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Found 10 results

  1. I would love to have the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan available in Accordance. Or if that cannot be done, the ability to edit and import my own Bible reading scheme into devotionals would be brilliant
  2. markjulie@mac.com

    Linking devotional, dated material

    I use M'Cheyne for daily devotionals and would like to find the feature that is present with iOS: when I launch Accordance, the favorite workspace I use at startup should present the current date. Second, I use the family and secret readings, so I would like to link the two as separate tabs in my favorite workspace. (I have only been able to set either secret or family since they are not bundled-feature request.) I have tried to use the LINK command, but I don't think it handles dated material. If there are any automated solutions out there, I am glad to do some homework (e.g., AppleScript, Automator, shell script, etc). Mark
  3. bandnerd321

    Custom Bible Study/Devotional

    Hi there! I noticed that on Logos it is possible to create your own custom Bible study by setting your own pace (start and end dates) and choosing what you want to read when you want to read it. In addition to that feature, Logos will actually send reminders to do that devotional reading. I think it would be marvelous if accordance could do something similar. Yes, I could create a user tool, but there is no way to get it to send alerts or reminders.
  4. Jacqueline


    Please consider adding For the Love of God by D.A. Carson to be used along with Robert M'Cheyne's Daily Bible reading plan
  5. I end up doing several different daily reading plans from year to year and was wondering if we might be able to suggest a few we would like to see added to Accordance's arsenal? I would really love Dr. Grant Horner's Reading Plan to use in Accordance without having to search each passage individually. Anyone else have a plan they use that would be nice to have in Accordance? Thanks Gary
  6. M'Cheyne 'Secret Readings' May 27,28,29 NT texts should be 2 John, 3 John & Jude respectively. However they've been formatted as 2 John 1, 3 John 1 and Jude 1, with result that the screen for the day displays only the first verse in each case! Same may well apply to 'Family Readings' December 7,8,9 also; but I can't easily scroll to check.
  7. Hello! I'm a first time user of the forum, and have been using Accordance for only the past couple months. As I'm learning more of it, I'm completely loving it! Question: Is it possible to get Spurgeon's Faith's Checkbook onto iOS? Or is it there already, but I just don't see it? I've noticed that not all of the daily readings appear to be in my list for iOS downloads. Thank! Matt
  8. Could you add some kind of separator between the four readings on each day? A space, a line, or anything that would indicate a change between books would be helpful.
  9. Anyone have any good Lenten devotionals to recommend? I usually have several books that I want to read each Lent but this year I can't seem to find any.
  10. Moving the Library button to the top left toolbar has produced a display problem when using a devotional reading plan. I don't know the correct terminology, but I'm referring to when you enlarge the text panel within the devotional tool view, by dragging the little box right to left (in landscape). If you drag it right across so the text references are hidden (which is how I prefer to use it) you end up with the tool title "sliding under" the Library button, and then the Library button won't work. Related to this … In my aesthetic opinion, the old parallel lines for resizing the text panel looked cleaner than the new box thingy.
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