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Found 4 results

  1. Here is a script that will take a valid verse reference and return the text of the reference for every relevant module you have installed in Accordance. (As discussed in this topic.) This edition of the script asks for the reference in dialog box and then displays the result in a new TextEdit document, but the core routine could be adapted in any environment. -- use a display dialog to ask for valid verse reference set dd to display dialog "Enter a valid verse reference:" default answer "John 1:1" set theReference to text returned of dd multiModuleVerseLookup(theReference, true) on multiModuleVerseLookup(theReference, quoteAsCitation) -- set the delimiter between versions set theDelimiter to return & "----------" & return -- get moduleList tell application "Accordance" to set moduleList to «event AccdVerL» -- prepare textResult set textResult to theReference & theDelimiter repeat with thisModule in moduleList -- lookup theReference in each module tell application "Accordance" to set thisResult to «event AccdTxRf» {thisModule, theReference, quoteAsCitation} -- add the result if the module contains theReference if thisResult does not start with "ERR-" then set textResult to textResult & thisModule & return & thisResult & theDelimiter end repeat -- add display the result in a new TextEdit document tell application "TextEdit" activate set textDoc to make new document at the front set the text of textDoc to textResult end tell end multiModuleVerseLookup A longer description of the script can be found here on my blog. And, FWIW, I still think it'd be a good idea to have a sub-forum for scripting/automation/Services/siri lookup/etc.
  2. I need a way for an external script to tell Accordance to open a URL in its internal web browser. With UI scripting, I can do File > New Tab > Web Browser, but I can't find a way to set the URL. There doesn't seem to be any keyboard shortcut or menu item to select the URL field. I also looked for an accord URL, like "accord://web/http://accordancebible.com/forums",but I don't see anything like that. Is there any way to do it?
  3. Starting with Accordance 13.1.1, the behavior has changed for the AppleScript command that fetches verses. Run this in Script Editor to reproduce the problem. tell application "Accordance" to «event AccdTxRf» {"KJVS", "Gen-Mal", false} In 13.0.5 and earlier, Accordance would return only the first 500 verses of the range: Gen 1:1-Gen 20:4. In 13.1.1 and 13.1.2, Accordance returns the entire range, which is 23,261 verses: Gen 1:1-Mal 4:6. This creates a problem in my RegexForAccordance app, which expects the 500 verse limit. I can fix my app to work with the new behavior, but I am wondering if this change in Accordance was intentional. Also, the following command makes Accordance hang with the Spinning Beach Ball of Doom for about 100 seconds, but then it recovers and returns all of the verses. tell application "Accordance" to «event AccdTxRf» {"NRSVS", "Gen-Rev", false} Doing the same thing for KJVS also causes some spinning, but only for about 10 seconds.
  4. A number of you here on the forum seem to have a fairly good idea what you are doing with AppleScript, and occasionally when I've had a query that scripting could help solve, you have (graciously) responded by assuming I know at least some basics of scripting and how to implement your suggestions. I would love to! But I have done virtually nothing even with Automator, let alone AppleScript. So, for those of you who use these, both for Accordance and for various other things in OSX, what would be the best way to cut my teeth on these? Web resources, training-wheels projects, recommendations on where to start, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance! Tony
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