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Found 12 results

  1. Tim Hall

    Paper request

    So, I was thinking of two things that would make papers even better on iOS 1. Format options like Texts, Tools, & Notes (set a background color, zoom level, etc.) 2. Being able to edit papers on iOS
  2. My default workspace has the Greek text separated into verses, and with spaces between verses, and a "parchment" background. (Shown on the LEFT side of my attached screen capture, attached) After I search a word, (I highlighted the Greek word, and used the right-click to select "Search for" and selected "Root") the results displayed, but my desktop now has all of the verses with NO space between them, and "White" background. It stays this way until I close the application and restart it. (Shown on the RIGHT side of my attached screen capture, attached) Any ideas??? -Bill-
  3. Hi everyone, I'm reaching out to ask a question I've wondered about for years: Is there a way to display Greek and Hebrew together in the same window pane. For instance, if I want to read the daily lectionary in the original languages (take today's readings for instance: Ps 37; Deut 7:6-11; Titus 1:1-16; John 1:29-34), is there a way to do this without having to switch between BHS and the Greek NT? Or, say I tell Accordance to show me the four passages from the lectionary in the ESV, is there a way to open a parallel pane that includes all the texts in the original languages at once? I'm guessing there are ample hurdles that would have to be jumped in order to make such a feature possible, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thank you for reading...and for any answers! – Jonathon
  4. theblackbluejay

    Greek displaying incorrectly

    Apologies if this has been brought up before, but I am having difficulty getting my Greek texts to display correctly. Several letters and diacritical marks do not display correctly, or symbols that should not be in the text are present. I have enclosed a screenshot and highlighted some of the problems. I appreciate any help. Best regards, David
  5. I'd like to know if Accordance can display multiple texts in the same pane as in BibleWorks (see attached image). At times I find this a helpful option (as opposed to opening one pane per text side by side). Thank you! James
  6. In the Preferences > Reading/Research I've set "Show results in full text". When I search all Illustrations, search results are shown in a separate fixed area in full text, indeed. However, that area (zone?) is very narrow, so I drag that zone into the main area, as a tab. In that moment all search results become hidden, only a few words are shown, if any. Please fix this bug.
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #146) Customizing Workspaces

    Custom Workspaces are a great way to increase our productivity in Accordance. They are like being able to instantly rearrange your study to work on another project! check out the latest podcast for six simple steps to creating your own: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p146_customizingworkspaces.mp4
  8. KevinPaszalek

    user notes display wrong verses

    Greetings, everyone! Suddenly, two of my user notes are displaying the wrong verse. For example, I click in John 6:35 in the Greek New Testament, and type command U. Rather than displaying the user note for John 6:35, it shows me the user note for John 6:34. Two of my three user notes have this problem. This is true even for notes which have nothing written in them yet (blank notes). Any ideas how to correct this? Thanks Kevin
  9. What is your standard/favourite font setting e.g. font type, size, spacing etc that makes Accordance most readable? I usually have Helvetica Neue Light, font size 18 with 24% line spacing which works good for me but I am curious what works for others...
  10. I am having a problem with Text Display settings not "sticking" when set from within the module. I am in a module and use the font settings icon at the top (aA) to open a dialog and select "All Display Settings" and then change a setting (Text color and/or Background color). The colors change as expected. I then open the same dialog and put it into "Night Mode." That also works as expected. Finally, I take it out of "Night Mode" and it reverts back to the Text Display settings I had at the beginning, not what I had just before going into Night Mode. If, however, I change the Text Display settings from the settings dialog (Books icon -> Settings -> Text Display), then Accordance preserves those settings even after I go into and come out of Night Mode. Also, if I change a text setting (in my example, text color changed to Orange) using the in-module dialog, leave the app, then come back after having used another app, I have lost the new setting (The text is no longer orange). I am doing all this from the NIV 1984 w/ G/K module. iOS version 1.6.6.
  11. Mark Nigro

    UI Pane Garbled

    After opening the Instant Details pane from a floating/fading position to the fixed, lower screen default location, the navigation arrows and icons became garbled in a few places and the problem would not go away. I needed to close and restart Accordance, which has cleared up everything to normal functionality. Screenshot attached. Running Accordance 10.1.5. on Mac OSX 10.8.3. Thanks.
  12. JeffCheadle

    Modules Not Displaying

    The Apostolic Fathers, Josephus, Philo, and Qumran Crossrefs are present in my library, but are not appearing in the drop down menu as per the attached screen shot. This seems to be occurring no matter where I place the crossrefs in the library. (I am using Accordance version 10.1 running on OS 10.8.2 on an Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro.)
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