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Found 18 results

  1. I appreciate that we can change font size easily in all the panes, including Instant Details. My eyesight is weak and I have increased the font size in Instant Details to its maximum size. However, in Android and iPadOS/iOS the font size is still too small for me to read easily. It appears that there is a limit to the max font size. If you could either remove the max size, or increase its maximum size limit, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Dave A
  2. VictorD

    Android app crashing

    I have Samsung Note 10 with the latest update. Everytime I open the Accordance app, I get the following error: The text "%@" is not currently available to accordance. When I click ok, Accordance app exits. Anyone encountered the same thing?
  3. Highlights are not syncing between computer phone and tablet. Both tablet and phone running v 2.0.3
  4. Is there a page where all of the beta APKs are posted for download? I keep seeing references to APKs being posted for direct download from "our servers," but I can't seem to locate the page for this.
  5. Are the APKs for beta releases posted anywhere outside of Google Play? I want to try out 1.2 on my Fire tablet.
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #169 Accordance for Android

    The latest podcast is up—and it's all about Accordance on Android devices! Be sure to share this one with friends who don't own an iPhone or iPad. They can now use Accordance on the go. https://www.accordancebible.com/Accordance-Mobile-Android
  7. Hello I don't have a Intel based Chromebook, just saw the webpage. But if someone has one I think it is worth to test the Crossover beta https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-chromeosto run Accordance for Windows. Greetings Fabian
  8. Hi, all. Looking on instructions, direction, or advice on how to better and more quickly navigate through large commentary texts on the Android app. First of all, I'm rather amazed and grateful that I am now able to have the Anchor and Hermeneia commentaries on my phone. Incredible amount of information at my fingertips when I'm not at home or at the library! But I'm wondering how to quickly access specific pieces of information on such a small interface. So, for example, today I wanted to quickly find an excursus or other in-depth discussion by Adela Yarbro Collins on Mark's sources and use of the 'Son of Man' in the gospel of Mark in her wonderful Hermeneia commentary. What would be the best way to find where she treats this issue in depth? I first tried to go to her commentary on Mark and then tried to do a search on 'Son of Man', but the search results started at the commentary on Matthew and I had to click through every use of 'Son of Man' in the Ulrich Luz' three-volume Matthew commentary before I got back to Adela's commentary on Mark. Very tedious. Is there a better way? In the PC program, I can start searches within a specific book without going through the whole series of prior commentaries. Is that functionality also available on the Android app or will it be eventually or is it just not realistic on a smartphone interface? Other suggestions might be to introduce the capability to go to a detailed table of contents or indices with links. If there are already directions on how to better navigate commentaries on the Android app, I apologize for such a tedious post, but would appreciate direction on how to find such instructional material. Thanks, robrecht
  9. Hi, Accordance people! When I try to open the TOC in the Hermeneia commentaries, the Android app freezes up. TOC works fine in the Anchor commentaries. Eventually, at least sometimes, it will unfreeze after a very long time. Only just discovered this accidentally after setting my phone down for a while. Maybe I just need to be more patient? Previously, I would impatiently press the Android back key many times (or press it once and wait a while), and then I could usually get the program to crash, which is not the worst thing that can happen. If it crashes and closes spontaneously or if I get the message, 'Android is not responding, Close, Wait, Send Report and close the program myself, when I reopen the program, it is then in the right place. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and contents several times in multiple configurations of different amounts of resources, but this seems to be an issue with the Hermeneia commentary modules, regardless of how much other stuff I have downloaded. By the way, when I get an "Accordance isn't responding, x Close app, _ Wait, _ Send feedback" message, I have sometimes sent feedback but that seems to be sending logs to Google/Android. I'm not sure if you get those logs. If not, is there another way I should be sending you logs when things go amiss? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+, which is a fairly recent and powerful phone. But there is indeed an enormous amount of awesome material in these commentaries so perhaps we all just need to work on the virtue of patience. [/Parenesis]
  10. I am having trouble downloading 2 modules. Life and select works of George Muller, as well as MT-LXX Interlinear Database are not downloading into my android library. They remain on my easy install screen after trying to download them.
  11. There seems to be a group of users (albeit a small group) who is eagerly awaiting the release of an Accordance Android app. It has been made clear that such an app is in development, but nothing more has been said beyond this. Can we get at least a glimpse of when such a release will be? I'm not looking for a release date, I'm just wondering if it is worth waiting or if I should find an alternative for now. Should we expect it by the end of the year? Next year? Five years?
  12. Hello I have just read an article about this app. I don't have used it, but maybe it let run Accordance on Linux and the full Accordance on a Android tablet. I don't need it at the moment. But maybe one of you will test it (Demo: 14 days for free) and share his or her experience. https://www.codeweavers.com
  13. benjamincripps

    Android App

    Hello, I would like to formally ask that an Android version of Accordance be offered. I've used Accordance since 2006 and have a good investment in the program. I have used my Mac and iPad for years, but have in the past two years switched over to Android for my phone, and would do so quickly for my tablet if not for Accordance not being supported. Please do consider doing this for the Android population! Benjamin
  14. Andrew Nance

    Android App

    I love this Bible software! I have a Windows laptop and Accordance works great on it. I also have Android (Samsung) devices, both tablet and cell phone. Will Accordance consider making apps for the Android OS? I'm not in a rush and can wait. But it would be cool to have the software on my phone and tablet as well as the computer. Andy
  15. I know that this subject has come up in the past, but I would like to know if an Android version is being contemplated or in development?
  16. sfarson

    Accordance for Android

    Hey, I know you're busy with getting a Windows version of Accordance out the door, but fwiw, I think an Android version/option would be very well-received. Having Apple/IOS and Windows (soon) covered, the booming Android market could be something to think about. I know we all are taken care of given we have Apple PC's/devices, but I guess selfishly it would be nice having Accordance content on my Android phone and tablet. Then again, I'm probably not alone. Loyal customer, Steve
  17. Hi, I would like to see Android on the Android and Windows Phone platform. Not everyone uses iOS devices. Thanks, Caspar
  18. My request adds another layer of complexity. Now that the announcement for windows, I really would like and think would be beneficial to have android and windows mobile, though as as said complex.
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