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Found 10 results

  1. Many accordance users who are doing graduate work need to learn theological german; many who did their grad work a long time ago and have forgotten their german need some help. I know that tagged german texts would be a lot of coding but surely there is a published with an epub lexicon or a public domain German/English dictionary out there? I would happily pay to be able to search a german lexicon in accordance rather than using google translate and comparing that to a few other websites or manually looking up a word in a physical dictionary. French and Spanish might be good as well.
  2. Deep down I know that this request is more technical than I understand, but I will request it anyway. It would really help if the fonts could handle all languages and not be segregated. For example, if I am writing an email, or working in Open Office, or Pages, or anything, and I am writing in English, Greek, and Hebrew, I can easily change the font of the document. I can select all and press Times New Roman, or whatever, it doesn't matter, and whatever I change it to I can still read all my languages. In Accordance, by contrast, my Tools seem to be set to Helvetica Neue, and since I like Times New Roman, I always want to select all and change to MSS, since it looks similar. HOWEVER, if I do that, both my Hebrew and Greek text gets scrambled, and I have to go through and hand select specific words or sentences to have that in one font and the the rest of the document in another font. So it would really help if I could do "select all MSS" and not worry about it scrambling my Hebrew. (On a related note, if anyone knows how to set the default of my Tools to MSS when I write instead of Helvetica Neue, I would appreciate it. I can figure out how to change the default of Notes, but not Tools). Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  3. as you can see link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5yo5ur3smy9k96/2019011600001%20Accordance%20Input%20Roman%20with%20Korean%20Issue.mp4?dl=0 and Attached file
  4. I recently upgraded and bought a new windows laptop. It is a significant upgrade in terms of power and build, and yet, using any English module (as opposed to, say, the GNT), is slow. scrolling is sluggish and highlighting by hovering over words is "laggy." It feels as if it is having trouble loading or processing, but my older, weaker computer handles it fine, and my current never heats up or turns fans on. I'm running accordance with the Original Language Collection on the newest version of Windows. If this is a repost or is in the wrong forum, I apologize! Many thanks in advance!
  5. josue.carames

    Church Fathers

    Is there a module that covers all the classic-theological texts after the 800 A.D.? I bought the module of "Church Fathers" but that does not cover writings after the first millennium. Thank you.
  6. hey everybody, long time user, first time poster. so, i had the thought for a search the other day. say i wanted to find "good book," but other "_____ books," too: [adjective] book can i do this in an english text? thanks a bunch, bookie
  7. I recently encountered this book in hardcover, but have already seen its usefulness for biblical studies, the history of biblical interpretation—and particularly—teaching. It is a trove of information regarding the history of biblical interpretation (and misinterpretation) as it has been perpetuated through English literature, and how that literature has affected our understandings (and oftentimes, misunderstandings) of biblical narratives. A person, place, idea, theology, etc., is is found in the dictionary, and the entry discusses how that topic has been understood and addressed in English (and sometimes other bodies of) literature. For those of us that teach, or plan to teach—especially in a university classroom, but even in a seminary, pulpit, or high school—this would be a great resource to have in accordance, not just for its ease of communicating lecture examples, but also for the happy event of increasing one's sensitivity to literature, biblical and otherwise. For those interested, this book may be found on Amazon, here. Having it as an Accordance module would make it incredibly more helpful (and likely to reach more people!)
  8. Would it be possible to negotiate a deal with David Bauscher to include his translation of the Peshitta NT in Accordance? I understand that, as an Aramaic primacist, his translation is controversial but I think that makes it more valuable. As long as the original Aramaic text and an alternative translation (such as Murdock's) are available, having an Aramaic primacist translation can do no harm and may shed light on certain difficult passages in the New Testament. Besides, intellectual honesty would argue for giving each side of a controversy its best advocate. Just as a Greek primacist wouldn't want all his Greek translations to be made by Aramaic primacists, neither should all the Aramaic translations be made by Greek primacists. Besides, Murdock's translation is a little old in the tooth....
  9. Michael J. Bolesta

    New Jerusalem Bible update request

    Another thread has requested supplementary material on several translations (introduction, translator lists, etc). In looking at the New Jerusalem Bible, it does not even have the notes prepared by the translators. The print English editions have these as well as book and section introductions that are helpful. Please consider adding these notes to the NJB. Thanks.
  10. shanecgriffin

    Use GNT and ESV in single search

    My question should be simple... I think. How can I use both greek and english in the same search. For instance, how could I search for "sarx" in the GNT for instances where it is not translated "flesh" in the ESV. Also, if anyone happens to have the answer, is it possible to print the LXX & BHS side by side (assuming other copyright issues are legal) on one sheet for studying, similar to other polyglot documents? Thanks Shane
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