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Found 5 results

  1. Kristin

    map color issues

    I was trying to show a student where Gilgal and Bethel are located in relation to modern nations, and you can see we had a super difficult time. I finally set it to tribe boarders, and then we could finally see, but I am hoping there is a way to have a "modern boarders". I had not seen it, but if it is there could someone show me how to access it? Also, is there a way to change the color of the lands? They are WAY too dark for the purpose they are serving. The same colors but 40% the density would be perfect. Thank you for any help anyone can provide.
  2. Hello I use Accordance frequently to present to classes. Sometimes different displays work best with different color options, especially when a class is being recorded on video. For example, a black background with light or white text works great in that scenario. Unfortunately, selecting text with the cursor in this situation is problematic due to the default settings for selections in MacOS. Even if I select a black highlight option in System Preferences, it makes it a lighter grey, which makes selected light-colored text difficult to read. In light of this, it would be great to have an option to set the background and foreground color of selected texts. It could be set to default in most situations, but being able to modify these options would be very helpful. Thanks Jimmy
  3. Donald Cobb

    Removing cursor highlight

    Hello all, I like the fact that with Acc. 13, highlighting a word or series of words also brings up the most recently used color highlights and the palette, so you can choose others. But it's a little bothersome to have that remain on the text when you are triple clicking, or even double clicking to copy the selected text, etc. Would it be possible to create a function whereby on pressing "esc" the text is de-selected? It's a small thing, but it would be very helpful; I use Accordance constantly for reading texts, and to only have the possibility of going back and mouse-clicking the text or leaving the colors and palettes in the middle of the screen is not very enjoyable. Many thanks to the Acc. team for your work! I hope you are all protected and doing well during this time!
  4. If I click on any commentary text and then press Ctrl+R, Accordance opens that commentary in the Reading mode, but I don't like the background color and font. But I cannot customize it. As soon as I press Command+T to customize it, Accordance exits Reading mode and offers me to customize commentary display settings in the main workspace window. Could you please let me customize themes independently from the workspace? Let me save them as I like them. (There could be a Default button to reset any theme). I'd be happy if I could customize any theme and use it wherever I like.
  5. Guntis

    Highlights placement

    How about option to place colour highlights right into the main user interface? Few examples here in the mockups.
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