplying the text of the verses themselves. The Bible software I used before Accordance performed this easily by offering a pop-up empty window into which I could paste whatever text from my clipboard. The text would automatically be scanned for references and then as I read through the article I could simply hover over any Scripture reference and the Bible text would be displayed! It was very simple, but very useful. I realize that this is similar to the "Auto Link" feature when creating a User Note or User Tool - but I would love to see it simplified to a discardable text window (or as an option for opening PDFs / ePub files) for the ability to easily read any religious materials.
  5. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  6. I am currently working on Accordance 9, and I don't know if more functionality for User Tools was added in Accordance 10, but I wonder if anyone else has requested the ability to highlight User Tool files. I am taking classes that require me to study Greek texts that aren't available as modules, but are in the public domain (this term it is Plato's Phaedrus). I can copy sections from online sources into a User Tool and divide the text into sections, but what I'd love to be able to do is use my Greek highlighting system that I use in Biblical text modules instead of having to open an edit window and change font color. Additionally, I create a second User Tool for my translation and notes, and I wonder if there is any way to set up the headings so that the sections are linked for scrolling. Maybe I'm the only one looking for this functionality, but it sure would be nice to be able to develop my own texts over the course of my study. Thank you!
  7. It would be great to be able to adjust the font settings for this window.
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