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Found 17 results

  1. Mark Parent

    diagram text amplify problem

    Hello, when I highlight greek or english text to amplify into diagrams i get the pop-up "there are no words to use in the selected text". I get this even if the context is set to zero. I'm using version 13.0.4 on Mac Thanks in advance for any input. Mark
  2. I am diagramming through Mark. I create one file per chapter. I have it set up for a 4x4 grid of custom-sized pages (12.75" x 16.50") [it was the only way I could figure out to get sharp printouts that maximize letter-sized paper]. My process is I select a paragraph or two, click "Diagram". This creates a new tab which I work in. I then copy the contents of that tab into the first tab. In the end I have the entire chapter in the first tab. I can then delete the secondary tabs. At some point, I populate the first tab with too much stuff and Accordance slows way down when I make an adjustment to the diagram. I timed a few simple operations (e.g. moving one item with one up-arrow). It took a spinning beachball and 7 seconds of time to accomplish. I tried quitting all other programs; quitting and restarting Accordance; rebooting my laptop; and deleting all other tabs in the diagram window. I also had the diagram module up in a separate window running on a second monitor. I have attached my workspace for Mark 12. Trial 1: Accordance had been running for a while. Memory usage was over 500MB. Trial 2: After a quit and restart of Accordance, Memory usage was about 280MB. Trial 3: Reboot machine. Forgot to check memory usage. Memory usage does not see to be the problem. The difference between 1 & 2 is interesting though. In all 3 cases, Disk usage was minimal. The bottleneck appears to be CPU usage. CPU % would spike to over 50% usage after each move/delete/add icon operation. In two instances a select and delete of an icon spiked the CPU to 62.6% and 87.2%. Several times it spiked to 99.9% and once to 100%. I have a MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2016 2.9GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB. Running MacOS 10.14.5. Accordance 12.3.4 Diagram (Mark 12).accord
  3. Carol K

    Save Problem with Tabs

    It appears that saving from a secondary tab does not truly save the workspace. I thought I was going crazy, losing work even after hitting Cmd-S umpteen times to avoid the problem. This is what I found today (Using Version 12.3.4) I am diagramming a paragraph at a time, but then consolidating everything in the first tab by chapter. So, I generally have the main diagram tab and a secondary one in which I am actively working. If I save from the secondary tab (Cmd-S), the Save option in the File menu goes gray but the file itself it not actually saved, based on the time stamp of the file. If I go to the main tab, and hit Cmd-S (I also found the File menu Save option is once again black, not grayed out), the time-stamp on the file is updated and the data is saved. If the secondary tab is treated as its own document, where is it being saved? If saving from the primary tab saves the entire workspace, why doesn't a save from any pane or tab save workspace as a whole? I have attached screen shots
  4. I am using Accordance 12.3.4 under MacOS 10.13.6. When I print a diagram I have created, I cannot always get everything on the page to show up in the preview. The only way to get everything to print is to play around with ungrouping groups. I have not been able to detect a pattern to this problem. I have attached screen shots from my most recent example. The 1.48.42 screen shot shows the groupings I have in the diagram tool. With everything unselected, the print preview is the 1.37.33 screen shot. If I ungroup the group at the bottom of the page (and unselect everything) then everything on the page prints, as seen in screen shot 1.37.59. This problem has been going on for well over a year. Another bug that shows up in the first screen shot is that scaling in the diagram tool is inaccurate. I have the diagram scaled to 50% to see it all in the screenshot. When I do so, the bottom diagram does not fit within the bottom blue margin, even though when I view at 100% or print, it fits just fine. (I have the page size set to 12.75" x 16.5"). Scaling does not appear to be consistent in the X and Y directions. This can be seen in the fact that the diagram stays within the side blue margins when scaled. This scaling problem also shows up when trying to precisely align diagram elements vertically while scaled at anything outside of 100%. It may look aligned, but then print wrong. Or it may just be impossible to align two elements. The offset is smaller than one click of an arrow key. Finally, a minor annoyance is that Accordance does not save page setup information with each file. I use the above mentioned page size to maximize what I can fit on a letter sized printout and still be able to read the text at 100% on my screen. Every time I open the Accordance diagram file I have to set the page size.
  5. I am trying to use the sentence diagramming tool to make line diagrams, but I can't drag anything with the mouse. I can use arrow keys to move around words that are already on the diagram workspace, but this is rather cumbersome. And when I try to drag symbols in from the palette, the cursor turns to an X no matter where on the workspace I try to drag it and won't put them down, so I can't make diagrams with the proper symbols. Is there a setting I need to adjust or something like that? Thank you! I'm running Accordance on Windows 8.1.
  6. Hi there, apologies if this has been asked already (I couldn’t find the topic if it has). I was hoping to add parallel panes for Greek Syntax and Diagrams but those menus are greyed out. What might I need to have installed for those features to work? Accordance 12.3.2 GNT-T UBS4 etc Thanks!
  7. I am wondering if someone can clarify for me what the numbers mean here. Does it mean that they can't decide so they have presented three possibilities, or perhaps does it suggest the text implies all three options?
  8. mleblanc1993

