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  1. I would love a tutorial or some examples of how users are using Stacks. I really like the idea, but when I try to use Stacks I end up doing something else because I can't really figure out what to do with them after I'm finished creating them. I think I may be missing something on how to export them, import them into other Accordance items like tools, or print them easily in a format I can use. All this being said: I feel like I'm missing something? Because the idea of them seems really useful. Again, I would love some ways other users have used them. When I do a search of the Accordance website, it turns up nothing (surely there is a video somewhere) and there are not tutorials in Accordance on these. Thanks in advance.
  2. Kristin

    Stacks question

    I have not used Stacks much since I have found them a little confusing. Today I was messing around with Stacks again, and I think I can finally crystalize why I find them disorienting, and I would appreciate anyone's thoughts if I am using them wrong, or if I am misunderstanding them. I tend to have a lot of projects going on at the same time, so I had initially had a stack for project A and a stack for project B, etc. However, if I work on project A for awhile and add things to the stack, then I work on project B, if I add info to that project, the stack will just go to whatever stack I used last. Thus, when I click "Add to Stack" I wind up adding a bunch of projects to the same stack by accident. I almost feel like I need "Add to Stack A" and "Add to Stack B" buttons. Is this possible? Or am I missing something? Or maybe it is just designed to be used in a temporary fashion? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I really like the concept, but I just don't feel like I am using it correctly. Thanks, Kristin
  3. Is there a reason why the text size in stacks is not the size specified for tools? I could not find a place to have a default size for stacks anywhere else. It is possible to increase the size while the stack is open, but there does not seem to be an option to specify a default size.
  4. Steve Bishop

    Hebrew fonts not displaying

    When I save a lexicon entry from a Hebrew lexicon all the Hebrew characters appear correctly except for the footnote or bibliographic reference. Here is what it look like: Anyone know what I need to do to correct this? Thanks!
  5. Every time I try to "Add User Item" in my stack Accordance crashes. When I restart Accordance, it has added the new User Item to the stack. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.4
  6. How does one change the font used in a stack? And, how can one set a default font and size for a stack (or all stacks)? Thanks! - Ladd
  7. Hi all, I attempted to add a number verses (maybe 24) that I selected to a stack. After I did that I noticed that the first portion of them were added and then ended with "..." Is there a size limit to what you can add to a stack? Dave R
  8. kevinplarson

    Questions about Stacks

    Hey everyone... a) I can't seem to ever get Stacks to sync between the versions on my two Macs. What could I be doing wrong? When I add something to a stack (using the toolbar up top), it keeps adding to a stack for a different passage/sermon. How do I direct it to a specific stack or make a new "default" stack? Thanks!
  9. ldesiena

    Stacks on IOS

    It would be great if stacks were transferable to the IOS platform. I have an IPad pro and when I do work in a stack on my Macbook, I can't access that stack on IOS. Unless I am missing something, it would be great if this was and added feature.
  10. John L Rutherford

    Stacks Problem

    I have no stacks created as yet, so I tried to create one for the first time by selecting some text and then... Selection > Add Selection To Stack > New Stack... The dialogue window asks me for a file name, which I typed in as "psalms42-43" and then this alert appears... "The location of the file "psalms42-32.astack" has changed (or it has been deleted) since Accordance accessed this file the last time" I press the OK button, and this second alert appears... "The location of the file ".astack" has changed (or it has been deleted) since Accordance accessed this file the last time" I press the OK button to dismiss the window. I have also tried File > New Tab > Stacks > Current Stack "My Stack" and then I get the same two alerts as above, except it says... "The location of the file "My Stack.astack" etc... followed by "The location of the file ".astack" etc... How do I create some stacks? Thanks
  11. Mark Dubis

    Stacks and movie links

    I would like to be able to create an item within a stack that links to movie files, such as the fly-through videos in the Virtual Bible.
  12. Mark Dubis

    Stacks and Presentation Mode

    I would like to see a way to use Stacks in a presentation mode similar to Keynote/Powerpoint. Presently I gather materials from resources to create class presentations and click on items in my stack to bring full screen. But my notes etc. are visible to students. I would like to be able to project the full screen image to the class while seeing other reference materials that appear in Stack myself, similar to presenter mode in Keynote. Love the ease of use of Stacks for building presentations, and it would be that much greater if I could then present those materials in a more professional way. Thanks.
  13. I'm surprised that Accordance User Notes isn't able to make notes for sections of Scripture. Say I wanted to make a note for James 1:21-25 about a parallelism between the "word" and "perfect law, the law of liberty", I can only make a note with one of the verses as the reference, which makes it difficult to later know which verses the note actually applies to. I know you can use stacks, but this seems like a clunky way to do it. The vertical space needed to make a note for a verse it pretty substantial. Plus, there is no easy way to insert a new note on Scripture. Say you already have a bunch of notes on James, and want to make a note in Chapter 3 (the middle). You'd have to add the note to the stack and then manually put it in the right order. Lastly, I don't imagine there is a way to have it automatically scroll through the stacks as you read through the Bible to match the references like tabbed ties are. Is there an easy way to do what I'd like to do that I'm missing? I know this has been discussed at some length in the General forum but still wanted to bring the discussion to the Feature Request page: https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/13372-user-note-covering-more-than-one-verse/
  14. sobertruth

