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Found 7 results

  1. I use Accordance for almost everything Bible related, including sermon preparation and sermon notes when others are preaching and teaching. I use my notes feature daily, and love that with Dropbox I can sync it to every device I use with Accordance. The one issue I have with the iOS version is that the notes are a pop up window, which covers the text, so whenever I need to see the text again for any context or copying a reference, I have to close out the note and come back to it. If it were possible to edit the note directly from the it’s half of the Accordance split screen, it would be a tremendous improvement over my current workaround of using my phone app for text and my iPad for notes, or using the iOS multitasking split screen with Apple Notes and having to copy it back into Accordance.
  2. Dave Hayes

    Split Screen in iOS

    Hi, Apologies if this has been talked about in other places... Split screen in iOS seems to be working well... It would be great to be able to overlay accordance with accordance... (If this can already be done somehow please let me know) That way you can have say english and greek open in the normal view and then overlay your notes file or a commentary in the other... (meaning effectively 3 windows) I know you could overlay a bible in another app, but it doesn't seem right to need anything other than accordance... Hope that makes sense Dave Hayes
  3. Hi - Just noticed this morning in Sunday School that I'm experiencing a problem viewing Accordance in split-screen mode on the iPad Pro 9.7". I'm trying to take notes using Evernote. ¾ of the Accordance screen is grayed out. It does this no matter which side of the screen I open Accordance on. Anybody else experiencing this issue?
  4. Just wanted to voice my appreciation for the under the hood upgrade to Accordance that now allows for split screen. It has really made my day—I am loving being able to use split screen natively with accordance it far more than I expected.
  5. I usually preach in a second language that has no English diglot in my Tagalog translation of choice. So I imported Tagalog as a user Bible and use iOS Accordance as my diglot. Super nice. But it does mean printing my notes instead of using them on the iPad. Hence... really looking forward to Accordance being iOS 9 split screen capable! Just a little shout out there. Thanks!
  6. I can't seem to use Accordance 10 with El Capitan's split screen option. A dialogue box tells me that full screen is not available. Does Accordance 11 work in split screen with OS X 11?
  7. iPhone 6 is in the portrait orientation, split screen is closed, Bible text open. I rotate my phone in the landscape orientation, suddenly the split screen fills the whole screen, only a few millimeters on the left still display the Bible text pane. And I cannot move the split screen handle to close it. Also a button in the bottom toolbar doesn't work. I rotate the phone back vertically and the split screen disappears. This happens almost every 2nd or 3rd time I rotate my phone. Accordance mobile 2.0, iPhone 6, iOS 8.3.
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