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Found 7 results

  1. Is anybody running Accordace 12 in Virtualbox? I find it unusable. I have been using Accordance 9 for over ten years now, first on classic MacOS, then on various versions of the BasiliskII emulator under both Windows and Linux. I now upgraded to Accordance 12 which obviously does not run under the classic OS anymore. Since Accordance 12 does not run on wine I installed it within a Windows 10 virtual machine under Virtualbox. It works, however unacceptably slow. It is impossible to scroll any text or even enter any characters. It takes tens of seconds to perform any action. This is on a very fast PC within a Virtualbox that runs virtually any application, including Photoshop and QuarkXPress with large documents flawlessly, so it should not hang because of lacking computing power. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  2. I just upgraded to Accordance 12.1 this morning. I had been running Accordance 11. When I upgraded, I can not open my old workspace. When I attempt to do so, Accordance crashes every time. For now I re-downloaded 11.2.5, re-installed it, and the workspaces are working fine. Any suggestions? In Christ, Bret PS For further info, I an on a mid 2011 MacBookPro, running 10.10.5 (Yosemite). And I have 16 GB of RAM.
  3. Timothy Jenney

    #149) Accordance 12 Features

    Podcast 149 is a quick, concise look at Accordance 12's new features. Description: [Accordance 12: Basic] Accordance 12 is here! It includes five major new features and/or improvements: Stack, Paper, Improved Analytics, Research Analytics, and Info Pane. This initial release of the newest version of Accordance also includes eighteen other minor features and improvements. Join Dr. J as he reviews them all in this podcast. https://vimeo.com/194379376
  4. So I "upgraded" to Accordance 12, to the Graphics Learner package. I received an email back which appeared to be a receipt and a processed order, although nothing shows on My Products page yet, and there was no link to download the full version of Accordance. Any timeline on when I'll be able to access the full program? Or instructions on how to get the full program? I realize you guys are backlogged, but three days? John Murphy
  5. A faithful podcast viewer just jogged my elbow, pointing out I forgot to post #148) Accordance 12 Collections in the forums! My apologies. It's been crazy around here!!! For those of you who missed our announcements on other channels, here's the Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/188943322 Here's a quick description: "Accordance 12 Collections are the best collections we’ve ever offered! With three tracks (English, Hebrew and Greek, and Graphics) and up to five levels, plus three combination packages, we’re offering our customers more choices than ever. For the first time ever, we are even offering an Accordance "Lite" version that is totally free! In this podcast Dr. J gives a quick overview of each of these collections—and provides an easy guide to purchasing decisions. The release of Accordance 12 is just around the corner, get ready for it by purchasing an Accordance 12 Collection today! [Accordance 12: Resource]" Enjoy!
  6. In the Library Window, Accordance 12 add Syntax and Diagram. Clicking the "i" button (i for information; About This Text in the gear menu) brings up the floating window (About This Text) for modules. Nothing happens when it is clicked for items in Syntax and Diagram. macOS 10.12.1, Accordance 12.0.0 for Mac.
  7. So, how does it feel to use Accordance 12? Watch https://vimeo.com/189265691
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