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  1. Keyboard shortcuts don't work in User notes. Command+B for Bold, Command+i for Italic, etc. (MacBook Pro mid-2014, macOS Big Sur 11.7.1 (20G918))
  2. Hi, For some time User Notes in editing mode have several interface glitches: 1) No background for the top row buttons, so they overlay the background buttons. 2) If I apply different text color (like Burgundy, for example), I get two color dots in the formatting section. See the attached screenshot.
  3. Michael Chesanek

    Add user Item to User Notes

    I'd like to be able to create a user item in my user notes (Like I can in Stacks) so that I can take notes on resources that are not available in Accordance, keeping all of my notes in one place. I'd love for this to be a tree structure with the ability to add "child" and possibly even "sibling" notes to each item within the notes file.
  4. Hi there, I am using Accordance mainly on my iPad and iPhone, I have also installed it on my desktop computer and laptop. Situation: While reading the Bible I usually take notes in "user notes", I also highlight verses and/or words, and so on. After my reading time I usually hit the sync button on my iPad and after syncing I also do the same on my iPhone. This will allow me to have the same notes and highlights on my phone as well. Straight forward and simple. Now, as we all are well aware of, Dropbox had a policy change and charges a fairly high amount of money for subscription. I would like to see the feature to sync all Accordance files via a file folder. The file folder of choice, obviously can be located in a cloud folder, where in turn all files would be synchronized. Has anyone solved the same or a similar problem? Has anyone the same request? Matt 6:33 Blessings, Olivier
  5. Hi. Is it possible to create a user notes file for a non-biblical text such as the Quran? I have the Pickthal version of the Quran loaded and would like to add notes to it, but don’t see any notes prompt. Thanks, Brian
  6. Hi, Default font for my User notes is Cambria. When I insert a word in Greek, Accordance is changing font for the closing parenthesis to the Greek text font (Cardo), and even if I select it, change to Cambria, it's still Cardo. Can't be changed. Tried to use Cambria for the closing parenthesis later on in the text and delete preceeding text backward to move closing parenthesis back to the Greek word, but even before deleting space between old parenthesis and a new one it changes back to Cardo automatically. P.S. Synced and tried to edit this text in Accordance for iOS. I could change font to Cambria, but Accordance changed it to Accordance font. Tried once more, again — Accordance font remains.
  7. Today I added article to my user notes. Manually added about 30-40 links. Then realised that I’ve added this note to the wrong Bible verse. I opened note, copied and pasted it in its correct place. But… all links are blue and underlined, but contain no actual link! Just a style is copied. I wonder how you could go up t v.13 with such an omission. Please fix this. This is major problem.
  8. Attaching notes to multiple verses would provide a place to capture research that applies to a pericope, larger section of Scripture, etc, and not just an individual verse. This same thing could be applied to chapters. Notes on sections can appear in the order of the first verse (or first chapter) mentioned in the user notes file, perhaps distinguished by text color or bracketed in some way to set them apart from notes on individual verses. Is this something Accordance might consider?
  9. I have spent hours trying to figure out why links in my User Notes and User Tools are not working. This applies to links of all kinds apparently: links to a verse, links to an accordance tool, and URLs (i.e. links to web pages.) I have returned to Accordance Help and followed the instructions punctiliously but to no avail. They used to work, and I can't see what has changed, Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I am using a Mac with Catalina 10.15.6 and Accordance 13.1.3. I also use Accordance on my iPad, and there the links are fine. Malcolm
  10. Hello Everyone, Wanted to know if there are any future plans to include the capability of selecting audio files as an option while inside User Notes? Have a great day! David
  11. I can't seem to get images to import into my User Notes. They initially show as present, but when I save, the image disappears from the note. I am using Accordance 13.1.3 on Catalina 10.15.6 on a 2019 MacBook Pro.
  12. I have a user notes file with accumulated notes of many years. When I start up Accordance 13.1.3 I get the message 'The user notes file “Malcolm's Notes” cannot be opened, because it requires a newer version of Accordance.' When I click on the OK button, a second message appears 'NOTE: The file “Malcolm's notes” is no longer available to Accordance.' I am using MacOS Catalina 10.15.5. What should I do to get Accordance to recognise the file? It does contain my notes. I checked with a text editor.
  13. I use two separate sets of user notes. One is verse specific for observations on that verse. The second set is for sermon outlines and expository outlining of the entire passage. I find that having two sets of notes keeps them organized much better. However, when I am reading and the “user note” icon appears next to my text, I can only see the preview pop up in the first set of notes. I have to stop and open up sermon outlines if I want a refresher look at the preaching or exposition on the passage. So is this by design, or is it a bug?
  14. When I type text in the user notes before some already existing paragraph, sometimes I see strange text wrapping issues. Usually they are cosmetic —if I resize window width, it immediately goes away. Here's screenshot.
  15. When I edit user notes text and insert some custom Bible links, like "Ap.d. 2:3" as a link to "Acts 2:3", then select all text, copy it and paste as a new user note for another verse, all custom links are gone, links become just a blue underlined text without any links to any Bible verse. Could you please fix this bug?
  16. If I use custom Bible reference links in Accordance 12 user notes, app starts to behave very strangely —for example, if I have several Bible links in the user notes, separated by comma, and the first one is "Ap.d. 2:3" which refers to "Acts 2:3" then followed by "Jes. 11:9" which refers to "Isa. 11:9", then editing the first link changes second link to Jer 11:9. As soon as I add period after the Bible book in the Link field, next link in the user notes will be corrupted. So, if I have Rom. 8:20 and link is to Rom. 8:20 —no problem, because Latvian and English reference is the same, but if I have "Jes. 11:9" with the the link to "Isa. 11:9" instead of "Isa 11:9", then after saving changes in the user note text next link will be corrupted by the app.
  17. Whenever I sync my user notes with the Dropbox and there is something new in the user notes which need to be added to my Mac, Accordance closes currently open workspace (even if user notes are not open in any pane!) and doesn’t reopen it. I end up with empty screen. Just Accordance menu bar. However, when newer items are only on my Mac and they are being synced up to the Dropbox, workspace remains open. Accordance v.12.3.6, macOS 10.15.3 Beta 3 (this bug is already several months old, probably half a year, so even finalized macOS versions are affected, not just this beta version).
  18. In the Preferences menu I have my User Notes set to Accordance (font) size 16. When I start a new note it defaults to Lato size 9.
  19. farcas