    Diagram Grids

    Hey Accordance, It seems as if the grid on diagramming is a bit off. Every time I try to move a word, I can never get it realigned with the original text. I have tried all of hte grid sizes and all seem to be off. In addition, can we add a feature similar to Logos that drops in the text blank without the preset diagrams? Last, a feature that grabs all of the rest of the text when you click+drag a word (similar to Logos) would be very helpful to move everything down once you diagram a section. Thanks!
  9. I do not know if this is a bug or if I am accidentally activating a hot key combination. I cannot reproduce the problem consistently but it happens frequently (i.e. I can expect it to happen a few times anytime I am in the diagramming tool). I am running Accordance 12.2.1 on Mac OS 10.13.1. I am on a MacBook Pro TB 13", using the trackpad. I am working in the diagramming tool from the NA28 Greek NT module. I have syntax color coding turned off. Today I was working on Jude 3,4, from a saved session. This happened frequently while working in Philippians as well. At seemingly random times, I will drag a diagram icon to the page and it turns some color. At the same time, the formatting tool bar color selector changes to a different, non-black color. With the icon still selected, I select "Black" and the icon (and formatting tool) goes back to black. I have not detected any patterns to which colors appear on either the icon or the toolbar, nor on which icons it happens to. Is this a known problem? I couldn't find any related bug or forum entry.
  10. jbriones

    Diagram Feature Request

    So, I just started using Accordance 12 since yesterday (yay!). However, I think a good tool for the diagram section is this: Be able to use the diagram tool so that resembles the text (BHS, GNT) rather than a number of individual words separated vertically (as it stands right now). Also, if we could separate the words and link them all rather than having them all individually separated would be cool to, but for now the resemblance of the text is key! Thank you,
  11. I've noticed that in some cases, the diagram will reflect a re-ordering of what appears in the original greek, i.e. John 1:1 And at other times, the ordering has been left as per the order of the text, i.e. 2John 7: This makes me wonder, in situations like the second case is there a greek grammar rule that is dictating the ordering, or is there a diagramming rule that is dictating the ordering? Who decides upon the rules for diagramming anyway? Long story short, how do we decide how these things appear in diagrams? Thanks!
  12. I looked up 1 John 4:10 in the diagramming module as I was a little confused as to how this sentence comes together, it didn't help There appears to be two accusative "phrases" following the verb. Perhaps I have seen this before but not realised it, but I don't recall seeing this, what do these two lines in the diagram mean? Is this some grammatical thing I don't remember, or is the sentence just weird? Thanks!
  13. rajabhai

    Diagram Update

    I would like a way to easily link the diagram lines. Currently, if you link them, it doesn't look like you can resize an individual line, just the whole linked picture. Over at Biblearc.com, they have a free diagramming tool that automatically links each new line or word added. I want to do all my work on Accordance now, but it seems less friendly to work with in this area.
  14. Timothy Jenney

    #103) Bless the Lord!

    [Accordance 10: Study] Psalm 103 is a paean of praise to God for all his blessings, past and present. In this podcast, Dr. J walks us through a step-by-step exegesis of this psalm, showing how to move from an initial reading to a final sermon or Bible study. Mingling personal insights with those from the best of the commentaries available in Accordance, Dr. J digs into the passage to mine its depths of meaning. http://youtu.be/6Za3SaLpDfI
  15. Carlos Sotolongo

    Hebrew Diagram

    Hi, I know you guys are still working on completing the Greek Diagrams for the NT and I wanted to know if there will be a module for Hebrew Diagrams as well. Is this something that is in the works for the near future? Thanks
  16. Anthony Sepulveda

    Diagram Tool, 2 bugs

    [Acc 10.4.1, W8.1, HP Pavilion g6-2306el] Steps to reproduce the bug (how it happened in my case, at least): 1. Open HMT-W4 and go to Ezek 44:30 2. Select the first half of the text (all the way to the 'atnah) 3. Click the 'Language' option in the toolbar, and select 'Diagram' 4. In the diagram window, drag a selection area, even reaching all the way to the extreme left, where the tool icons are. 5. BUG 1: Click outside of this selected area, and the rectangle is still visible (even on top of the tool icons). 6. BUG 2: Press Ctrl-Alt-T to detach the tab, and the program crashes.
  17. Hi! Wondering if sentence diagramming functionality is being planned for ios? Will we also be able to view syntax information tagged to original texts? Thank you
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