    Stacks not Working

    Anytime I try to add or work with stacks, I get this message: "The location of the file "My Stack.astack" has changed or (it has been deleted) since Accordance accessed this file last time." This is the first time I have even tried to use stacks.
  15. I'm currently using Accordance on Mac 11.2.5. Are there any feature enhancements to User Notes in the latest version of Accordance 12? I want to study a book and write down facts, what I learn, what questions I have, what something may mean to me, etc. In the past I've used User Notes to do this but it's been a bit cumbersome. Would stacks & papers of Accordance 12 be a better choice for what I want to do? Something else? Thanks, -Paul
  16. Timothy Jenney

    #154 Stacks

    The latest podcast is up and it covers Stacks! https://vimeo.com/214601722 It's Accordance 12's great new way to store all the results of our research: quickly, conveniently, and easily. What's more is that Stacks allows us to drag-and-drop items form one Stack to another—and into Paper, our new composition feature. Enjoy!
  17. Hi I find if I do a 2 finger swipe to go through a stack, and move quickly so that it gets to the end, Accordance crashes. Moving slowly, not guaranteed, but quickly and to the end, crashes without fail. (Mac El Capitan)
  18. Hello When moving material in Stack, Accordance regularly crashes. Here is the log: Accordance Crash Log Program Version: 12.0.6 OS Version: 10.12.4 Message: Access violation Call trace: $005A6B9E $0059F6B3 $0059F578 $0059F212 $0059F17B $0018DF0A $0018DDDC $0002BDD7 $00067731 $928432AA $924D09D7 $9220AFD8 $9309654F $930978B5 $930969EA $9309596B $92209F62
  19. millca

    Stacks feature requests

    I'm looking forward to Accordance expanding on the features of Stacks: • make them searchable • make them collaspible so only the titles can be seen • while collapsed, make them draggable for reordering (sort options are too restrictive) • toggle the reference on/off for all of the stacks in case you don't want to get bogged down by that info • be sure to also reference User Notes with a link to get back to where it was also copied from
  20. Whenever I try to add a new user item to a stack it crashes the program. I've tried restarting the computer and deleting preferences, but without success. Jeff
  21. Paul Meiklejohn

    Folders for Stacks in Library

    I would love the ability to have a better substructure within My Stuff/ Library/Stacks. My folder has very quickly become cluttered, with different themes, sermon series and personals studies. I tried creating a new folder structure in my Mac Finder but Accordance only reads the Accordance Files/Stacks root folder. Having he ability create new folders would enable me to keep things very tidy by topic or date. Thank you.
  22. Guntis

    Stacks opening

    Could you please add submenu to the Stacks icon, make it just like Papers icon. I closed Stacks and could not open it until I added unnecessary text to the Stacks just to get it open by the app itself. Later I found that there is contextual menu for the right-click. But it's not intuitive.
  23. Hi, I have 2 panes open in my workspace which is across the whole screen (15.4" retina MBP). I select something in the Bible text, press Stacks icon, text is copied to the Stacks and the Stacks is open in the bottom part of the workspace. I want to position Stacks in the right side of my screen, but I cannot. Accordance complains that "There is not enough space to move this item into that Worskpace of Zone". I disagree. There's a lot of free space!
  24. markbradford

    Renaming stacks

    Is there an option to rename 'stacks' titles please?
  25. The addition of Stacks and Papers functions required creativity in avoiding the error message "workspace is too small or has too many zones" This issue occurred even if using a large external display Prior to stacks and papers, many had preferred workspaces with 6+ open zones Attempts to add Stacks and Papers zones produced an error message "workspace is too small or has too many zones" Option 1 - replace some of the zones with the new functionality Option 2 - add a new workspace and somehow link the two workspaces Option 3 - use the "move to bottom" function in the gear icon to create a 3rd row (Screen print attached) The gear icon for many of the zones has a "move up" "move down" function that allows that zone (ex info pane) to be moved to a second row. Instant Details can be moved if needed to the very bottom (third row) Sample layout with EIGHT zones First row - 1) Library (extends the complete length of display 2) English text 3) linked original language text 4) stacks Second Row - 1) opened resource (commentary/dictionary) 2) info pane 3) papers (below stacks) Third row - 1) instant details
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