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Found 7 results

  1. Should not the King James Version with Strong's have cross reference superscripts like my NASB does? And yet, when I set the preferences in Edit or the individual KJV window not to the Hide superscripts, I am seeing no cross references, like am seeing in the NASB. What seems to be the problem? Can someone please help? Thanks.
  2. A feature which I would find extremely helpful is the ability to import a large batch of cross references I made in an Excel spreadsheet into an Accordance User Note file. I know that I could create a User Tool, but User Tools lack the ability to automatically scroll along with a Bible text. Of course I could also spend a whole day manually copying and pasting my cross references into a new User Note file...but that's super tedious. It would be great if there were a feature that would do it with a little proper formatting, and a click! This could also be helpful for folks who've written their own commentary or exegesis and would like to easily import them into Accordance in a way that ties their work directly to the Bible text. Thanks! Evan
  3. Hi Friends, At present, I have my Hyptertext Text field set to ESVS, so that's what I get when looking at Cross-References. Is there a way to display more than one Bible in either the Context pane or the Instant Details box when working with Cross-References? If I happen to be looking at the NIV, I'll still get ESV text for Cross-References, but what if I wanted to see NIV? Would I have to change the Hyptertext Text field whenever I want to switch? Or perhaps I want to see the NA28 along with the ESV when looking at Cross-References. Is there any way to do that?\\ Thanks!
  4. I had suggested this module before & still think some might want this public domain with their Accordance. However, I have found that Logos has it. BTW, looking at the copy of the Biblia.com site, it looks like Alfy has a truly magnificent set of cross references, unbelieveable in fact.
  5. Just wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking to do an exhaustive search of all the times that authors reference Proverbs, specifically in the New Testament. I would also like to do this in the Old, but am particularly interested in the New. I would like to see all the times that references to Proverbs are made throughout the Bible. Is there anyway I can search this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope this is possible. Thank you!
  6. I am sure there is some easy and simple solution to this but I have spent a couple of hours trying to click around and find it to no avail. Whenever I click on the ESV cross references I get the verse reference fine, and even the display of references as a whole, but if I choose any verse it opens in Tagged Greek...which I would prefer not to use if working with the English ESV. How do I get it to show cross references in the ESV by default?
  7. I have been trying to find a way to copy the cross references from the instant details without copying the super script letter. After selecting the details of a super scripted letter in the text to see the cross references. I want to see what they say. I often find myself copying the entire Instant detail box, pasting it into the search bar, and then removing the letter that proceeds the references. Is this the only way, or am I missing something? Thanks
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