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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is a way to switch the symbols from left -> right to right -> left in the diagramming module. I’d like to diagram some Hebrew sentences, but it will make a lot more sense if everything isn’t backwards! Thank you, Kevin
  2. I am trying to use the sentence diagramming tool to make line diagrams, but I can't drag anything with the mouse. I can use arrow keys to move around words that are already on the diagram workspace, but this is rather cumbersome. And when I try to drag symbols in from the palette, the cursor turns to an X no matter where on the workspace I try to drag it and won't put them down, so I can't make diagrams with the proper symbols. Is there a setting I need to adjust or something like that? Thank you! I'm running Accordance on Windows 8.1.
  3. I can't see a "right-click" "Report" option, am I missing it? Or is there just not one? If not, see this discussion regarding Accordance's diagram for John 3:1 http://www.ibiblio.org/bgreek/forum/viewtopic.php?p=30405#p30405
  4. I am wondering if someone can clarify for me what the numbers mean here. Does it mean that they can't decide so they have presented three possibilities, or perhaps does it suggest the text implies all three options?
  5. I've noticed that in some cases, the diagram will reflect a re-ordering of what appears in the original greek, i.e. John 1:1 And at other times, the ordering has been left as per the order of the text, i.e. 2John 7: This makes me wonder, in situations like the second case is there a greek grammar rule that is dictating the ordering, or is there a diagramming rule that is dictating the ordering? Who decides upon the rules for diagramming anyway? Long story short, how do we decide how these things appear in diagrams? Thanks!
  6. Ιακοβ

    Diagramming 3 John 11b

    As I continue my quest to improve my diagramming, I have the following question today. I am not sure if this question is a result of a misunderstanding of greek grammar, or the fact that sometimes there is multiple ways to diagram things. Here is how 3 John 11 is diagrammed in accordance: My initial inclination was to diagram it like the first option, or, perhaps the second option: Any feedback would be greatly welcomed. Thanks! PS: Is there a way to make attached images bigger so people don't have to click on them to be able to see them?
  7. Chairsteleios

    5 features for the future

    I have been using Accordance for about 4 months now and I'm fairly happy with it but there are a few simple conveniences it lacks that if developed would truly be the only software a student of the bible could ever need (short of an internet browser and word processor). 1.) I would love to be able to edit the verse reference for my bible notes to incorporate a range of verses rather than 1 verse at a time. The chapter and verse references aren't always where they should be so sometimes a note needs to stretch over several verses. More over, in narratives it is very common to comment on an entire section rather than verse by verse. 2.) The diagramming tool is coming along but there is no convenient way to store my diagrams. One of the first things I do in studying an epistle is to diagram and then arc each verse. The save option is very inconvenient. I think the best option would be for diagrams to work exactly as user notes do. That way each diagram would be linked to the referenced verses and would have a little icon (as with user notes) next to the verse(s). As with the above suggestion, the chapter/verses are not perfect so one should be able to link a diagram to multiple verses. 3.) Might we be able to paste/insert a photo into our notes? It would be wonderful to be able to scan in and insert a picture of hand written/drawn diagrams (among other things). No matter how friendly the user interface becomes with diagramming, for many of us we'll still prefer to work it out with pen and paper. This would allow us to store and organize our hand written diagrams within Accordance. 4.) We're able to sync our mobile devices with a computer of our choice but what about for those of us who have a desktop and laptop? In the future I would love to be able to sync notes between computers. One possible way would be through a "cloud." I believe Logos already has this. 5.) Finally, and this one should be fairly simple, might we soon be able to read epub and pdf files with accordance? There are so many useful Christian books and resources in electronic format now it would be wonderful to be able to import/store these books within the Accordance suite itself and for there to be a simple tool that automatically searches for and links any scripture references within the text (theWord - a free bible software for PC has this tool. It works brilliantly!)? Thanks Accordance Team! Matt
  8. I've been thoroughly enjoying the greek diagram module, its certainly helping me learn how to diagram. I noticed the following today: When there are two nouns (in apposition?) like this, is the equals sign the only way to represent the text? Or, is this also legitimate: Merry Christmas! PS: Is there a way to increase the size of images when you attach them? They come out a little to small on my screen.
  9. With this verse I was thinking, what on earth does that τοὺς belong to?! I eventually worked out that I think it belongs to πατέρας. εἶτα τοὺς μὲν τῆς σαρκὸς ἡμῶν πατέρας εἴχομεν παιδευτὰς καὶ ἐνετρεπόμεθα·... If I owned the greek diagram resource, would popping it open have helped me solve this puzzle a little quicker? Thanks!
  10. Is there a way in Accordance to use Schreiner's tracing the argument method?
  11. I am running Accordance 10.0.1 and OSX 10.6.8. I was working in Romans this morning and tried to open up some older diagrams and the files won't open. If I try and open them by double clicking on them, they are not recognized as Accordance files. If I try and select Accordance to open them they act like they will open and then Accordance fails to launch. If I try to open them from within Accordance, then Accordance shuts down. I know these files work because I used a number of them last week. I tried to attach some files but I received and error. I zipped them and they attached. Archive.zip
  12. Hi! Wondering if sentence diagramming functionality is being planned for ios? Will we also be able to view syntax information tagged to original texts? Thank you
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