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Found 21 results

  1. When I create a Tool I use the little T things to create the categories and subcategories which then show as an index on the left of the tool (I can't remember what that is called). My problem is that the index is super small, on my screen it looks like maybe 9 point font while the text in the tool is more like 14 point. Is there a way to increase the font size of the tool index? Thanks, Kristin
  2. When I have a biblical ref in a note and I click on the ref, it opens up a new pane on the right. This is helpful, but sometimes it is not practical when I have too many parallels open. I am hoping that the hyperlink ref can open into a completely new tab which is tied to the first tab. Is there a way to possibly do this? Thank you, Kristin
  3. Manuel Brambila

    Sync Tabs

    Hi, I would like to enter a Bible reference in one tab, and that my other tabs in the workspace automatically jump to that reference. So if I have a tab with ESV, another with a Greek NT, another with LSB, another with a French Bible; that I enter John 1 in the ESV and it replicates across the others. How to accomplish that? Thanks! Manuel
  4. bcordoba

    Colored tabs

    Naming the tabs helps but when there are many, being able to identify one (or more) by color would be very useful. Thank you, Benoît
  5. Carol K

    Save Problem with Tabs

    It appears that saving from a secondary tab does not truly save the workspace. I thought I was going crazy, losing work even after hitting Cmd-S umpteen times to avoid the problem. This is what I found today (Using Version 12.3.4) I am diagramming a paragraph at a time, but then consolidating everything in the first tab by chapter. So, I generally have the main diagram tab and a secondary one in which I am actively working. If I save from the secondary tab (Cmd-S), the Save option in the File menu goes gray but the file itself it not actually saved, based on the time stamp of the file. If I go to the main tab, and hit Cmd-S (I also found the File menu Save option is once again black, not grayed out), the time-stamp on the file is updated and the data is saved. If the secondary tab is treated as its own document, where is it being saved? If saving from the primary tab saves the entire workspace, why doesn't a save from any pane or tab save workspace as a whole? I have attached screen shots
  6. I would like to open a saved tab into the current workspace, either as a new zone, or as a tab in one of the existing zones. I understand that this is not currently possible, and that one has to use the following procedure: Open the saved tab using File > Open. The tab opens into a new workspace where there is only one zone and one tab. To get the tab into the current workspace, one must drag it to the Accordance icon in the Quicklaunch toolbar (Windows), then wait for the right workspace to appear, then drag the tab to the correct place in the workspace. It is, of course, possible to use this procedure, but it seems rather cumbersome. I would like to request that one be able to open saved tabs from the New Tab button on the toolbar so that they open into the current workspace, just like one can open Recent Papers, Stacks, User Tools, and User Notes, into an existing workspace and zone. Another way of opening the saved tab into the current workspace would also be fine, but this way seems quite obvious since it's all about opening tabs. Thank you for considering this request.
  7. Steve Walton

    Choosing tabs by name

    May be mistaken, but I cannot find a way to select a tab by its name, and it would help me to do so—the standard workspace I use for working on a commentary on Acts has over 40 tabs open, and it would be helpful to be able to select by names I've given to the tabs. Is there a way to do this already (other than cycling through tabs, which takes a long time with 40+ tables open!), or could this be a feature in an update, please?
  8. Howdy! I think it would be wonderful if the mobil operating system of Accordance on iOS supported the ability to actually show a full workspace, or at least offer different tabs, as well as be able to perform some of the analytics for the original languages found on the desktop version. Just a thought. I know that Logos has those features available for their mobile software and that it is a major attraction for many users.
  9. Hi, In my workspace I have several tabs, in each tab about 4-5 columns of the Bible text or commentaries. I select the first column (Bible text) to be active (blue frame around it). I switch to another tab and after 4-5 seconds I switch back to the first tab. Now active is 4th column, not the first one. Please fix this.
  10. Guntis

    Icon overlapping

    Hi, When I open my saved workspace, all icons look good. But when I switch to another tab and immediately back, icons overlap. See the attached screenshots. Accordance 12.1.3 for Mac. OS X 10.12.6. MacBook Pro 15.4" retina display, 4 columns in the workspace window, which is stretched to the full screen width. Plenty of horizontal space available, no reason to move icons on top of each other.
  11. Tim Goldsmith

