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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I have a bible on MSWord.docx and I was wondering if it can be imported into Accordance? I also have it in PDF if that helps. Note: it can be imported into another bible software and hopefully it can for Accordance. Thanks,
  2. Is there a "find command" in Accordance? This is a simple function available in any word documents or Internet browsers (usually short cut key is ctrl+F or command+F), not about word search in the Bible or lexicons. What I wish to do is have a specific word highlighted on the screen that is already showing a search result, but ctrl+F doesn't do this in Accordance. Thanks for your help!
  3. I have a long document (over 300 pages) which includes many Hebrew citations that I need to convert from Mellel to Word. I inserted the citations into Mellel by cutting and pasting from Accordance and they appeared in the Yehudit font. Now, when I export the document from Mellel to Word format, the Yehudit Hebrew appears as a jumble of English characters. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this without me having to go through and redo the Hebrew in the entire document? Thanks, Stephen
  4. I am doing a study of the book of Romans. I would like to see if there are word pairs that are repeated like μὴ γένοιτο. Is there a way to do this? Blessings! Mike
  5. I want to copy items like the above - see attached pdf for all references to pics (the above example is WBC Daniel) and Include the blue highlighting with or without the actual link(s), When I try to copy and paste the above into MS Word, I get no highlighting: I want to copy items like the above (the above example is WBC Daniel) and Include the blue highlighting with or without the actual link(s), When I try to copy and paste the above into MS Word, I get no highlighting What I want would look like this: copying highklighted text from Accordance to Word.pdf
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #136) Searching Bibles and Texts

    We've started replacing our oldest podcasts this Spring. #136) Searching with Accordance http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p136_searchingbiblesandtexts.mp4 will be the second in the new Recommended series. It uses Accordance 11 and was recorded in full HD. It also shows the degree to which podcasting tech and equipment has advanced in the last seven years—and the skills I've acquired during the same period of time. This podcast replaces two of our oldest, both using Accordance 8 and recorded at 640x400. just for laughs, check them out: 1.1 Searching the Bible by Verse http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p1_1_searchingbyverse.m4v and 1.2 Searching the Bible by Word http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p136_searchingbiblesandtexts.mp4 BTW, my "shifty eyes" are the result of reading the script at such a close range with out a teleprompter.
  7. A long time ago I found someone (maybe on Accordance forums?) that had created a script which would get verses from accordance and copy them into Word for Mac. It doesn't seem to be working now, and I don't know enough about either to trouble shoot. I would like to get it working, as well as duplicate it for powerpoint, Omni outliner, pages, and or keynote. I use all of these believe it or not. So my question is does anyone know how to write a script that while you are in one of these other applications I mentioned above, you can run the script and copy in verses from accordance? Thanks!
  8. Good afternoon all! I've posted a question about problems with the automatic word/verse search feature in iOS here, and was told that it was a bug. I searched the forums and found something related here, and though this doesn't exactly get to what's happening, I thought it might be helpful to note for reference. What is happening is that when I search for the word John, the search results are produced as expected. Without manually changing the search mode, I should be able to enter "John 1:5" in the argument box. I get this error depicted in the attached screenshot. On the other hand, if I enter "John 1" in the argument box, the search results pull up the first chapter of John. Simply put, the bug doesn't seem to be allowing the search to automatically switch between word and verse and doesn't distinguish between John 1 and John 1:5 in the argument box. I should also add that the buggy behavior only occurs when the default search mode is "word." Perhaps this was the workaround in the April 2013 thread. I'll switch it for now, but I did want to call it to someone's attention. After trying the workaround, searching for Joshua in verse mode just brings up Joshua 1 and not various verse entries with Joshua in them. Thanks for your hard work, Accordance Dev Team!
  9. TheMinibishop

    Automatic Word/Verse Search

    Hello all. I was under the impression that the app would understand the difference between a search for John and John 1:1 automatically, without me having to switch between "word" and "verse" mode. However, I always have to manually switch them. Is there a setting that I need to change (I can't seem to find it)?
  10. I am interested in studying words and have limited experience doing so. Right now I am particularly interested in studying the word "grace". I'm sort of a step-by-step method kinda guy but haven't come up with one on my own that I really like. My goal would be to get a good understanding of the word "grace" and perhaps later drill down deeper. I'm planning to use the NIV11-GK for my text and the Mounce Greek Dictionary and Kohlenberger/Mounce Hebrew Dictionary as my starting points for the original languages. I have very little knowledge of those languages but manage to find my way around somewhat via the keyed texts I have. If anyone has a good method for doing this type of study I'd really like to see it. Dr. J, if you read this I think it would be an excellent topic for a podcast
  11. When preparing a message, I may choose to use a number of different Accordance reference tools in the process. I write most everything for Sunday in MS Word 2011 for Mac. I realize that I can simply make a note of the specific bible/commentary/dictionary used to prepare a thought. But if it is possible, I would like to suggest a shortcut. I would like to know if it is possible to use the 'file/save-as' OR 'file/save-a-session' ("com.OakTree.Accordance.document") and embed it into a Word document. In that way I could keep all resources used for a specific 'sermon seed' in a single concise package. The final Word file might have several such embedded links or files back to specific sessions in Accordance. RevKate
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