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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Dearest Accordance iOS developers: First, just to let you know, I love the work you've done porting Accordance to iOS so much that I've dropped my laptop altogether (passed it on to my wife, actually) and I now ONLY use my iPad. I've known that I would lose some functionality that way, but I haven't really missed anything up until now
  2. Ron Bailey

    Setting Citation Preferences

    Hello I am trying to find the preferences that will enable me to place the quoted Bible references at the end of my copy/paste rather than at the beginning. It seems to grey out the option and leave only the option to to place the reference at the beginning. I'm sure I have been able to use this option in the past but am unable to do so at present. Many thanks Ron Bailey
  3. jmireland

    In-text citations

    Is there an easy way to cite, say, a commentary, with an in-text citation (like Chicago 16th in-text)? My current process is quite laborious and I think there must be a better way (Using According 12.1.3). Currently, I have to highlight a relevant passage, copy and paste it into a blank word document, and then take the footnote info that is provided and translate that into an in-text citation for my document. Often, I am not wanting to quote the commentary, only to credit an idea and indicate my source. So, I don't need to do the cut and paste process, except that this seems to be the only way to produce a footnote that gives me the page number and publisher information. Someone please tell me that there is an easier way to do this! thanks!
  4. When I citrate a biblical passage with a reference that includes a number (e.g. anything in Kings) I get something funny do to the mix of RTL and LTR. For example: לִמְאֽוּמָה (1 Kgs 10:21) Perhaps it would be helpful to have the option to put the number next to the book...? Or maybe this is a bug that can be fixed? Thanks!
  5. Something that would be a huge help for citations / footnoting is not having to hunt down isbn numbers and so forth. For example, if I want to reference something in Tyndale's Commentary, I need to scroll to the top of the relevant volume to read the fine print. Choosing "About this text.." does not list it, nor the volume currently in scope. Selecting some text and selecting "Copy as bibliography" does nothing . Just as confusingly, selecting "Copy as citation" merely copies the highlighted text... I would like to cite the portion in a footnote which ordinarily requires a reference to its location in the text, not just the text itself. So, something that would be a huge help (i.e., time saver) would be to be able to look up valid / official information for citation purposes, and thereby be able to refer to the actual book from which the Accordance resource is derived. The nice thing about worldcat, then, is that people could export the bibliographic information relevant for their footnoting manager (be it Zotoro, EndNote, etc). I don't know if you're able to provide to world cat further references not listed. Thoughts?
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