    Tabs within a window freezing up

    Since I upgraded to Sierra, the tabs within my research window are playing up big time. I have multiple tabs open for NT, OT, Secondary text & graphic study, but it is taking me up to 20 or 30 clicks to get a tab to open at the moment. Is this something that others are experiencing? I've attached what comes up when I'm clicking on a tab that I want to open. The Shift-apple-3 doesn't appear to show the cursor, but the tab that is open in the far left one, but the tab I'm clicking on is the one next to that.
  12. If two tabs are open, and there are several panes in each tab, then switching between tabs always selects far right pane in each tab. Very annoying. Accordance should keep user-selected pane active in each tab.
  13. Switching to another tab and back moves Combine button over the Decrease / Increase Font Size buttons. See the attached screenshots—notice that Combine button in the far right pane is moved over the Decrease / Increase Font Size buttons. I can load combined resource again, that moves this button in its correct position, but switching tabs moves it back again.
  14. muellereike

    Mouse Scroll through Tabs

    I love the Accordance tabs so much that I always have more tabs open than my window is wide. Obviously you can cycle through the windows (cmd+shift+[ or ]) but it would be really nice to be able to scroll through the tabs with the mouse or keypad (swipe right/left while hovering over the tabs) just like the browsers allow you to do (Safari or Firefox). Just a more convenient way to access tabs at times.
  15. Some thoughts on the way the user interacts with different elements in Accordance: Zones Would love to see it possible to have the block that prevents different texts and analysis windows from different texts in the same zone - I'd like complete freedom as to where I put different tabs - regardless of what zone they should belong to. Tabs Would love to see tabs function more like Safari's tabs - using the scroll left to right rather than some tabs being hidden, adaptive size of tabs according to how many tabs are there Panes Parallel panes are great. Obviously. But I still think they could benefit from running the references in strict parallel - none of this change only when you get to the next verse. This way the user could see a true polyglot as if they had a spread sheet of the texts. Of course this could only really work when each verse is separated. But it would change the whole reading experience. Oh my! Who's with me...? Thanks!
  16. When you rename a tab, a window comes up for you to enter a new name. I would expect that Ctrl-A would select all the text for me to overwrite, but it doesn't, and produces a loud bell sound instead (not good when you're in a class or the library!) Windows 10 Accordance 11.1.3
  17. Hello, When I click in user tool on any scripture link, it opens in a second tab in my workspace. I'd like to open Bible links in the first tab, not in the second. Played with the "Content is Recycled" button, but that didn't solve my problem. Either new tab is created, or link is opened in the second tab. (First tab has NRSV with two commentaries, second tab has NRSV with some other commentaries).
  18. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  19. Greetings, It use to be that you could completely set up your reading experience and have the windows do what ever you want when you click on a user note link. I use to be able to have a user note tab or pane to the right of my scripture reading and have full control when I clicked a user note link. I could have it open another window or have it go over to the tab or pane to the right and bring up the user note. All this with the ability to tie or untie the tab or pane. As it is now, I can not figure out how to have a user note tab or pane on the right, and have it go to my scripture link and still have the ability to untie it. Or be able to scroll through the scripture reading on the left with out having the user notes moving everywhere while i am scrolling. I can untie it but then when I click a user note tag in my scripture reading it opens the note on the bottom. Am I missing something here? It seams we have lost some control over the windows and panes etc. We should be able to untie the user notes window on the side so it does not scroll but still have it click to the user note location when we click a tag in the scripture reading. Or hit the recycle button according to if we want another window to be used as the user note link. That is how it use to work in previous versions. Anyways, I hope I explained this right. Thanks for your patience with me. Marco
  20. Steve Walton

    Selecting a specific tab

    Is it me, or is there not a way I can select a specific tab by name within a workspace?
  21. Is there any way to have the tab names match the library names. For some of my resources I like having the full name on the module, but for others I like to use the abbreviations. For instance, I like to see TLOT in my library rather than Jenni-Westermann. Also, there are some modules have odd names attached to them that makes the tab confusing as to which module I am actually using. For instance, the Theological Lexicon of the New Testament shows up as Spicq.
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