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Found 9 results

  1. sixsteps

    Crossway ESV Bible Atlas

    I wish I could get this on Accordance: Crossway ESV Bible Atlas https://www.crossway.org/books/crossway-esv-bible-atlas-hccase/
  2. kdetwieler

    ESVS vs ESV Website

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the greek to match on the interlinear feature in accordance. The original greek on ESV website does not match what I see in Accordance. I'm wondering if it's a setting or I'm missing a module.
  3. KevinPurcell

    ESV Interlinear missing data

    My ESV with Strongs is missing data when I turn on every line of the interlinear. Here's what it looks like. Is there anything I can do short of deleting the file and reloading or deleting the app and reinstalling everything?
  4. I've updated the ESV module to the new permanent 2016 text, and now there's bunches of blue words in the Old Testament. (Maybe it's an upgrade to the Red Letter editions...) I've attached a screenshot. If I change the text to another English translation, there aren't blue words, and I haven't noticed it in the New Testament. Any ideas of (1) how to turn it off and (2) why it happens/what it means?
  5. With Titus 2:13 it seems the Greek is not aligning with the correct English word, though they are the same word, but the position in the Greek I don't believe is correct. Here is a video showing what I am talking about.
  6. Hello, The ESV hyperlink in my KM Hebrew Dict. is broken. When I click on it an error message shows up. Links to NIV, HCSB etc. seem to be ok. Anyone else experiencing this? Solution? Bug? Tim
  7. This morning I had my accordance open working fine... then the update box popped up with 3 small updates, the ESV, ESVS and KM something (I forget the title). I clicked update but then a couple of minutes later it came back with a message I've never seen before saying that it couldn't complete the request/update. I then closed it and then closed Accordance. This is what it looks like when I open accordance: Upon Opening Accordance.tiff When I reopened it, the only thing that came up was a box saying it can't find the ESVS... and the Accordance file that it gave (the one in My Documents) didn't have the ESV or ESVS... only a bunch of texts and tools I don't use, and all grayed out. This is what the texts folder looks like: Accordance Files (My Documents) - Texts.tiff I then tried searching the Application support files in the Library folder but all of the texts there were greyed out as well... ESVS in Library-Application Support-Accordance-Modules.tiff So I'm still stuck without accordance. The only thing I did last night before I shut it down was delete my caches and then update my Time Machine... but I can't see how either of those would have effected it... plus like I said, it was working this morning. Thanks, Dave
  8. David Foster

    What are all the ESV's?

    I was just wanted to make sure that I'm using the right ESV on my iOS devices. The app of course came with ESVi (with Strongs) preloaded... but on the easy install list I see that there is the option of another ESVi (with Strongs) and the regular ESVS. So my question is, am I correct in simply using the ESVi that was already installed on the iOS app and ignore the other two ESVs in the Easy Install list? Sorry for wasting your time with this type of question, it's been bothering me for a while so I thought I would ask!
  9. Whenever I check for content updates, I get the option to update the ESV with ESVS. Only problem is I already have the ESVS installed. The ESV is still listed in my texts folders so that may be what's triggering the update offer to show up. Although I would have thought the installation of ESVS should have updated the original ESV, it appears as a separate text as shown in the screenshots below. I assume that if I delete the ESV this might go away, but I wanted to let you guys know about it before I do so. Thanks, Nicholous
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