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Found 8 results

  1. With the new features in 13.2 of Book names and Section headings — request the ability to control how they are displayed. Allow the user to set the Font, Font Size, Font Color, Style, and point size following and proceeding these items.
  2. Forgive me if this has already been addressed or if it's something simple I'm overlooking. Is there a setting that allows the name of the Bible book to be displayed at the beginning of the book? For instance, if I'm reading through Genesis in the ESV and come to the end of the book (Genesis 50:26), is there a way to display (in some sort of large letters or bold text) the next book name (Exodus) between Genesis 50:26 and Exodus 1:1? See below for an example of what I mean. This is standard in printed Bibles and lets you know immediately when you're moving from one book to the next as you scroll through reading the text. Am I missing something that is already in settings somewhere or is there a reason for not including this feature already? ------------------------------------------------------ 26 So Joseph died, being 110 years old. They qembalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. EXODUS Ex. 1:1 aThese are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob, each with his household:
  3. Hello I would love it to have the possibility to add a second user defined Bible Book name. Like "Acts" "Apostelgeschichte" "Apg" "Rom" "Römerbrief" "Rom" etc. In the preferences this would be possible, so we can check for the English ore User Version and English abbreviations and User abbreviations. It would be very nice if this works in the Accordance Mobile too. Depending on the option which is checked.
  4. gavincmurphy1

    Book Names for iOS

    Hello Accordance people! I hope you're all doing well! I would love to see book names/psalm names (Genesis, Exodus, Psalm 1, etc.) on the iOS app. It would really help with identifying when a book/psalm is over and the next one starts. I'm not sure if they are already on the desktop software. Please see attached mockups/pictures :-)
  5. Hi there! I would like to know if it is possible to set up Accordance to accept different book names or abbreviations in searches (command line). I usually work in Spanish, and want to e.g. search for a Psalm verse or for a Qoheleth verse, and would like to be able to write Sal 3,5 or Qo 5,7 instead of Psa 3,5 and Eccl 5,7. Is that possible in Accordance today (I used this feature looooong ago in Bible Words and still miss it). Along with this, it would be useful that, when a search is performed, and I want to copy the results as Scripture citations (to include them in a paper, for instance), I could have the book names written in my favorite format (Sal, Qo, etc.). This existed also in BW, but I cannot find a setting for that in Accordance. Maybe I am missing something... Thanks!
  6. What's the Accordance Abbreviation for 1QS that would work with a user-bible input? Does this matter now that you can do custom book names? My best guess is this: 1QS 1:1 line 1 text goes here 1QS 1:2 line 2 text goes here Is there a complete list of Accordance-compatible book names somewhere? I don't have any Qumran/DSS modules yet so wanted to future-proof a User-Bible for when I do.
  7. Hello If I make a "Get Verses" action the Bible book names are not abbreviated which I have choose in the preferences. The result looks like: „Im Anfang schuf Gott die Himmel und die Erde.“ (1 Mose 1,1 Die Bibel. Elberfelder Übersetzung) Instead of (1 Mo 1,1 .....) Greetings Fabian
  8. I'd like to request the option to use user-defined abbreviations of book names in searches. For instance, as in various commentaries, the Jerusalem Bible, etc, I prefer (mostly) two-letter abbreviations to three- or four-letter ones. Those in NA28 would do, but they're in Latin and I use "1K" for "1Kings" not "1Corinthians", but as in NA28, "Nm" for me means "Numbers", whereas "Nehemiah" is "Ne" and "Nahum" is "Na". If i could use the abbreviations I always use, I would have to remember that Accordance wants me to write "Nu" or "Num". Or again, "Ez" just about everywhere on the planet means "Ezekiel". No need to make me type, "Eze". i have to type the third letter of "Ezr" only if i actually want "Ezra".
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