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Found 14 results

  1. Concerning the Atlas, is there a way to change the colors of the countries on "Modern Nations"? The color of some of the nations is so dark that the text can't be seen and I am hoping to be able to lighten the background colors. I think this might be a setting somewhere but I can't find it. Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide, Kristin
  2. I am pretty sure this is a bug. This is not super important, but since it seemed unusual I just wanted to report this. If I copy a word and paste it in a note and then I want to focus on a specific letter I sometimes color the letter to bring attention to it. However, if I copy and paste Hebrew I cannot color parts of the word since if I do the color erases and changes vowels, and even sometimes changes the order of the letters. In case it is helpful I am attaching a picture of a few examples. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. bcordoba

    Colored tabs

    Naming the tabs helps but when there are many, being able to identify one (or more) by color would be very useful. Thank you, Benoît
  4. Hello Everyone, When building a new workspace in Accordance, I would love the ability to change the tab colors like in Excel. I love that you can rename each tab but I think it will pop more if we could edit the color as well. Thank you and have a great day everyone! David
  5. Hello, I use Parchment background color for all commentaries, and Cambria font. However, when I use Live Click, new Research zone opens with the white background and text is shown in some other font. Could you please use the default font and background color settings also for this zone/pane?
  6. miclew

    Color coding a search

    I want to color code the parts of speech in the NA28. I know how to search for the parts of speech (for example, [VERB]) but how can I color code the results? Ha! I figured it out myself! I am not as dumb as I look, ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  7. When I highlight text to copy, it is very dark blue. How can I change this to a lighter color? See attached.
  8. I do not know if this is a bug or if I am accidentally activating a hot key combination. I cannot reproduce the problem consistently but it happens frequently (i.e. I can expect it to happen a few times anytime I am in the diagramming tool). I am running Accordance 12.2.1 on Mac OS 10.13.1. I am on a MacBook Pro TB 13", using the trackpad. I am working in the diagramming tool from the NA28 Greek NT module. I have syntax color coding turned off. Today I was working on Jude 3,4, from a saved session. This happened frequently while working in Philippians as well. At seemingly random times, I will drag a diagram icon to the page and it turns some color. At the same time, the formatting tool bar color selector changes to a different, non-black color. With the icon still selected, I select "Black" and the icon (and formatting tool) goes back to black. I have not detected any patterns to which colors appear on either the icon or the toolbar, nor on which icons it happens to. Is this a known problem? I couldn't find any related bug or forum entry.
  9. While exporting (save as text file) from Paper in Accordance to docx my font is getting assigned the wrong font color. This is how it should look and the way it looks as a Paper within Accordance: How it looks when exported as docx: Notice that the red and blue colors are completely reversed (red text is blue and blue text is red) while the black text is fine. I can consistently reproduce this color swap error.
  10. One of the most common and important ways I use Accordance is to export text into either word processing (Pages or Word) or presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) documents. I would love to see the capabilities for this feature to receive some much needed attention, and have asked for this before. One particular feature I would love to see is to allow us to select any color available on our platform for export, rather than just a few preselected ones. This is very important when preparing presentations in Keynote, since the colors used for text are often not a preset color (since a specific color will display better on projection screens). Would it be possible to allow us to select/create any color like in other Mac software? In Christ, Bret
  11. The colors don't match when I use mouseover highlighting. In the example below I have it set to Blue but the highlight seems to be more of a light purpleish color. Is this a known problem or do I have an incorrect Accordance or Mac setting? I'm running the latest version of Accordance on an iMac that's running the latest version of Yosemite.
  12. 1) Could you please add more options for verse reference customisation in iOS version of your app? I'd like to have non-bold font, and option to show verse numbers as normal digits, not as superscript. 2) Why do you use such a long colour list for font faces, not showing that colour? Better show colour patches, that's what colour is. Color is not the text. 3) Could you also add break between the Bible books and chapters in those Bibles which don't have it? (NRSV / NRSVS, for example). At least as option in the Settings.
  13. I just noticed that the Mac version shows incorrectly highlighter's green color. See the screenshot. Both iPhone and iPad shows the green underline as bright green color, just as the Define Highlight Styles palette shows it, but Mac shows it as dark green, almost black. Please check what's wrong with the Mac color rendition.
  14. I was wondering if it is possible to change the background colour on a 'Search All' window. At the moment they all come up in white. Thanks everyone, Peter
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