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Found 5 results

  1. I am pretty stressed from having import issues with a User Bible. For context, I have been working on this specific translation for a few months, and when I make a major edit I re-import it without an issue. Then a few weeks ago I tried to import it and instead of importing normally, I get this odd box saying that "%@" is not available. Those are obviously not characters in my Bible, and it is also obviously not the name of the Bible. When I click "ok" I tried to open my Bible to see if the changes were applied, or if it would open the User Bible from the day before prior to the edits. Doing so makes it crash. I re-opened Accordance saying NOT to recover and tried opening my User Bible. It opened without a problem and the changes from the most recent import were applied. So I just concluded that was weird and moved on. Then today the same situation happened. So the good part is that the edits are being applied and the User Bible opens, but I am very uneasy about the warning about the %@ since I literally have no idea what it is talking about. Any help to prevent this from happening again would be appreciated. Thank you, Kristin
  2. Since the latest IOS update, the app began to crash when I went to Galatians 6:14. I was using a split window between Greek NT and Mounce's English NT. After repeated crashing attempting to open this verse, I scrolled to it instead. Then it immediately crashed and now immediately crashes when I attempt to open it. I have deleted it and reinstalled the app and reinstalled the necessary modules, and it continues to crash immediately. Andrew.
  3. Paul Meiklejohn

    12.1 update and crashes

    I mentioned yesterday in another post that I thought 12.1 was a bit more stable when using stacks. However, with more sustained use I find that I am still experiencing regular crashing. The most noticeable crashes take place when I'm using the source icon to jump back to the original module. And again without wanting to repeat myself from another post I have lost about half my study bibles from the info-pane. I have included one the crash logs and a screenshot of one my stacks: Accordance Crash Log Program Version: 12.0.1 OS Version: 10.12.1 Message: Access violation Call trace: $005E9B0F $005CB85E $005BE1B3 $92DD5E99 $92DD5889 $00066CF6 $92C7B722 $000757C3 $9256D935 $0007316E Than you.
  4. JohnBrown

    Software Update Crashing

    My Macbook Pro has Accordance 10.3.1 running on Lion 10.7.5. When I go to Accordance>Check for content updates it seems to connect with the Accordance site, looks like it is about to start to download a response (blue bar progress about half way) then the application crashes and completely shuts down. I have tried re-installing Accordance, removing it from my system and downloading it afresh from the website. I have tried adjusting the Network Advanced proxy settings (which I am aware was an issue with Mountain Lion) but have not been able to rectify the issue. My iMac on the same network doesn't have any issues. Does anyone have advice as to how to resolve this and whether this issue is unique to me?
  5. I am hoping that someone has a solution for this! After upgrading to the latest Accordance 10 after it's launch, it continually crashed when trying to open it with my usual workspace. I decided to rebuild a new workspace, but alas! I cannot live without the customized map views that I had been working on! After months of teaching through the O.T. and researching all of the different places / locations tied to Isreal's history, the though of going back through all of that work again is very daunting! Does anyone know how to retrieve the maps out of my saved workspace? (I do still have a laptop that has not been upgraded as yet to the new system.) Thanks very much in advance! Brian
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