    User Notes Searching

    User notes updates: * search for scripture verses that have been turned into links (e.g. search for 1 Sam 1 and get 1 Sam 1:3 or 1 Sam 1-3) * improve RTL text and thereby improve searching for RTL text * select text (a portion of a verse) and then add a note to that text - brings a snippet over into note and marks it with a highlight in the text * allow other types of content (as in other tools) to be searchable (e.g. tags on a note) * allow complex searches between different types of content (e.g. content: אמר <AND> scripture: 1 Sam 1 <NOT> [Range 1 Sam 1] Thanks!
  20. When I hover mouse cursor over thy Bible reference in the Tool display, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Cambria font, small size. When I hover mouse cursor over some Bible reference in the User notes, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Verdana font, larger size. It seems that I have no control over it to show both in the same font face and size?
  21. HI! When I hover mouse cursor over any Bible link in Accordance (commentary or Bible outlines module) and press Command key, it shows the Bible text in another translation in the Instant Details pane. Why the same paradigm isn't used for user note Bible links? Press Command key and the same Bible text is shown in another translation, as specified in the app's preferences.
  22. I am having some difficulty with the user note font. My notes are set to "Lato" and I am trying to make the default for my notes to be Times New Roman. It does not appear that I can change the default, however. Is this correct? I don't have the option to change the font (since it is grayed out) unless I click "standardize font." I am not looking to standardize the font, however, since I use a different font for English and Hebrew. My goal therefore would be to have a default of Times New Roman going forward, without needing to "standardize" all of my current Hebrew notes to Times New Roman. Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide. Kristin
  23. Hi, When I paste commentary text with the superscripted text into my user notes, line spacing changes for those lines which contain superscript. Could you please adjust superscript size so that it doesn't affect line spacing? Looks ugly. Try pasting this paragraph into user notes. Cambria font, 16 pt size. https://accordance.bible/link/read/Nicoll-Expositor’s_Bible#32022
  24. Hello I have a Office Suite which can create HTML's with BASE64 coded pictures. This means the pics are in the file itself and not in a separate folder. In this case it would be possible to add HTML's with pics to User Notes and User Tools without adding the pics after. This would help to save time by creating Tools for Accordance. This would save time for the OakTree module developers too. Greetings Fabian
  25. When I apply superscript to any selected character, I expect it to become smaller and somewhat raised above the baseline. In the User Notes, however, character's size remains the same, only character is being raised half a line up, this destroying uniform line spacing in the paragraph. Looks ugly. See attached screenshot.
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