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Found 9 results

  1. I just purchased the Starter Collection with NRSVS (With Accordance 13) today and, through the subsequent email, I attempted to download Accordance Version 13.1.6. However, after logging in, Accordance seem to be stuck on this window with the text "Loading Purchases..." (screenshot linked). I have already uninstalled and reinstalled once. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  2. When using Accordance in Windows 10 there is no easy way to type the letter Sin in the search pane of Hebrew language modules like the Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica) Tagged. The letter Shin is easy: Shift+A. For the letter Sin one either has to switch to a Hebrew keyboard layout or use the character map. These are only workarounds that slow down the work flow. A simple combination of keys would serve us users. Nota bene: This is problem has existed in the Windows version for a very long time: https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/339-typing-shin-and-sin-in-search-pane/
  3. Out of nowhere this morning Accordance is crashing on my laptop upon opening it. It stays open for about 3 seconds, then crashes. I was already having trouble with my papers not syncing from my desktop to my laptop using Dropbox auto-sync. Up until now Dropbox sync has worked fine. I tried uninstalling Dropbox, since this seems to a major culprit according to the forums here. The problem persists. I saw that someone started Windows in safe mode and unlinked dropbox, but when I am in safe mode it just tells me Dropbox is already unlinked. Not sure what do try next. Here is the latest crash log: Accordance Crash Log Crashed at: 11:25:37:969 On: 20 of Apr, 2020 FLE Daylight Time OS: 10.0 build: 18363 - Windows 10 Memory load (MB): 42% Physical: 8056 Avail: 4636 Free disk user (MB): 217535 All free: 217535 Accordance Version 13.0.5 ( Message: Access violation Address: $57242BDC Backtrace: $57242BDC $57242C64 $572430DE $00569C73 $00571C8A $00585E2A $7736444B $77344F8C $77344B2A $7734E16F $77BE427D $00403E5D
  4. Accordance 10.4.5 for Windows has a notice that occasionally appears saying that Accordance was unable to load the last auto-saved session. This happens when starting up Accordance in the morning, after having shut it down the night previous -- seemingly successfully (in other words, having properly closed the program before shutting the computer down). I have not been able to figure out any consistent pattern regarding this phenomenon. Fortunately, I have not lost anything crucial up until now, but I did want to prevent future problems as well as to avoid the frustration of having to remember and recreate all the tabs that were open in the last session and which were erased in the failure to load.
  5. When I cut text (right click highlighted text and choose cut) from papers and paste (ctrl-v) into a new spot in that same paper, Accordance almost always hangs (crashing) for me. It hangs for so long I have to use task manager to shut Accordance down. Accordance Windows 10 PS No issue with same text when I revert back to 12.1.5
  6. Hello, I do not see the Papers icon at the top of Accordance using Windows. I only see Add to Stack, User Notes, and User Tools.
  7. Accordance 12.0.5 Windows 10 Intel i5 8 gb memory After updating to Accordance 12.0.5 I have been experiencing crashes when editing and creating user notes. I have been experiencing this ever since 12.0.5 update was first released. Prior to the update I never had any issues and I am working in user notes the exact same way (see info below on the method I use to add user notes.). I have tried to narrow down when it occurs ever since the update. But i can't really pinpoint it. It seems to be when changing focus from one program to Accordance but I can not say for sure. I can not make it happen through any particular steps with any kind of predictability. Some times I can work for 20 minutes without a single crash. And often it will do it back to back - meaning I will attempt to edit user notes and it will crash and upon restarting Accordance I will go back into the user notes and begin to add notes and it will crash right away again. This is what I can offer as to clues: I am copying notes from google docs and pasting them into Accordance user notes. Sometimes it crashes when I just click in the Accordance window to set it active (changing focus going from google docs window to accordance window). Sometimes it happens when I right click in user notes to select 'paste' option. The result is that the program crashes to desktop without any warning. It happens about 10 times in an hour. (My best guess anyhow - haven't been exactly keeping track that closely) Thank you for any help you can offer.
  8. When I try to scroll through any accordance text using the touchpad with two fingers to scroll up and down, accordance instantly crashes. This did not happen before the lase update!
  9. Nicholous Rogers

    Accordance 11 on Windows 10

    Anyone else running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, or am I the only one crazy enough to try it at this stage? So far no real problems, I often leave Accordance running all day so that I can come back and pick up studying where I left off earlier in the day. I have come back to find that it has shut down on me ... guess it got tired of waiting for me to come back.
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