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Found 11 results

  1. Antonio Garcia

    Hebrew word frequency list

    Hi, Is it possible to produce a Hebrew word list and sort it by frequency? I'm working on my Hebrew vocabulary. Thanks, Antonio
  2. I’m trying to produce Hebrew vocabulary lists for specific chapters. I’d like to include the following: -Hebrew word -English gloss -word count (for whole Bible) The problem is the word count in the Analysis Analytic is the word count for the selected range, not the whole Bible. E.g. if my chapter is Jer 4, word count = the number of times that word occurs in Jer 4. Is there a way to produce a vocabulary list for a particular chapter (or range of verses) with a word count that reflects the number of times the word occurs in the whole Hebrew Bible rather than just that particular range?
  3. If you're like me, you like to stay fresh on the original languages, but don't want to "cheat" by using an interlinear or reader's Bible with all the vocabulary words occurring less than 100x in the footnotes. [i'm not sure if what I'm suggesting is in another post, or if I took concepts and applied them for my own use, so if anyone has already posted on this, please let me know.] There's an easy way to do this in Accordance in order to facilitate reading and yet quickly identify those words you probably don't know. 1.) Open up your Greek or Hebrew text. 2.) In the Search drop-down menu, click on Enter Command > COUNT 3.) Enter the number of words you are comfortable with not knowing. For example, if you have learned all the words of the GNT occurring 30x or more, enter 1-30 in the command. http://www.drewdbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-11.10.27-AM.png 4.) Accordance now returns all those words occurring 30x or less in the GNT. 5.) Click on the Highlights button. Make a new highlight color and call it Greek Vocab. http://www.drewdbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-11.17.28-AM.png 6.) Shift-Click on the new color, and voila - Accordance will highlight all of the Greek Vocabulary words you don't know. http://www.drewdbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-11.25.16-AM.png 7.) When reading the text, you can now instantly see what words you do and don't know. This encourages a regular reading of the text because 1) You aren't overwhelmed with tons of new vocab (esp. in Hebrew Bible!) and 2) You can be encouraged because you actually know more words than you think. This will help you identify new forms of words you already know. 8.) Repeat for Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. Yeah Accordance! Yeah science!
  4. Hi, I'm working on a project that requires me to find what words in a chapter of the Hebrew Bible occur more than once. For example, if I wanted to know what words in Psalm 91 occur more than once, can Accordance highlight this? If so, how? I'm really trying to avoid doing this manually (but will if I must!). I'd appreciate any help! Thanks! Lenny P.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create a vocab list for words that occur in Gen 37, with a frequency of 1-99 times in the whole OT. Is anyone able to walk me through the process? Thanks, Keith
  6. The Vocab list we get from the Analysis Window is nice. But as you know, Vocab Books usually give definitions according to different stems. That is also the way professors would like students to memorize. I'm wondering, is it possible to give definitions alongs with the stems, as it is done in vocab books such as Van Pelt& Pratico's Vocabulary Guide and Larry Mitchel's A student's Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic. If it allow users to edit the database, or let the users to choose user-made database, it would be great.
  7. Corey Farcas

    Analysis Window

    The Analysis Window is a great feature in Accordance. I use it daily for both analyzing and learning (e.g. expanding vocab). But at present, though in tab format, the Analysis Window operates in Accordance as a text file. And all the data on each word is not displayed always, namely a word's Root. Suggestions: 1) Include the Root in the Analysis Window (and everywhere else perhaps) for every word, including the verbs which share the Root in their Lemma 2) Display the Analysis Window like a spreadsheet with columns etc. so it looks and feels like Word Charts. 3) Configure the Analysis Window like a spreadsheet so the data can be arranged by column etc. These would solve some of the issues for exporting vocab lists described in Vocab Building Format and list of roots. Blessings, Corey Farcas MDiv/MABL '15 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary cfarcas@gcts.edu
  8. Corey Farcas

    Analysis of Highlights

    Is there any way of sending all of your highlights from a tagged text (BHS or LXX etc) to an analysis window? The thought is, as you read along in a text you highlight a word you don't recognize with a specific highlight. Then on the you search for that highlight style and send it to the analysis window. There it would list the all the relevant information on the words highlighted. Kind of like when you use the parsing analysis to only list out "Hit words only" except in this case only one's highlights should make up the Hits. Make sense? Possible? Corey Farcas MDiv/MABL '14 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary cfarcas@gcts.edu
  9. I am wanting to export a search of frequency list of words into an excel file to then make notecards. When I try to copy and paste from the analysis tab it doesn't copy correctly into an excel spreadsheet. Any suggestions? It doesn't necessarily need to be an excel but even a .csv file would do. I have attached what I would like to export.
  10. Timothy Jenney

    #74) Building Vocabulary

    [Greek/Hebrew] Accordance Bible Software helps users learn biblical languages by generating frequency-sorted vocabulary lists for any text, in any language. The list can be copied, printed, or exported into a format suitable for any electronic flashcard program. This podcast includes the names of three flashcard programs recommended by our users and two websites that format them. This podcast (#74) completes the two-part Accordance Language Learning Series. The first podcast in the series (#72) was entitled Learn a Biblical Language.
  11. Is there a possibility to compare different texts from, e.g., BHS or LXX and let Accordance highlight shared vocabulary? For example, I am currently working on Judith and noticed that the book shares significant imagery with Nahum. Instead of scrutinizing both texts myself looking for common words and expressions, I would love to just let Accordance do the work for me... As far as I have been able to tell, the 'compare' function only works for different renderings of the same text, not texts from different books or chapters. Am I overlooking something? I would appreciate any help you can provide! Greetings from Utrecht, Anne-Mareike
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