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Found 7 results

  1. In some of my workspaces, I tend to place secondary references off to one side in a zone that occupies about 20-25% of the total window width. In some cases, I find that the zone title takes a large amount of the available zone width, sometimes as much as 25%. This then makes it harder to know which tab I may want to activate because the tab titles are truncated due to insufficient horizontal space. This is especially a problem when the resources in the tabs start with the same text. For example: Because the zone title is already rendered using a smaller font than the tab title, I'd like to propose an alternate zone layout whereby the zone title appears above the tabs instead of adjacent to them, as follows: Personally, I find the reduction in vertical space available to the resource content (in the above case, 14 pixels) an acceptable tradeoff for an increase in horizontal space available to the tab titles (in the above case, 108 pixels). Bonus feature: Since I realize the proposed vertical layout may not be optimal for very wide zones (just as the horizonal layout is not optimal for very narrow zones), consider dynamically switching between the current layout and the proposed layout depending on the current zone width. Or, alternatively, default to the current horizontal layout, but, if any tab title is truncated, switch to the vertical layout. If changing the zone layout is not acceptable, please consider the following alternative proposals to help alleviate the confusion that can be caused when tab titles are truncated: Allow the user to rename a zone so one can shorten the title manually. Add a tooltip to each tab title that displays the complete text in the event the tab title is truncated due to insufficient width.
  2. jpkang

    Badly behaved sheets

    I've noticed and reproduced this behavior in Accordance 13.1.2 Mac: When searching a text and you enter something that isn't found, you get the expected sheet "The … you entered cannot be found …" and contextually appropriate button(s). At this point, however, any keystrokes that are pressed (such as command-w to close, command-d to duplicate, etc.) get passed through and the sheet remains. This should not be! By contrast, the Set Text/Tool Display… sheet is properly modal and does not behave in this way. Also, why is it that when searching for Scripture in tools, that if the entered reference does not exist, that the error is a modal window and not a sheet?
  3. dandennison

    Real Bible View

    I've wanted this is a Bible program for a long long time. Give us a UI that looks like a Bible you would hold in your hand. You could have a Quentel layout, Clarendon layout, Canterbury layout, etc. Add support for illuminated manuscript view. Illustrated drop-caps, etc. Anyone else wish for this?
  4. Guntis

    Dark mode UI

    Hello, Please add dark mode to Accordance user interface. When I enable it in macOS Mojave, Accordance remains bright as the daylight and highlights in the black menus are hardly visible, because light grey toolbar affects contrast of the menu highlights. Here in the attached screenshot I highlighted Show All, but I can hardly notice highlight there. Once you are at it, please add dark mode for the user highlighters. Simply inverting colorus won't work well. OK, we can start with that, but I'd like to adjust the same colors for the dark background and white text.
  5. I keep getting tricked by Accordance because it shows the text cursor in the search box even when the window isn't focused, making me think the window is focused, but instead my keypresses go to some other window, perhaps deleting the assignment or sermon I'm working on. This is extremely non-intuitive behaviour, and very inconsistent with other programs. Please change it so that the cursor is only shown when the window is focused and will actually receive the keypresses.
  6. Mark Nigro

    UI Frame and Icons Lost

    This may be due to low memory conditions, but thought the Accordance team would want to see it. After opening my Instant Details Pane to the right, sections of frames from other panes in the UI, with their respective icons, disappeared and would not return even after minimizing/maximizing, switching between apps etc. I changed workspaces and came back, and still the UI was broken up but only in this particular workspace. Closing Accordance and relaunching took care of the problem. Screen shot uploaded.
  7. This is a list of inconsistencies and annoyances found on the "Easy Install/Updates" screen. I love Accordance and am suggesting these things because I want it to be better. First, the Accordance logo in the upper left corner is ambiguous. What about this button leads the user to think he/she will be directed to the Accordance website? How about a globe logo instead? Or even better, nothing. A link to the website should be on the About or Info screen, not the downloads screen. If the idea is that you're directing users to where they can obtain more modules, this is against Apple guidelines anyway. Second, clicking the Accordance logo button immediately takes the user out of the app and launches Safari. Since this button is ambiguously labeled, it's jarring to be taken out of the app. If you're going to leave this button, the user should be presented with a "Go to Accordance Website" & "Cancel" options. Third, the Done button. This button should instead be labeled "Cancel" or "Back" because that is what it does. Labeling it "Done" implies that after the user has selected which modules to download, they are now actually done and ought to tap this button in order to download. Fourth, the download button. I actually like this one. It's labeled well, and does what it says. The only suggestion I have here is to use the same download icon Apple uses everywhere else. UI consistency means that your app is easier for people to figure out. I suggest removing the Accordance logo button, moving the "Done" button to the left and labeling it "Cancel", and then moving the download button from the bottom right to the top right. Now, the major suggestion for this screen is to find a way to download modules while leaving this screen, and even the app! Forcing the user to stare at a static, non-updating dialogue window while their modules download is extremely frustrating. This is compounded by the fact that most users will have to sit through this more than once if they ever have to restore or replace their phone. Evernote, Instagram, Rdio, are apps I use on a daily basis which can download data in the background, and they do it quite well. Obviously, these are minor suggestions, but I think polishing up Accordance iOS will help it shine even more.
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