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Found 11 results

  1. New Feature Requested: In Analytics - Concordance, under the gear Icon, allow user to override setting in Preferences-Text Display as to whether to abbreviate Book names. Rationale: Currently Accordance displays in concordance the option chosen for how to display book name. If Abbreviate book name has been set (checked) the Concordance output look "pretty" for most fonts sizes (very small to very large). However, if full book names are used, no matter what the font size, the output is not pretty as the longer book names exceed the length allocated for their column and hence the lack of "prettiness." One could argue — just abbreviate books all the time in Concordance displayed results. While this does address the "prettiness" — it denies a user the ability to produce a concordance handout for people who don't know or share the same set of abbreviations that Accordance uses (e.g., new students to the Bible). It is for this class of users/students in my classes that I always spell out book name in references, especially when book name is for a non Protestant Bible books (Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, etc.). This brings me to part 2 of this request: New Features Requested For Get Verse (CMD-OPT-A on a Mac): I would like to have a option to have the full book name used in the results returned from Get Verse. Likewise, I would like to control how the returned verses are displayed when pasted, (i.e., as individual verses or in paragraphs – with or without space). These options are set in Preferences for Display Texts in general and can be further set as a default for each specific text. I am not aware of how to control this for the Get Verse functionality, as the result I am getting do not match my set preferences for the text fetched, nor my text in general. Hence why I would like to see the ability to set this preference somewhere within Accordance's Preference dialog.
  2. After performing a search one of the Analytics Analysis reports is the ability to construct a Concordance. Currently the reference displayed is determined by a preference set in the Text Display pane's advance tab — where one can check "Abbreviate Book Name." This setting current effect all uses of Biblical references generated by Accordance. Now for papers, handout, etc. - targeted new believers I have preferred to use non abbreviated (i.e., full spelled out) book names. However, in the concordance report using full book names causes an look and feel issue given the length of book names from short one (e.g., Ruth, Mark, Luke, Jude, …) to long one (e.g., Song of Solomon, 1Corinthians, 2Thessalonians). It appears a tab is use to separate a verse reference from the excerpt, however the tab is not placed far enough away from the book name so that all excerpts line up beneath each other. Two solutions (at last come) to find — 1) Move the tab further to the right. But how far to move it would depend on the font size being displayed. Also moving can create a lot of undesired whit space for concordance built for a book whose name is short in length. As such I can appreciate to avoid a lot of coding why the current tab setting was picked. 2) If book name are displayed using abbreviated name of similar length — this issue goes away. Hence this solution seems desirable over the first. However, as using abbreviated book names is currently a global (Accordance wide) setting, this cause tingling it on and off frequently. Hence this new feature request: Just as the current Customize Display Dialog box for the Concordance display window allow one to show only first letter of hit word, add an option to display abbreviated book names here — than only effects all Concordance displays. This allows the verse references to be about the same length, and hence the tab placement easily set so that excepts align for all lines of the report, while also allowing full book name to be use elsewhere in Accordance displays.
  3. My Windows Accordance 12.3.2 version crashes after I try to create a concordance Scenario For HCSB and NASB 95 (didn't try other versions): Search for "Abraham" only in the New Testament. I get 75 or 74 hits, respectively Click on View Analytics and select Concordance Accordance crashes Repeated this some 4-5 times so it is verfiable Thanks Debbie in Israel
  4. Nick C

    concordance in targum

    Hi, I was trying to make a concordance of words by frequency in the Targum module. However, I want to have the search only for specific targumim. I am not sure how to search just targum onkelos or just targum jonathan. is there a way to do this? Thanks, Nick
  5. Friends, I am interested in using the concordance feature with two Hebrew terms at a time, not just one. To be more specific, I want to see how many times נָתַן and לֵב occur together in a verse throughout the entire OT. They can be separated by several words, but need to be in the same verse. The vowels are not entirely important and just the root of the word can be used as a search query. I can sort through the relevant entries on my own. 2 Chron 9:23 would be an example of what I am looking for because it contains both נָתַן and לֵב. If you have any advice on how to do this in Accordance 12 Greek/Hebrew Discoverer for Mac, please let me know. Heather
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #151) Improved Analytics

    If you are brand new to Accordance's Search Analytics (Analyses), consider watching #138) Analyzing Searches first, as it contains more basic information. This week's podcast, #151) Improved Analytics, covers Accordance 12's improvements to these features. They not only feature updated graphics, but allow us to dig deeper into our search results than ever before. We can now zoom and pan graphs, explore interactive Charts and individual Chart segments, triple-click a term in Analysis to see just those occurrences, even click a reference in the Concordance to open it in its own Text pane. Join me (Dr. J) as we highlight these features and other improvements in Accordance 12’s Search Analytics.
  7. farcas

    Concordance analysis

    At present the concordance analysis feature breaks down each lex. If I look for a phrase, I'd like to see the phrases kept together. I think this would make a huge improvement. Thanks!
  8. Hello everybody, When doing a search for Hebrew words, I noticed that when selecting 'concordance' in the 'hits' menu, I only get a display of references without short quotations (as it used to be). E.g. רָצוֹן favor (56) Gen 49:6; Ex 28:38; Lev 1:3; 19:5; 22:19-21, 29; 23:11; Deut 33:16, 23; Is 49:8; 56:7; 58:5; 60:7, 10; 61:2; Jer 6:20; Mal 2:13; Psa 5:13; 19:15; 30:6, 8; 40:9; 51:20; 69:14; 89:18; 103:21; 106:4; 143:10; 145:16, 19; Prov 8:35; 10:32-11:1; 11:20, 27; 12:2, 22; 14:9, 35; 15:8; 16:13, 15; 18:22; 19:12; Esth 1:8; 9:5; Dan 8:4; 11:3, 16, 36; Ezra 10:11; Neh 9:24, 37; 2 Chr 15:15 How can I get text excerpts back? Accordance 11.0.8, OS X 11.1 Thank you! David
  9. I am trying to figure out how to get the "hits" list of all the occurrences of יש + לי construction. BUT, when I click on "concordance," it shows ALL the occurrences of יש, which is not what I am looking for. What do I need to do to see "only" the occurrences of this particular construction? I tried changing the "search range only" option, but it still shows all the occurrences. Thanks for help!
  10. Just wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking to do an exhaustive search of all the times that authors reference Proverbs, specifically in the New Testament. I would also like to do this in the Old, but am particularly interested in the New. I would like to see all the times that references to Proverbs are made throughout the Bible. Is there anyway I can search this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope this is possible. Thank you!
  11. Timothy Jenney

    #101) Digital Concordances

    [Accordance 10: Basic] Remember the old printed concordances of yesteryear? They were “must have” tools for Bible study, but each Bible translation needed a different one! Thankfully, modern Bible software has set us free from those sorts of limitations. In this podcast, Dr. J celebrates Accordance’s twentieth anniversary, reminding us of some of the advantages of digital concordances—and the reasons we should be grateful for them. http://youtu.be/5Y0wlA4_Uzo [Link fixed]
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