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Found 4 results

  1. 1) Fix the bug that causes the I/O Error #0 in the file "Autosaved Session..." popup error. It's been brought up multiple times. Once it starts, it keeps popping up. If I don't click OK on the error box, the next one will crash Accordance. Sometimes it's hard to stop the recurrence; even restarting Accordance may not stop it. After it does go away, rest assured, it will return another day to cause aggravation. 2) Dark Mode in Windows. This was promised for Accordance 13. I'm getting nervous that this hasn't yet been featured in the sneak peeks. Please. The other Windows Bible apps I use have had Dark Mode for years. The sneak peeks are not so exciting as I suspect that these high-priority/overdue issues have not been fixed. I hope Accordance will prove my suspicions wrong. Extra) OK, one more. I saw this less important bug again while composing this comment. In Preferences, after typing a word to search for keyboard shortcuts, it goes crazy refreshing the matches indefinitely. It never stops to show the results. This happens about half the times I try. This search feature was a great improvement in 13.x, so it's disappointing that it often doesn't work.
  2. Hi there, I really appreciate Accordance and use it almost every day. However, I hope you could correct this bug in the near future: When I work across various platforms and websites, I use the standard Hebrew keyboard. It is mostly compatible with Accordance but not fully. When I type in a Tag in the command line, I hold Shift to ensure English letters are typed instead of Hebrew. This mostly works, as you can see below: However, there is one letter that does not work! I cannot type in the letter "A" using this technique: Now it types "QvL" instead of "QAL," etc. This is frustrating me. Now I have to switch from The Hebrew keyboard through Greek, Syriac, back to English, and then back to Hebrew to work on the next site / platform of research. Hope you can sort this out soon, Shalom.
  3. Hi, Do you read bug reports which I send you from the TestFlight application? I've reported several times about wrong Latvian letters (no Unicode!) in the popup window, about scripture links in the user notes not working, but new builds come out with the same problems…
  4. I just recently purchased Accordance 11 (5/9/15) and since downloading it, have not been able to open the program successfully at all. I am using Mavericks 10.10.3. I downloaded from both Chrome and Safari and had the same problem. When I double click on the Accordance icon to open the program, the lamp bounces on my dock for less than a second then crashes right away. I don't know if this makes a difference, but in the "My Products" page on my account, I have access to download "Accordance Software Version 11" but not "Starter Collection (Accordance 11)." I read a forum that said turning off my wifi might help, but that didn't solve my problem. Am I missing something in order to successfully launch Accordance?
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