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Found 1 result

  1. bdollahite

    Atlas Feature Request: Scale

    I appreciate all the fine work that has been placed into this atlas design and functionality. Currently when the Atlas module displays a map — in the lower left corner a scale is shown, indicating one unit on the map is X units on the ground. This is useful and standard. Next to it is a "distance scale" for measuring distance on the map when it is printed or copied for presentation use. This is also vey useful. However, this scale is shown in metric units only. While I acknowledge that metric is the measurement of science (archeology) many lay people think in feet, yards, miles, etc. Having the option to choose which units of measure are displayed on the scale is sufficient to meet the feature request need. An even better solution would be to display the two common measurements (Metric and "English?") on the same line — say miles above the line and KM below it, or vice versa – with on the line place tick marks (above and below) that indicated units 1 to 5, 10, and 20. This would allow people who think in either system to appreciate distances on a map (and the tick marks would allow them to measure things at a reasonable precision relative to the map. (This functionality all exists when the Atlas module is use interactively, - my issue is around when the map become a static image used in a presentation.) Another issue is where to place this scale. Currently the scale shown in metric units is displayed at the left side of the vertical size bar. Thus when a map is copied and pasted into a presentation, one needs to copy the size bar which has no map data on it and either waste precious display space or make two copies of the map and crop on so that its only the scale info, and crop the other copy so that the vertical size bar is not seen. Then place the scale only copy on top of the other map image. This is a lot of work — but it is a functional work around. What I suggest is placing the scale "on" the map itself. I acknowledge that placing a scale on the map, even with transparency controls enable for it - may cover key places. I think that can be addressed since the maps can be sized so that the scale does not cover any important item being displayed (as rarely would one place important items on a edge of a map). Even if that were the case, the one map solution could be implemented to either make the scale drag-able so that a user could place it wherever they want or even outside the area of map they plan to copy should they not want a scale. Accordance could also offer an option not to display a scale. If dragging is to hard to code, another implementation could be to allow a user to pick the area in which to display the scale (e.g., top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, or not displayed). All of the above suggestions are not directives much rather my brainstorming as how one could meet my requested feature. The need is for a scale with English units and metric units (or even preference table where a user could choose one or two units to be displayed with tick marks on the scale. This would allow people who think in other measurement (nautical miles for example), cubits, etc. to have their one or two units of choice displayed. Again, how Accordance provides this functionality is not my right to dictate. My desire is to express a need; offer suggestions that explain the need's use case, and let Accordance Product Management and developers decide the how.
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