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Found 14 results

  1. If one desires to share a User Note file that contains one or more File Links, it would be nice to be able to get a list of the files linked to in the User Note so that those files could be shared with the Note File. This is also useful when I am sharing User Notes files with myself and Accordance is on different computers. While one can manually inspect the link, this is a time consuming activity, that is also more reliably done via programmatic support. For small Note files, this need is not as needed as it is in larger user note files. Same request for a list of pictured linked to in a User Note file. Accordance handles well Resources File links when shared with users who don't own those modules; and obviously external website links are not an issue. A useful report might be one that shows for a given User Note — the name of the User Note file below which are four columns of data: in Column 1, Reference in User note to an link on the local computer; in Column 2, the displayed text for the link; and in Column 3, the physical location information (i.e., where the linked to item is stored locally). in Column 4, the file type of the linked to file (e.g., .pdf, .png, .mp3, .mp4, ...) Other columns could contain files info like size, last modified date, etc. The ability to print and export the data in this report in various formats (.xls, .csv, etc.) is also requested.
  2. I tried searching the forums for these two issues but came up short. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.6, Accordance 13.1.7, with Dark Mode enabled. #1 - Editing a User Layer in the 2D Atlas (see Screenshot 1). When I go to edit my new User Layer (Tovar Bible Study), parts of the editing palette that appears are very difficult to see. #2 - Editing a User Note and adding a Resource Link (See Screenshot 2). The text I enter in the "Search" field is very difficult to see (light gray against white background). Is there any thing I can do to fix either of these issues? Secondly, is it possible to further customize the editing palette (i.e. make it bigger)?
  3. All, I've looked through forums and cannot seem to find an answer to my problem--although some are similar. When I try to copy the instant note to my user notes, the Hebrew font is garbled. They are not even transliterated, just garbled English. But, if I then paste to word for windows, the Hebrew fonts print correctly. In preferences, I have the Unicode checked for export. It was working earlier just fine, I think I click something wrong. Thanks for any help
  4. HI! When I hover mouse cursor over any Bible link in Accordance (commentary or Bible outlines module) and press Command key, it shows the Bible text in another translation in the Instant Details pane. Why the same paradigm isn't used for user note Bible links? Press Command key and the same Bible text is shown in another translation, as specified in the app's preferences.
  5. Hi, I have an edited (personalized) version of John Eldredge's Daily Prayer that I would like to have in Accordance. What's the best way to do this? Thanks in advance and warm regards, Paul
  6. You can see that Issue happend through link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fofko77beepenns/2019010600002%20Accordance%20Input%20Korean%20Issue.mp4?dl=0 In User Note, I can input Korean without problem. but it's repeating after cursor each character. I've not used User note and used Evernote instead of it. I tried, it happened. whatever type of IME(Microsoft, Nalgaeset) is, same always. Same issue on Search form in Library pan. and Where can I find Importing bibleworks' notes in Application.
  7. Hi, I added my note to the NIVAC-OT, but Accordance doesn’t show any icon to indicate that that paragraph has a user note. Here in the attached screenshot you can see one particular NIVAC-OT paragraph to which I added my note. No indication about it. P.S. When I open this forum from the Accordance Help menu (within Accordance workspace), it opens this page, but I cannot attach any screenshot. «Choose File» button doesn’t do anything.
  8. I copied 3 paragraphs from this link http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2016/10/17/who-do-you-think-you-are/?platform=hootsuite into Accordance 2.4.1 Then I select all text, apply different font and font size. Accordance doesn't apply neither of them to all text. See the attached screenshot. If I select those portions of text which differ and format them again separately, then my chosen font style is applied.
  9. Greetings Accordance Family, When ever I edit a user note from my iPhone it removes any scripture links that may have been set up. Is there any fix to this yet? Also, there is no option for the "Geneva" font from the iPhone side so when I add a verse note from the iPhone it makes it in Helvetica but all my verse notes are in Geneva which I think looks a little better. Is there a fix to this? Can I add Geneva to the accordance on the iPhone? Blessings to all at Accordance. Marco
  10. Hi, I have Accordance 10 I would like to copy and paste from a PDF (which includes english and greek text) into a user note... It will not allow me to do this, I have attached some screen shots from what I have tried (english can paste but not greek) The first picture is the PDF, the second picture is what happens when I tried to past the whole lot... the third picture is what happens when I copy and paste just the english Any help greatly appreciated... Thanks Dave
  11. In the upgrade of my user note files, I managed to lose a pretty important user note. Thankfully, it's still in *.acc4 format in the Old User Notes folder that was created. Is there a way to upgrade this individual file so that I can continue using it? Thanks.
  12. For some reason when I either right click or use the button to Edit User Note, nothing happens. Nothing.
  13. Greetings , Please add the ability to create bulleted or numbered lists right in the user notes window. This would be a great addition, don't you think? And if this could be added to both the desktop and the iOS versions of Accordance I would most appreciate it. Thank You, J. Lewis
  14. I would like to be able to set a link in my user notes to one of the reference tools (Maclarens Expositions). However, when I try to make a link, it simply links back to the text that it's already attached to. Is this something that I should be able to do? If so, how? Edited to add: I am trying to use the method described in the help files (Digging Deeper > Creating Your Own Modules > User Tools > Create Links in User Tools, #3). Right clicking in the argument field copies the following as the link: [Maclaren’s Expositions, Reference, ps 37:4] as described. However, the link that is created in my user notes takes me to the verse in a text, not the tool.
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