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Found 8 results

  1. This is an odd bug which only started after updating the program. BEFORE I updated, if I had workspace A open with HALOT or BDAG and clicked on a word, it would show me the word there etc. Then if I moved to a new workspace, say workspace B and clicked on a word, HALOT would obviously open in B, since I had just clicked a word in B. On a Mac if I press the F3 key to show everything open, I would see workspace A and B with HALOT showing the words in each workspace. AFTER I updated and I had A open with HALOT and then if I clicked on a word in B, HALOT does NOT open in B, but shows up in A. This loses the HALOT entry in workspace A and replaces it with workspace B, even though the word studies of A and B are totally unrelated. I have tried to describe this the best I can, so hopefully it makes sense. It would help if it was how it was before, where if I click on a word in a workspace, that the HALOT or BDAG entry opens in that workspace, instead of recycling a totally unrelated workspace. Kristin
  2. I am sorry how basic this question is. I think the information is somewhere, but I cannot find it. With that said, I have some questions concerning the info pane. I love the info pane and use it all the time. While it lists my commentaries, I find myself not using other resources which are classified as dictionaries, since the info pane does not have a dictionary setting. I think that I can add other resources to the info pane by adding them to "MY TOOLSET". If I add a resource, whether a dictionary or something else, it will appear there when an entry matches, and not appear when no entry is found, just like the commentaries. Is this correct? If this is correct, is adding resources by editing the MY TOOLSET directly on the info pane the right way to do it? Thank you for any clarity you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. I would like to see German, Latin, and French dictionaries and grammars in Accordance. That would really be helpful, to carry those around everywhere on my iPad so I could constantly refer to them.
  4. I'm about to start my PhD program in the fall in Hebrew/OT. I recently studied German to pass a German proficiency exam to get into the program. Could Accordance ever get some grammars and dictionaries of the research languages? Like Wheelock's Latin, (I know there's a Latin dictionary already), and maybe "Reading German Quickly," Helmut Ziefle's German textbooks, or whatever other grammars/dictionaries might be possible.
  5. Is there any possibility of getting Cremer's Biblio-Theological Lexicon of New Testament Greek? It is old (1895, T & T Clark), but it is still useful.
  6. David Sanford

    IVP Dictionaries on sale

    This week's Accordance sale spotlights some of the most focused, comprehensive, varied, and massive dictionaries ever assembled. Accordance now offers each IVP volume separately for purchase at huge savings. Good dictionaries are invaluable resources and these are some of the very best! https://www.accordancebible.com/Focus-On-IVP-Dictionaries
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #110) The Lord is My Shepherd

    [Accordance 10: Study] Ever been asked to lead a Bible study with little to no advance notice? There's no need to panic. In this study of Psalm 23, Dr. J demonstrates how to use Accordance on an iPad to create a quick Bible study, using nothing more than a Bible, several good Bible dictionaries, and the Accordance PhotoGuide and PhotoMuseum. #110) the Lord is My Shepherd
  8. HALOT lists Num 22.34 under def. 1 as one of the instances of the root I-רעע. However, the Context window displays Num 22.32 when i cursor over this link. When i search the root רעע in HMT-W4, Num 22.34, which i saw in HALOT, does not appear at all. This discrepancy is very discomfiting. BDB complete, at def. 1, lists Je 24:2, 24:3 as instances of I-רעע. Clicking on the link to Num 24.2 gets no display in the Context window, and clicking on 24.3 displays 24.1. Either i'm doing something wrong, which is possible, or maybe Accordance needs to rework the two רעע roots carefully. But it seems i find one of these mistakes every time i use the program. In other words, there seem to be a *lot* of mistakes in Accordance's dictionaries. Can anyone explain why Num 22.34 doesn't appear in a search for רעע at all? What do other people have to say about how reliable Accordance is, really? John burnett.
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