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Found 20 results

  1. Lance

    Best cloud syncing

    So I've been inactive with Accordance for a while (it's a long story). Having just now returned to pick it up again, I find that I have some user files (including stuff that syncs such as user notes) in Dropbox and some in iCloud (~/Documents). And in a few cases there are duplicates between the two. So notably my main user note file appears to be in both places, and both versions are identical in size down to the number of bytes, and identical created and modified date and time too. So presumably they are exact duplicates of each other? I've no idea how this came about 🤦. But the question is what I do now. Is either cloud service to be preferred over the other? I'm 100% mac and iOS, in case that affects the answer. How do I configure Accordance on macOS and iOS for whichever I settle on? And is there any way of merging / comparing the contents of similar or identical user files?
  2. Wes Allen

    Please dump Dropbox

    I would be ecstatic if Accordance would dump dropbox syncing. It worked for a bit, but it's a broken system. Here's my experience today... I just lost all the verse notes I created for this sermon because my Mac had gotten disconnected from Dropbox for some reason. So I synced, and a window popped up about reloading my session, but below it I saw the “which file to keep” dialog, which I couldn’t access with the “reload session dialog” up. So I cancelled reload session, and the comparison dialog vanished, and the notes file from my ipad became the default and erased my notes. Here's the thing, because I work with computers and deal with issues like this with some frequency I understand I hit this issue because I didn't act the way the program expected me to act. I recognize that if I’d reloaded the session I would have probably been been able to use the comparison dialog and get my proper notes to sync. I'm not furious, just a little disappointed (both with myself for not paying enough attention and with the current mess of a syncing system. But I and can’t imagine the frustration “normal” people have with issues like this.
  3. Whenever I sync my user notes with the Dropbox and there is something new in the user notes which need to be added to my Mac, Accordance closes currently open workspace (even if user notes are not open in any pane!) and doesn’t reopen it. I end up with empty screen. Just Accordance menu bar. However, when newer items are only on my Mac and they are being synced up to the Dropbox, workspace remains open. Accordance v.12.3.6, macOS 10.15.3 Beta 3 (this bug is already several months old, probably half a year, so even finalized macOS versions are affected, not just this beta version).
  4. Hi, Recently I noticed that after syncing Accordance 12.3.6 notes and highlights to my Dropbox folder, very often Accordance closes currently open workspace and doesnt’t reopen it. I have to open it anew. MacBook Pro 15.4” (mid-2014), macOS Catalina.
  5. I have been having an issue with highlights on my iPad. When I first opened Accordance on my iPad I noticed that the iPad seems to have different and simpler highlighting, and that is fine, so I just made highlights in a random color. However, when I then went to my computer the highlights are not shown at all. I looked through some of the threads and it seems like this is because I have not synced my computer and iPad to dropbox. Is this the case? I thus have two questions: 1) Is there a way to transfer highlights between the computer and iPad without dropbox? 2) If not, how much space does it take to sync things to dropbox? My dropbox space is pretty low and I am not sure if this would be possible. Thank you for any clarity which you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  6. I'm running Mojave (10.14.3) and Accordance (12.3.3) I have a MacBook with Accordance and just added an iMac for my in-office machine. I just installed Accordance on the iMac and want to sync my notes. I store the files in Dropbox and confirmed that it's working by Accordance preferences > syncing > clicked "Link to Dropbox" and it reported "your files are already being managed by Dropbox manually". Here's the weird problem: I noticed that the iMac doesn't see any of my MacBook's notes in Dropbox except one called "Sample notes v2." So I created a new note on the iMac and it drops into the same dropbox folder beside the old notes. Seems to work there. BUT, if I wait for the file to sync, then start Accordance on the Macbook, the MacBook doesn't see the new user file created on the iMac either! In summary, both Accordance installations see an original file, and both installations see new notes created on that machine, but neither installation sees any notes created by the other machine (Again, I waited for the files to sync onto the other machine, then restarted Accordance after that). I tried the Merge button but that doesn't show the files in question either. This sounds crazy to me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to enhance the Sync further for 1) Additional options like Google Drive, One Drive Due to the way Dropbox calculates space quotas, even shared documents by other persons take up space. So the free quota of 2GB is often exceeded by many users once they start sharing sermons and videos among themselves. Can you please add other established vendors like Google or Microsoft One Drive who provide much greater value for money? 2) Can you please also allow for My Groups to be sync? Regards, Lester
  8. I'm having two issues: (1) Anytime I "research" something, a window pops up saying that "Sample Tool v2" is missing and thus not searched (look at attached file). It instructs me to look for it in the "Library" or remove it from the program. First of all, I don't even know what that tool is and whether it's useful to me. But I'd also like to resolve it one way or another so that this window stops popping up. (2) I've synced my laptop, desktop, and iPhone with my DropBox account. And I've changed my preferences to open Accordance to "the last session." However, anytime I switch devices, not only does it not carry over any highlights, etc., but it also does not pick up where I left off on another device. Is there a way to make that work? Thank you, Jayse
  9. David Padfield

    Syncing Library Items?

