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  1. I loved the feature that imports PDF files and creates a user tool. I used it to import books that I have in PDF form and made it an Accordance module. It used to work amazingly and preserved the formatting of the book very well (though not perfectly), and It would sense the book's content and match it in the contents bar. But now the tool works atrociously. The formatting is ALL over the place, and it doesn't create a contents bar anymore, it only lists the page numbers you can jump to. Why did it become this bad, and can one fix this without painstaking manually editing the tool for the whole book? I attached a comparison of Reformed Systematic Theology in PDF and how it appeared in the user tool. Notice the bad formatting and the contents bar doesn't organize the contents.
  2. I apologize ahead of time if this has been suggested or discussed already, but I looked everywhere and didn't find any mention of it. What I would love most at this point would be the ability to create use tools that are as powerful (or close to as powerful) as official OakTree modules. At the very least the ability to use analytics on my own modules would be absolutely wonderful. I mention this because there are texts out there (public domain of course) that I don't quite expect to see official modules for but that would be incredibly handy in my research. Specifically, I would love to use the powerful analytics and other features (perhaps even interlinear) of Accordance on texts like the Book of Mormon or the Koran. Perhaps the ability to create user reference tools could be a great start? Either that or the ability to purchase full modules for these texts from other religions?
  3. I am trying to import an encyclopedia I recently purchased in PDF format into a User Tool. It is about 8.3MB in size. The import proceeds about 1/3 of the way and then closes the progress bar window. What is the size limit of PDF files for importing? Thanks, Dave A
  4. I have been using the Olive Tree Bible Study app as my main iPad tool. I enjoy the convenience of having a large note with my SS lesson typed in it for quick lookup of verses I will be referencing during the lesson. While that note is open the Bible Text is also open in a parallel screen. I used Accordance to create a User Tool with a formatted lesson in it. I then exported to DropBox and then into my iPad Accordance app. While Notes will display in a parallel pane with Bible Text, the User Tool will not. That was disappointing to discover. I would like to be able to have both my Bible Text open in one zone, or pane, in the app and then open my User Tool in a second zone, or pane, at the same time. This would be very helpful in allowing me to quickly jump to a separate passage when need be. Also, it would allow instant details from the Bible Text while the User Tool is open also. If I am missing something, and this ability is already present, please forgive me; and point in the right direction please. Thank you. Dave A
  5. Hello I know that in the Accordance help is a list with the supported Bible book names. But now I have import a html as User Tool and find out, that more Bible books are supported. I see that: Apg for Apostelgeschichte Hi for Hiob Esr for Ezra That was a surprise . So it were cool if more are supported like: 1Mo 2Mo 3Mo 4Mo Ri Richter for Jugdes 1Kö 1Kön 2Kö 2Kön Spr Sprüche Proverbs Jes Jesaja Klg Klagelieder Lamentation Hes Hesekiel Ezekiel Sach Sacharja Zecharja Ze for Zecharja 1Ko 2Ko Kol Php Philippus for Phil. Jak Jakobus James Jud Judas for Jude Off Offenbahrung Revelation And the full Loccumer Richtlinien. Even the german Notation 1Mo 1,1.2 And a Autolink only for Chapters. Thanks
  6. Morning all!! I have been reading a book in Accordance and have made numerous highlights in it. Is there anyway to quickly transfer the highlighted parts into a user tool? I was unable to find anything.
  7. Related to the request for Android to sync Notes, is it also possible to include User Tools sync for Android? I think both tools would provide much more flexibility for Android users
  8. Tim Hall

