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  1. It would be very helpful for many Accordance users (i.e. Filipino Americans, Filipinos, and missionaries) if “Magandang Balita Biblia" (or Tagalog Popular Version) is available in Accordance 10x. This is a parallel translation of the Good News Bible using the "functional" or "dynamic" equivalence technique. Philippine Bible Society publishes the first edition in 1973 and a new edition in 2005. This is a modern translation compared to an earlier Tagalog translation, "Ang Biblia" (translated from American Standard Version 1905). “'Ang Biblia' is the Bible for the traditional Tagalog Bible reader. 'Ang Biblia' is written in the old Tagalog” (http://yirmeyah.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/bibleworks-tagalog-ang-biblia-1905/) Really, it is just great if I have this translation on my iPhone/iPad as I go around from village to village preaching and teaching the word in an easy to understand Tagalog language.
  2. Jonathan C. Borland

    Robinson-Pierpont BYZ 2018

    I'd like to request as a module the newest, and perhaps final, edition of the Byzantine Text edited by Maurice Robinson: The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2018. Ed. Maurice Robinson & William Pierpont. Nürnberg, VTR, 2018.
  3. After attending the Infer Command webinar today (3/17/2022) hosted by Rick Mansfield, I asked the following question: "Are there any future plans in accordance to allow the ability to compare more than one text? Do you see any extra benefit in having this capability?" The general feedback seemed to suggest that this might be something we all could benefit from in a future release. Hope others will consider this as a viable request. Thank you for your time. David Womack
  4. Hello Everyone, Sometimes I have a need to exclude the (No Key number) found in my resulting text window. Does anyone know what the syntax should look like to eliminate this from occurring? The benefit for me is it would cut down the number of hits found in both the text module, and Analysis pane. Example: If you select the ESV module and type in the search field: rise up @ [KEY H*] and hit enter the results in the Analysis window will show Rise = 4 H6965 qum קוּם = 1 (No Key number) = 3 rise = 23 (No Key number) = 23 Thank you for your time and expertise. D.
  5. Michael J. Bolesta

    generic text icons on new computer

    I have a new Mac, and wished to start clean, so I used Easy Install to download all modules. Many of the text have generic text icons rather than the "cover." Is there a way to correct this? Thank you very much!
  6. Could you please check on getting bible translation "The Scriptures" by Institute for Scripture Research? I know that YouVersion does have the text as a free bible and I think another application may have it to. I would love to have this version in my Accordance Library. Their website is isr-messianic.org. Thanks so much
  7. I'm unable to read certain text in the Holman Bible Commentary while in dark mode (specifically the "Main Idea" and "Supporting Idea" sections). I'm using an iPhone XS running iOS 13.4 with the latest version of Accordance. See attached. Any ideas?
  8. When I type text in the user notes before some already existing paragraph, sometimes I see strange text wrapping issues. Usually they are cosmetic —if I resize window width, it immediately goes away. Here's screenshot.
  9. When I edit user notes text and insert some custom Bible links, like "Ap.d. 2:3" as a link to "Acts 2:3", then select all text, copy it and paste as a new user note for another verse, all custom links are gone, links become just a blue underlined text without any links to any Bible verse. Could you please fix this bug?
  10. Guntis

    Can’t find text

    Open "Feasting on the Word Worship Companion (Feasting-Worship)" Enter search phrase "PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING/DEDICATION”, just as it is in the text. Set search range to English Content. Can’t find anything. Accordance shows Error message, asking to change THANKSGIVING to THANKSGIVINGS, and removes DEDICATION.
  11. Hi, When I paste commentary text with the superscripted text into my user notes, line spacing changes for those lines which contain superscript. Could you please adjust superscript size so that it doesn't affect line spacing? Looks ugly. Try pasting this paragraph into user notes. Cambria font, 16 pt size. https://accordance.bible/link/read/Nicoll-Expositor’s_Bible#32022
  12. When I apply superscript to any selected character, I expect it to become smaller and somewhat raised above the baseline. In the User Notes, however, character's size remains the same, only character is being raised half a line up, this destroying uniform line spacing in the paragraph. Looks ugly. See attached screenshot.
  13. Hi, To copy Latvian Bible (2012) text, I have to click and drag the cursor, to select the text I want to copy. But if there is an asterisk (*) with a note in the text, sometimes Accordance shows Notes popup and I can't select the remaining text, which is behind the popup. Even if I continue to drag the cursor below the popup window, selection is done, but Command+C doesn't work as long as the popup window is on the screen. Have to click on the toolbar to dismiss it. Selecting text from the end backward works fine, no popup windows with the text notes. Can you do something here?
  14. jbriones

