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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. I have imported a lot of User Tools from my own articles, ebooks, etc. However, I'm having a lot of problems with the Research function. These User Tools work just fine during normal use (e.g., reading them), but an error comes up when I am doing Research. When I do a research search in these user tools, I repeatedly get a popup in the style of "The text "JSNT" is not currently available to Accordance." It still shows the Research hits in the background, but this error message shows up, coming back about 1 second after dismissing the previous one. When I scroll through the User Tool to the next one (e.g., scrolling down to leave JSNT to see the research hits from JBL), the error messages stop for JSNT, but then start up for the new resource (e.g., JBL). These messages make it very annoying and make it so that I can barely use the Research module, which is a very important part of my workflow. I have already tried Rebuilding Research Cache, and it didn't help. One potentially relevant detail is that I have organized my User Tools into a complex, multi-tier set of folders to keep them organized. That is, there are folders within folders. (e.g., My Tools>Biblical Studies>Hebrew Bible>Torah>article). Would this have anything to do with these error messages? Thanks for your help. Colin
  2. VictorD

    Android app crashing

    I have Samsung Note 10 with the latest update. Everytime I open the Accordance app, I get the following error: The text "%@" is not currently available to accordance. When I click ok, Accordance app exits. Anyone encountered the same thing?
  3. I just upgraded from 12 to 13.05 and upon launching the program loads and then immediately displays a windows explorer box titled "Where is the file for the 'ESVS' text?" When I navigate to the directory Modules>Texts>ESVS.atext and click open I receive the following info box: Cannot complete an operation in the file "C:\ProgramData\Accordance\Modules\Texts\ESVS.atext", since that file is locked. Once I click 'OK' the original explorer box reopens. If I click 'Cancel' the explorer box just opens again and I am unable to use the program. I've run accordance in Safe Mode selecting: Remove startup session Remove 'General' Settings Rebuild 'Texts' Settings Rebuild 'Tools' Settings Clear Library Cache Clear Research Cache Clear cached downloads Still the issue persists. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I updated to version 12 Lite and I constantly get the error message "The text "Almeida" is not currently available to Accordance which is making the version not usable. The only way I can see to get the text is to pay for the upgrade from version 10 to 12. Is this the only way?
  5. I have posted this problem before but never got an answer. Just wanted to share again in case it got overlooked. I was also wondering if this is happening to anybody else or I am the only one? The problem is simply that the image for Phillip's Commentary is also distorted or doesn't show up right. Attached is a photo of it in the Info Pane.
  6. When trying to edit the levels of an imported HTML user tool, I continually get the error message "Make the title a separate paragraph before the rest of the text." No matter what I do in the edit window, I receive this message and cannot save my changes. I have tried with several different imported user tools and made several different edits to the levels, always with the same result. Am I missing something, or is this a strange bug? I am using Accordance 11.0.5 on a Macbook Pro running 10.10.2 Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. aharon0414

    Trouble with User Notes

    I'm experiencing an error when I open user notes (any of my user notes files). If I have the note pane in parallel, and then mouse over it, my finder window pops up and I receive an error that states "Where is the file for the "Original Texts" text?" This seems to occur only after I have edited a note. The only thing that I know of in my library labeled "Original Texts" is a folder I created to house the original manuscript modules I've purchased. This has moved past the point of annoyance and is now problematic as I will be teaching using Accordance in the near future. Please help! Aaron
  8. I'm not sure It's only for 10.3.2. There are items(LXX-B, NEG79, NETS2, NKJVS, NRSV2, NRSVS, SCHLA) on the list. but I've chosen one of them, I met some message The text "~~~" is not currently available to Accordance. I've tried restarting and uninstalling Accordance and whole data installed. After that, No different.
  9. JoshPannell

    Highlighting Poetry

    If I highlight poetry in Accordance when the poetry is not suppressed and the highlight goes over a single line, this is the result I receive from the highlight. Could we have a solution for this?
  10. I'm doing a Search All of [All Tools] [scripture] with the search argument of =Romans 8:11. The search does finally complete but I receive this error popup 3 times before it does. I've shut down all other Accordance workspaces, restarted Accordance and logged out of my Mac. I've attached a screen shot for reference. error.tiff
  11. hipertracker

    Import Bible Text - broken

    There is something broken in Import Bible Text option. I can import some files but some I can't. I can import NT with 7911 verses. But for another file Accordance 10.0 just crashes and quits to Finder without any warnings. And for another it stops importing after exactly 4257 verses and displays alert that I have too many verses. It does not make any sense! I was able to import 7911 verses but I cannot import more than 4257? All my files have the same, consistent verse references and UTF-8 encoding (I created them with the same Ruby script) This is very frustrating and confusing. That feature is very unstable.(I use OS-X OS X 10.8.2 (12C31a) and MacBook Pro 2.2GHZ, i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD & 512GB Hybrid HD.) http://zabiello.com/accordance-import-bible-error.png
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