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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, would you consider to add a Catalan Bible translation to accordance? It would be highly useful! For example the translation from the Trinitarian Bible Society: http://www.tbsbibles.org Thank you!
  2. Brian K. Mitchell

    The Quotes about Greek thread

    Virginia Woolf, 'On not knowing Greek' 1925
  3. It would be very helpful for many Accordance users (i.e. Filipino Americans, Filipinos, and missionaries) if “Magandang Balita Biblia" (or Tagalog Popular Version) is available in Accordance 10x. This is a parallel translation of the Good News Bible using the "functional" or "dynamic" equivalence technique. Philippine Bible Society publishes the first edition in 1973 and a new edition in 2005. This is a modern translation compared to an earlier Tagalog translation, "Ang Biblia" (translated from American Standard Version 1905). “'Ang Biblia' is the Bible for the traditional Tagalog Bible reader. 'Ang Biblia' is written in the old Tagalog” (http://yirmeyah.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/bibleworks-tagalog-ang-biblia-1905/) Really, it is just great if I have this translation on my iPhone/iPad as I go around from village to village preaching and teaching the word in an easy to understand Tagalog language.
  4. Hello, are there any plans to bring the NeueLuther Bibel 2009 (http://www.buonanovella.com/die-bibel) to Accordance? Thanks and greetings, Johannes
  5. Does Accordance use the Septuagint’s Hebrew texts or the Old Testament Hebrew texts in the NASB-Strongs 1995 OT translations?
  6. Hi, Could you please provide Modern Russian Translation (Современный русский перевод (2-е изд.) (СРП-2)) of the Bible as Accordance module? In several cases I find it more useful, but it's currently available only in other apps, not in Accordance. Title Современный русский перевод Библии (СРП) Copyright © 2011 Bible Society in Russia (BSR) All rights reserved https://www.bible.com/ru/versions/1999
  7. Mairead Sine

    New Testament in Scottish Gaelic

    Hello there, The Scottish Bible Societ has recently published an updated Gaelic version of the New Testament. (They are still developing the OT testament translation.) I know we are one of the smaller languages in the world but I'd really appreciate it being in my Accordance library. I do use a hard copy but being able to use some of the Accordance features with this translation would be very nice. Thank you, Mairead Sine.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to search for a Greek word by a specific translation. For example lets say I want to find all instances/verses where "δοῦλος" is translated as 'bondservant' I can go with [KEY G1401] <NOT> slave <NOT> servant - but having to exclude the translations I'm not looking for individually is quite annoying plus time consuming, especially for words with lots of meanings. Being able to do - [KEY G1401] <ONLY> bondservant - would be great and extremely easy. Does anyone know if there's a way of doing this?
  9. Hello, are there any plans to bring “The New Testament: A Translation” by David Bentley Hart to Accordance? Thanks and Blessings, Johannes
  10. Jan Klein

    LXX translation

    Can someone please help me? I am looking for a good translation of the LXX, the Ancient Greek text. Not the text of Theodotion (as is used in the translation of Brenton?) Is NETS a good one? (academic level!) with kind regards, Jan Klein The Netherlands
  11. We've been asked to add a Messianic Bible translation to Accordance. What version would you recommend?
  12. I am very frustrated with most English "translations" that now exist. I am searching for an "alternative" form of "translation", probably more correctly identified as an "interpretation". The current mode of "translation" is typically tied to one or two words to identify the meaning of Hebrew, in particular, but also of Greek words. With Hebrew this often leaves a great deal of "meaning" out of the "translation". I'm searching for a text that will provide a "concept-to-concept" presentation of what the term really meant - and I'd like to see that come as close as possible to what one such as Moses would have intended at the time he was writing it. Rather than using one or two words, I'd truly like to see the full concept that lies behind the original language - at least as nearly as may be possible at this point in time. Does anyone know of such a "translation"? I would truly appreciate finding one. Thank you for your kind assistance with this.
  13. I have way to many translations and they are not in a nice order. Is there a way to reorder them. And say take some of the out. I would like to short cut say the NIV or have it at top of the list and drop the Portuguese translation. I have the NIV and the NIV G/K. Love the NIV G/K, the NIV not so much.
  14. cjhuddle

    Hindi Bible

    I live and minister in India, and work among a Hindi speaking people. I am requesting you make the Hindi translation available for Accordance, and inter linear with links to Mounce would be an even greater help. But at the very least, the Hindi bible. There are two translations: IBP and BSI. Most Christians now use IBP, as it is today's hindi, and BSI is the equivalent of the KJV. India is in a famine of resources and good materials, please help.
  15. In Neusner translations of the Talmuds, as well as in other future translations of rabbinic sources (like Midrashim), would be very useful to include the traditional folio/side division, that is the standard for quoting Talmud and Midrashim: chapter, page, side, line (cf. 'The SBL Handbook of Style'). If you are doing scholarly research and should look up for a reference quoted in such a way in Accordance, is quite confusing and time wasting if the digital texts or translations have a different one.
  16. Hi Accordance friends, Do any of you know how to automatically list every way a word is translated in a particular english version? For example, in Hebrews 11:13, the text begins κατα πιστιν, which the ESV translates "in faith." I wondered how often κατα was translated as "in" since it seemed a less usual translation for that word. I'm not sure of any way to get that information short of searching the greek word, adding a parallel pane and looking at each highlighted word. So I was hoping someone else had come up with a more clever solution for this. Thanks
  17. benjamincripps

    Turkish Translation

    Hello, Would you please consider offering the Turkish Translation as one of the Bibles? There are a number of people I know who use Accordance who would profit from having the Turkish translation (which is well done and available for use - You Version offers it for free) in the same app as our other translation materials (i.e. Accordance). Thanks! Benjamin
  18. I search for some word in the Bible, get the result list. I open particular verse in its context, wan to see it in Greek, so I want to switch to GNT-28, but… here Accordance doesn't show Bible text menu in the top toolbar (center). Please add it.
  19. I’d LOVE to see Richard Elliott Friedman’s Commentary on the Torah available. Anyone familiar with it? It’s a translation and commentary published by Harper Collins in 2001. It’s a great Jewish/scholarly translation that blends the accuracy and language of Everett Fox with the flow of the JPS. Friedman’s comments are few and concise, sometimes a bit longer, but always insightful. I’d really like to have it in Accordance. He was my professor at UC San Diego and is now in Georgia, but I could help by contacting him if needed. Some links: Amazon page (four stars from 29 reviews) Dr. Friedman’s page, including the book blurbs from scholars such as the late David Noel Freedman, editor of the Anchor Bible. (Dr. Freedman looked over every page of Dr. Friedman’s book!) Wikipedia page on Friedman Thanks!
  20. JAKGreek

    Goodspeed's New Testament

    Is there an electronic version of Edgar's translation of the New Testament? I would be very happy to see this added to the translations available from Accordance.
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