    Diagram Feature Request

    So, I just started using Accordance 12 since yesterday (yay!). However, I think a good tool for the diagram section is this: Be able to use the diagram tool so that resembles the text (BHS, GNT) rather than a number of individual words separated vertically (as it stands right now). Also, if we could separate the words and link them all rather than having them all individually separated would be cool to, but for now the resemblance of the text is key! Thank you,
  15. Hi! Text formatting in the User notes is very odd. If I choose font style Bold (Cambria font), then clicking on the [ B ] button doesn't change anything. The same with the Italic. If I choose Italic from the drop-down menu, I can click on the [ i ] button in the toolbar —it doesn't remove Italic formatting. I have to change it from the drop-down menu by choosing Regular. Two different / incompatible ways of formatting text?
  16. Hi, I wanted to create a new User Tool "Didache" in Latvian. So I created "Didahe (Latviski)" User Tool and tried to paste Unicode text from this web page: http://biblos.lv/Didahe.html(Reader Mode in Safari browser), but it pasted only first 2-3 words and that's all. Then I saved Didache e-text as HTML, opened it in TextEdit, removed image and simplified formatting. Tried to import saved HTML file into the existing User Tool file. It imported all text, except all Latvian letters were lost. I opened file for editing, but it doesn't even show Unicode characters properly when I enter them. Can't type in Latvian. A bug or a missing feature?
  17. hiswork

    Text size control

    There is a option to choose a text size in Accordance. And the text sizes are predefined and I need to choose one of them. But sometimes the best text size I want is between the predefined size. Smaller one is too small to read and larger one is wasting my macbook's screen. I hope I can set text size as I want, for example by entering text size or adjusting slider.
  18. I am very frustrated with most English "translations" that now exist. I am searching for an "alternative" form of "translation", probably more correctly identified as an "interpretation". The current mode of "translation" is typically tied to one or two words to identify the meaning of Hebrew, in particular, but also of Greek words. With Hebrew this often leaves a great deal of "meaning" out of the "translation". I'm searching for a text that will provide a "concept-to-concept" presentation of what the term really meant - and I'd like to see that come as close as possible to what one such as Moses would have intended at the time he was writing it. Rather than using one or two words, I'd truly like to see the full concept that lies behind the original language - at least as nearly as may be possible at this point in time. Does anyone know of such a "translation"? I would truly appreciate finding one. Thank you for your kind assistance with this.
  19. Keep the verse number with the first word of the verse together. See the attched screenshot.
  20. Guntis

    Biblical text structure

    Logos 6 has some really great features, like the Psalms Browser. You can see it here: https://www.logos.com/video-tour?utm_source=logos&utm_medium=email&utm_content=5003989-psalmsexplorer&utm_campaign=promo-logospro2015(scroll down until you see blue rectangles). Psalms can be sorted by their genre, attribution, themes, etc. What I liked the most was Structure button—one click and you can see chiastic structure of the psalm, even with subheadings. I think Accordance starts to fall behind Logos in graphics area. Maps feel little bit outdated and there could be more visual study/research tools. (We believe when we see, like Thomas… :-))
  21. Often when reading a commentary or similar, the tool may make reference to a passage of Scripture—and for that instance it would be helpful to be able to see both the original language in parallel with some other texts. Possible configurations that would be helpful, for example: - BHS / GNT, LXX, ESV - BHS / GNT, ESV, NIV etc. Now I know that you can open the passage up to another pane, but this would being able to quickly view a passage without leaving your place of reading would be helpful. Any thoughts or tips?
  22. When I hover mouse cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see commentary content in the Instant Details palette. I adjust font size in the palette so they wouldn't be too large. Then I hover mouse cursor over the Bible passage links in some commentaries in other panes, and the same Instant Details palette shows commentary text, but now text size is too small. If I make it a notch bigger, then hovering mouse cursor over the Info Pane commentary icons shows very large txt here in the Instant Details palette. It seems to me that Instant Details shows one type of links with bigger letters than the other type of links. Could you please fix this? P.S. Sometimes when I hover cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see only article titles in the Instant Details. No commentary text. For example, UBS Translators’ Handbooks NT, Calvin's Commentaries. (When I open the Bible to Luke 20:1). I've noticed the same about WBC in some instances. Probably it's related to the line breaks after the title.
  23. Could you please add option to show Highlighters palette whenever I select any text in the Reading Mode? Because when a commentary is open in the Reading Mode, there is seldom any other reason to select any text except for highlighting. Could be a checkbox in the application's preferences. (I'm tired of opening Highlighters palette, detach it, position it at the left side of the screen.) Or perhaps highlighters could be incorporated in the top or bottom toolbars (while text is open in the Reading Mode)).
  24. Hi Accordancers, Perhaps this has already been done, but if not, I'd like to request a shortcut key for the Instant Details pane to switch between the preferred text and alternate text when hovering over a hypertext verse reference in any tool. Often I want to know instantly how the Chinese version or the Greek has a verse, without opening a new window and changing the text. If we already have this option, please let me know! Thanks! Sincerely, Jonathan
  25. Michael J. Bolesta

    New Jerusalem Bible update request

    Another thread has requested supplementary material on several translations (introduction, translator lists, etc). In looking at the New Jerusalem Bible, it does not even have the notes prepared by the translators. The print English editions have these as well as book and section introductions that are helpful. Please consider adding these notes to the NJB. Thanks.
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