    Please forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere (I did search for it and couldn't find the answer). Is there a way to sync the items in my library between different computers like I can the User Notes, User Tools, Bookmarks, etc.? I have a very large library in Accordance and all of the books are already on all four of my personal computers—I would just like a way to keep the Library Tab organized the same way on each computer. This used to be an easy task when my Accordance Library was small, but nearly impossible now.
  10. When I try to sync repeatedly Accordance on my iPhone it says there is nothing to sync. Whenever I try to sync repeatedly Accordance for Mac, it always has "Two tasks remaining". Why so? It should see that there is nothing to sync anymore.
  11. Morning, I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus (running iOS 10.3.1 & the Accordance 2.5.4). When I went to sync with Dropbox (do so on my Mac with no issues) Accordance did not recognize the existing Accordance sync folder in Dropbox and instead created a new one.
  12. Hi, This is pretty basic, but after trying a number of things, I still haven't figured it out. I add a lot of User Notes on my iPhone during the day, and would like to move them to my desktop every evening/as often as possible. In case something were ever to happen to my phone, I never want to lose my notes! So I want to know if there's a fast and simple way to sync and merge my IOS User Notes with my User Notes on my Mac. I can easily sync my phone with my computer, but since I have so many modules synced, it takes a long time. Is there a way to just sync and merge a single User Note file? Thanks for your help! Evan
  13. I am trying to setup Dropbox sync and keep getting the following error: "You cannot link to Dropbox, as your Accordance Fiels are already being managed by Dropbox manually." Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I've just installed Accordance on a new Mac, but am having trouble getting it to sync with dropbox to load notes, etc. from my other devices. When I go to link with Dropbox, I get a message that says, "You cannot link to Dropbox, as your Accordance Files are already being managed by Dropbox manually" along with an instruction to move Accordance Files to their initial location. I haven't moved any Accordance Files - I've only just installed the program on the new Mac. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks, Keith
  15. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  16. I have a pane in which I set my favourite commentary and link it to my favourite text. When I go to change my commentary in the pane using the drop down list in the pane the new commentary appears at its title page and I have to move the text in my linked bible pane to get the commentary to go to the place where I am currently at in the text. This is annoying. Is there no way to get the commentaries to go directly to the linked verse when they are loaded via a pane set up to link with a text? (Accordance 10, iMac i7 27" 2009, Mavericks)
  17. Please make Sync dialogs on iPhone shorted. «Sync all content with Accordance» and «Sync user content with Dropbox» are so long that they don't even fit on the menu, first one goes across the whole screen. It could be shorter: «Sync with Accordance» «Sync with Dropbox» Then in the next dialog popup in small letters explain what will it do, for example: SYNCHRONIZE WITH DROPBOX? This will sync all user content with Dropbox Cancel | Sync
  18. Greetings, I just synced a user note created in Accordance for Mac with my iPad. I found the user note on my iPad by going to the library, but when I open the bible text I don't see the little red dot next to the actual verse the way it shows next to the verses that have sample user notes. Plus, the little red dot does show next the actual verse on my Mac. (By the way the user note I created is is a "My Mobile Notes" user note). This is troublesome because this way I'm forced to remember each verse in which I created a user note. Then I'm forced to go to the library to view it. Shouldn't I rather be able to see the little red dot next to the verse on my iPad and then from right there be able to view my user note. Questions: 1) How do I get the little red dot to show next to the verse on my iPad? 2) How do I view the user note from right there in the bible text, without exiting the text and going through the library? Thank You
  19. patrick senn

    Synicng Notes issue

    I am having trouble syncing notes across all my devices. Wether I write a note on my iPhone, iPad or macbook, whenever I sync my devices to my laptop the notes never sync. I can install modules but the notes just never sync. Even when I untag notes in the sync window nothing happens even tough it says afterward that the sync was succesful. Just before I wrote a new note on my macbook which synced to my iPhone, as I edited the note on my iPhone and I synced again it did not sync to my macbook, and when I synced my iPad the note did not sync onto either. I have tried everything possible, restarting all my devices, restarting the router, creating a computer to computer network, I have gone to preferences on my IOS devices and restarted the download cache. Also all my apps are on the current update, Accordance on my mac is 9.5.4 It seems like nothing will help. Is the last option to delete the apps on my IOS devices to make syncing notes work again? Can anyone help? I have e-mailed support and I am communication with Paul Fink Thank you very much, Patrick Senn
  20. patrick senn

    Syncs only after new session

    I can only sync accordance on my mac with IOS whenever I start a new session. When I leave accordance and re-open it from last session the sync will not work. The bonjour error window comes up. Does anyone know a fix where I won't always have to start a new session? Thank you in advance
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