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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I'm aware that there's no way to add custom sites to the Atlas. However, is it possible to convert existing site names into a non-Latin script (e.g. Arabic)? Technically, I'm not looking to create a new Atlas site, but rename an existing one. I'm hoping to help a non-English speaker brush up on his ancient geography. Much appreciated.
  2. I would love to see a Strong's Numbers version of the Arabic Bible (Smith and Van Dyke or other version). It would greatly help Bible conversations between Arabic speakers and those who do not know Arabic.
  3. Rejoice! The latest updates for Apple's Keynote and Pages include better handling of RTL languages. The announcement specifically mentions Hebrew and Arabic. I haven't yet tried them out, but thought I'd let everyone know.
  4. Since 2008, there has been an Accordance module for the most popular Arabic translation of the Bible, the Smith and Van Dyke (ARAB or Arabic Bible). This was a very good start, but I think there is good reason to move forward from it. It has significant readability issues for its readers, so its usefulness is limited, according to many experts. It also lacks Strong's numbers. Therefore, I request that another modern Arabic translation be prepared as a module with Strong's numbers and published for Accordance. There have been multiple efforts to displace the Smith and Van Dyke version with something better, and so there are now several other modern Arabic versions or the Bible or of portions of it. Here is a list of likely translations for evangelical usage, according to the Wikipedia article "Bible translations into Arabic". 1. Book of Life, an interpretive translation (aka New Arabic Version) (1992) 2. Today's Arabic Version (aka Good News Arabic or the Ecumenical Version) (1992) 3. The Noble Book (aka Sharif Bible) (2000) 4. The True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ (Gospels and Acts only) (2008) Since "The Noble Book" is the newest and simplest full Bible, and "Book of Life" is currently the most widely-distributed in print, I think they would be the best choices to start with. Please also see my request for Strong's numbers in these modules. Thank you.
  5. SpringSunrise

    The Koran

    Hi everybody, I've been debating for a while now whether to purchase Accordance or not. There are so many things I like about it that I could see myself investing quite heavily into it over time, but it is lacking in one crucial area—koranic studies. You see, I do not differentiate between the books of the Bible and the Koran. For me it is essentially one book, the Koran a book of the Bible. So you can imagine what it's like needing to reference one without the other. It is the same as if you offered only the Old Testament and not the New Testament. It is a deal breaker. I cannot see how investing in this area with time and money would not yield a profit. It doesn't have to be extensive, just the Arabic text and a few translations. If you had merely that I would for sure buy Accordance along with friends and family. And I should point out there is no platform ATM offering koranic studies. Please delete this but forgot I already had asked with another thread
  6. Hi, I use the Arabic van Dyke bible text module. When I copy a verse and paste it into Mellel, or for that matter, any word/text processor) the verse reference is doubly reversed : chapters and verses are confused, and the tens/ones within each chapter/verse is confused Thus: Genesis 23:18 becomes (once I do copy paste from Arabic) التكوين ٣٢:٨١ لإِبْرَاهِيمَ مُلْكًا لَدَى عُيُونِ بَنِي حِثَّ، بَيْنَ جَمِيعِ ٱلدَّاخِلِينَ بَابَ مَدِينَتِهِ. .And you can see from this that the reference has now become Genesis 81:32 Is there a way to fix this? Thanks Tim
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