    Table in a User Tool

    Is it possible to insert a table in a user tool?
  9. Ken Stockdell

    Issue with Creating User Tool

    During the Accordance eAcademy, which was great, one of the presenters mentioned he had started creating User Tools for his seminary lecture notes, which inspired me to begin that project myself. In the course of copying and pasting text from Notability (desktop version 4.1.1) I ran into the error message shown in the image attached. If you note the length of the highlighted text, this error seemed to occur when I tried to set the hierarchy of a piece of text that was longer than that number of characters. Is this a bug or a limitation on text length that can be tagged for the TOC in a user tool?
  10. I have been a little slow to figure it out, but I have finally gotten used to setting the correct text for hyperlinks in Set Note Display. I normally have my default hyperlink text as the ESV, and then my alternative as the Greek. Since I can only have two text options, when I started making notes for Ugaritic I created an entirely new note, so that I could set the default hyperlink to the ESV, and the Alternative to the Ugaritic English. And this has worked fine. I decided to create a User Tool to organize some of my Ugaritic work, so I went into the User Tool display settings to set the alternative hyperlink text as the Ugaritic English, but my Ugaritic Tagged Text is missing, and so is the Ugaritic English. I am still working with the texts, and I can even set existing notes to the Ugaritic text, but the User Tool is not listing the texts as an option. I set my Ugaritic English as a favorite to see if it would pick it up better, but it is still is not. Is it clear to anyone what I am doing wrong? Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  11. I would love to see a few things added to User Tools. Being able to add footnotes, able to sync a tool with Bible verses (like with User Notes) and to be able to add a book cover like regular modules.
  12. Hello Joel Please add in the User Tool the possibility for internal links. E.g. in the attached file below <a name="_ftnref2"></a><u><sup><span style='color:blue'><a href="#_ftn2">2</a></span></sup></u> and the college <p class=Normal style='margin-bottom:15.0pt;line-height:110%;mso-pagination: widow-orphan;tab-stops:36.0pt 72.0pt 108.0pt 144.0pt 180.0pt 216.0pt 252.0pt 288.0pt 324.0pt 360.0pt 396.0pt 432.0pt 468.0pt 504.0pt'><a name="_ftn2"></a><u><span lang=DE-CH style='font-size:11.0pt;line-height:110%; font-family:Georgia;mso-bidi-font-family:Georgia;color:blue;mso-ansi-language: DE-CH;mso-fareast-language:DE-CH'><a href="#_ftnref2">[2]</a></span></u><span lang=DE-CH style='font-size:11.0pt;line-height:110%;font-family:Georgia; mso-bidi-font-family:Georgia;mso-ansi-language:DE-CH;mso-fareast-language:DE-CH'>[<u><span style='color:green'> You'll see in the Safari it works but not in Accordance. And if you import it in Accordance then you'll see in the second part a problem that always comes if I make html's from the Word. And I believe other Accordance user has the same so it were not only for me. And when a scripture link can be a titel too that comes in the Tool browser, that were helpful too. Please update and upgrade Accordance Thanks Fabian Genesis 4.htm.zip
  13. The import function for user tools is great for importing articles and public domain books. Unfortunately it doesn't import images from html format, even though user tools do support images. So now you have to manually edit the user tool after importing, inserting images at the correct positions. I would like the User Tool html importer to import images as well.
  14. First, don't buy it from Apple. Search for the same eBook in another Store. Best as ePub. Load it in http://calibre-ebook.com/download_osxhere you can make changes and you can edit them. Then convert it in calibre to HTMLZ (a zipped html), the problem now is that the Mac is unable to unzip this. So you need an additional Software like the Unarchiver from here http://unarchiver.c3.cxor direct from the MacApp store. Another possibility is to convert it in the newest Calibre as .docx (is brand new) and then you can easily edit them and now convert it with https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/document-orderly-converter/id422235937?mt=12to a .html or http://Jutoh.com. T his creates a cleaner .html, than if you save it in Word etc. as website. For Windows users the steps the same. Take Calibre to convert it to HTMLZ and unzip it with http://www.7-zip.org. With http://.Jutoh.com you have also a cleaner html. Now import it http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX11/Default.htm#topics/05_dd/ascii_import.htm#kanchor406 Unfortunately Accordance doesn't support links and cross-refs, colors etc. Greetings Fabian
  15. I'm creating a user tool that requires me to create multiple instances of links to other user tools. While editing the user tool, is it possible to copy a link and paste it elsewhere in the tool and still have the link work properly? Every time I copy and paste a link, I have to redo the link operation. Thanks
  16. I open «Feasting on the Word» commentary in a separate tab. I'd love to add extra column/pane there with the User tools (Year A, B, or C). Currently I can't. Could you please provide such possibility? Like a user notes column.
  17. After changing the language to Spanish on my Windows 10 I tried to create hyperlinks to my scripture references (tedious process as it is), but unfortunately, nothing. It says book "Mateo" cannot be found. Am I missing something? Thanks! Diatheke76
  18. I added commentary on Psalms as a user tool. Clicked on the button "Automatically turn all references, URLs and Tool links into links". When I clicked "Update" button in the lower right corner of the window, I got this message: The title line in the User Tool “The Psalms” must use a Roman font and cannot be a scripture reference. Because I had structured every psalm number as a title, now all these titles were also links. Now I manually have to go through all 150 titles and remove those links. Could you teach that button to ignore titles? If I cannot save such format, why does it apply links to the titles? That button needs at least minimal discernment where to apply links and where not to apply.
  19. Hello It where be cool if we can import EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 etc. Files to use it as User Tool. Theres a lot of books in www.bibelkommentare.de but in EPUB, MOBI, PDF and as The Word Modul. So for me it's a must have in Accordance, especially Accordance has no Commentary in german. Greetings Fabian
  20. Hello I would love to have some improvements: First, that the selected part is also pre-filled in the search box. Second, a button [Last opened] (zuletzt geöffnet) would be nice. If we have to link a few times to the same recourse it is faster and less time consuming if we can only push a button and the last opened is pre-filled instead of going all the way every time. Thanks Greetings Fabian P.S. I would also love if the Links, Footnotes, Endnotes, Crossrefs etc. would be works after import in Accordance from the html.
  21. Wes Allen

    HTML Import

    I've been creating my user tools in Apple Notes recently (it allows me to edit on my iPad), and then using a Markdown editor to create an HTML file for importing into Accordance. I've noticed Accordance REALLY does not like smart quotes, which is easy enough to fix in conversion, but I'm confused about importing Greek and Hebrew. According to the Accordance documentation adding "meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset-UTF-8"" (that's a tag, I want to make sure it displays) after the head tag should allow the Greek or Hebrew to be imported and converted to the appropriate fonts, but even with that tag I'm getting gibberish. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Hi, I wanted to create a new User Tool "Didache" in Latvian. So I created "Didahe (Latviski)" User Tool and tried to paste Unicode text from this web page: http://biblos.lv/Didahe.html(Reader Mode in Safari browser), but it pasted only first 2-3 words and that's all. Then I saved Didache e-text as HTML, opened it in TextEdit, removed image and simplified formatting. Tried to import saved HTML file into the existing User Tool file. It imported all text, except all Latvian letters were lost. I opened file for editing, but it doesn't even show Unicode characters properly when I enter them. Can't type in Latvian. A bug or a missing feature?
  23. Hello best to show in photos. Starting point End point by saving Accordance 11.1.3 and 11.1.4b1 Greetings Fabian
  24. Hello Please add the possibility to search with cmd+4 for a word in the User Tools for Salaam etc. Its also not possible to amplify from the arabic Bible to User Tools with Salaam. Greetings Fabian
  25. When editing user tool content in Windows (Accordance, the existing hierarchy markers in the margin do not move with the headings they are associated with if more text is added above the heading.
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