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Found 1 result

  1. Kristin

    highlight requests

    I have seven requests concerning the highlighting. I hope that is ok! 1) It would help if the "enabled" would remember my preference. While I can see how helpful it would be for some, I never use it. However, even though I never use it, every single time I open the highlight I need to deselect it. Since my highlight file is so large I cannot leave it open all the time, which means I am de-selecting "enabled" sometimes 50x a day. 2) While I greatly appreciate that I can expand the highlights, it would help if I could truly expand it so that I could see ALL the symbols at a time. As it is though, even expanded I need to scroll through the symbols. I don't know if it would be possible, but it would be helpful if there was a toggle (like the enabled button) that would activate the scrollbar or show all symbols. 3) Similar to the point above, it would help if there was a scrollbar on the custom highlights. I love how narrow the highlight window can get so that it can sit parallel to what I am doing, but I can rarely use it since it currently goes from the top of my screen to the bottom and my custom highlights take up 90% of the space not allowing me to see most of the symbols. It would help if there was a scrollbar I could activate for the custom highlights, but not the symbols when it is in this parallel view. 4) The ability to have more than 100 custom highlights would be helpful. Even if that means the box would get larger, with a scrollbar for the custom highlights it would not be an issue. 5) It would help if there was a way to auto sort the highlights alphabetically. While I know it is possible to manually sort them, given that I have 98 custom highlights it is very complicated to sort them in that tiny window. 6) Similar to the point above, when I am editing highlights it would help greatly to be able to see more than 6 at a time. I am sure it is obvious how difficult it is to manually sort 98 highlights viewing them 6 at a time. 7) The last point I will mention is something mentioned before, but I figured I will put it here for the sake of being organized. It would help if there was a "0" custom highlight and that the numbers went at least to 25. They currently go two ten, which is helpful, but there are 12 tribes and 12, disciples. I am hoping for at least 25 though since there were 23 kings in the southern kingdom, but 23 is a odd number, so 25 makes sense to me. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Kristin
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