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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've just gotten Accordance and was trying to figure out if the following feature exists: In many programs and browser, you can click the mouse-wheel button which transforms the cursor into two arrows, something like an auto scroll function begins, and moving the mouse cursor up or down relative to the position of the original click determines the scroll speed and direction. I tried it out in reading and regular view and looked through the help files and options menu but wasn't able to find anything that seemed to enable this. What it makes for is a 0-click scroll experience for longer passages which still allows for stopping and thinking without auto-scroll moving forward. It also allows for fast scrolling to the beginning or end of documents and is part of my natural carpel-tunnel preventing workflow of programs I use otherwise. I wanted to ask if that is an option I am somehow missing, or if it is not currently a feature. Programmatically I would hope it wouldn't be too hard to implement by modifying the auto-scroll function (tie middle-mouse click to turning on auto-scroll, and tie the scroll speed value to the position of the cursor relative to the position of the initial click). Thank you for any "pointers" in this regard.
  2. When I search for a word in a Bible text, I need to be able to scroll past the last verse so that the second pane can show the information for the last verse of the search results. Instead, when I scroll to the last verse and then release, it bounces back to fill the white space in the bottom of the pane, which makes the parallel pane jump back to the previous verse. The only way to make the second pane sync to the last verse is to make the 1st pane so small that it doesn't bounce back after scrolling. See this video for an explanation of my problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmvqa1qxno8620w/Acc%20iOS%20Scroll%20Sync%20Bug.MOV?dl=0
  3. I usually have four bible texts up, and when I scroll them in the Windows version there is a flash or flicker that makes it really hard to view the screen over an extended time of study. Worse for me is that, because I have a slight visual problem, I am in the habit of highlighting text as I read, and that causes major flashing in accordance.
  4. Hello, since updating to version 11.2.4 and installing macOS Sierra I have several problems. My biggest problem is a crash that occurs when using the arrows to scroll down in the preferences window or in the text windows or in any other window. Please find attached a screenshot that contains the error. There were several more crashing experiences with Accordance. But they all did not occur every time I use the software. The second problem I have on all my devices (MB with macOS and iPad and iPhone on iOS) is that the language when choosing a book is english. Before I updated to the current version the books were displayed in German. Pleas find attached my second screenshot. I hope you can help me! Thank you very much in advance. Best regards Stefan
  5. Using version 11.1.2, I display the Instant Details window for a word and then try to scroll through the content, but the content in the popover clears.
  6. Hello Since 11.1 often when I had open the Library (I use it as pop-over) and I scroll through it, then the Library didn't scroll but the Text behind scrolls. In generally I think the Library was scrolling much smoother in 10 or in the beginning of 11. Greetings Fabian
  7. When in split pane view, while scrolling in one pane the other pane is always lagging behind. I would appreciate the ability to lock the two scrolling panes to scroll together (synchronized) at the same time please.
  8. I would love to see the addition of the ability to set up a one-way, or one-direction, tie between books. What I would like to see would be the ability to scroll through a Bible text and have the Commentary scroll along, but then be able to scroll through the commentary without the Bible text moving. For instance, If I am studying Esther 3:10 and my commentary is more general and is divided by "Esther 1:1-2:20" "Esther 2:20-4:17" "Esther 5:1-6:14" etc... When I scroll to Esther 3:10 the commentary naturally jumps to the section treating "Esther 2:20-4:17." Great. But, now if I scroll the commentary and go to far, my Bible text jumps to Esther 5:1, so I scroll back and my Bible text jumps back to Esther 2:20. Not Good. I would love to be able to have the Commentary stay in a one-way tie with the text so that it scrolls with my text, but gives me the liberty to scroll through the commentary without changing my Bible Text location. Thank you for your consideration!
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