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Found 8 results

  1. When viewing Instant Details from an English text, there is a different Greek font visible. Tested with BDAG and Louw & Nida. This does not happen when using a Greek NT tagged text. Any idea why this is the case? I actually like this font significantly more than Helena. Can we have it instead?
  2. I am very new to using Accordance. I only purchased it a week or so ago. I have BDAG and HALOT and can see that they are indeed correctly installed on my Accordance IOS. However, whenever I select a word and amplify it, it automatically takes me to "Greek Keys," and "Hebrew Keys" and frankly I would prefer it take me to BDAG respectively automatically. Is there a way to change your default search tool? Another aspect to this... I would like to be able to have HALOT and BDAG as tools that I can have opened in the second window, but at present it is not available in the list of available Greek and Hebrew tools in the drop-down menu. When I consult both resources I have to leave the text I'm in and interrupt my current session. Is this just something that still needs integrated, or is it a matter that I just haven't learned to use yet?
  3. I notice that after I have searched for a particular entry in BDAG and then do a further search for a particular verse, it seems the number of hits indicated is always one more than the actual. So if one searches BDAG for θεοπνευστος and then searches for 2 Tim 3:16, the result is "2 Flex Hits."
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble using a URI with BDAG and HALOT. accord://search/BDAG;Entry?λογος But it didn't work. Is that because the accents and everything have to be right? Is there a better modifier to use than "Entry"? Or is "BDAG" not the right term to point to the module? If this will work, it will really help with using Accordance and Quicksilver. Thanks!
  5. Is there a way that when I double click a word that it open up definitions in both lexicons I have open? For example, in the screen shot below, I would like to double click θυμιασαι and it bring up the entry in both BDAG and LSJ. Currently it only opens in BDAG since that is my priority lexicon.
  6. Just upgraded to version 10 and am still trying to figure out the new interface. I used to be able to select a greek word > amplify to BDAG > filter by reference so I could quickly find out whether the reference in question was cited in the BDAG article. How do you filter in the same way in this new interface? Thanks BWD
  7. thechrisroberts

    Scripture reference color

    Is there a way to change the color of Scripture reference links, particularly in a resource such as BDAG? It would be helpful to have Scripture references stand out making it easier to spot the different uses when looking at an entry.
  8. I have recently upgraded to Acc 10. A frustration I am having is being able to find the word in BDAG simply by double-clicking on the word in the GNT. What do I need to do in order to simply find the word in BDAG with a double-click. I keep having the error message "There are no words to use in the selected text"which isn't a helpful error message for me. thanks for any help
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