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Found 17 results

  1. bayside1

    Reading mode

    Accordance's reading mode has only one option for the screen. Logos has other options that I can changed to two 0r three columns of the reading mode. I wish that the Accordance also had these kinds of options.
  2. Sorry if I missed this, is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for entering the Reading Mode in windows? I see this in the Mac version but somehow, I don't see it the windows in the Preference. Thank you. Sm
  3. I open «Feasting on the Word» commentary in the Reading Mode. I click and hold on the author's name hyperlink. Popup appears with the detailed info. I scroll text down, but the popup info stays on screen. Should be dismissed when I start scrolling.
  4. When I was reading this morning the reading mode closed on me when I added a word to stacks. So I then had to go back and press control R to get back into reading mode. So each time I want to save a word I have to do this. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a how reading view works but it's somewhat frustrating... Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi! I bought one or two e-books for Accordance, but came to the conclusion that the Kindle tablet is better for reading. That continuous scrolling is not good for long readings. App doesn't remember my reading progress, and my current location is not synced between the devices. You have to improve that, otherwise I find Kindle a better experience.
  6. Well, I have recently fallen in love with the reading mode. Use it all the time to focus on one commentary. But I am little frustrated with getting out of the Reading mode. If I am running Accordance in full screen and am in Reading mode, hitting escape (on a MacBook Pro Touchscreen) takes me out of the apps Full-screen but keeps me in reading mode. I have to hit escape again in order to get out of reading mode. The only way to escape reading mode is Control R. Was that an intentional software choice or an oversight? It seems rather awkward to me. It seems more intuitive to have the first "escape" come out of reading mode and then the second out of full screen. Thanks for any feedback. Maybe I am just too picky. Daniel
  7. I am using Accordance 12.0.1 on a 15" mid 2010 MBP running Sierra 10.12.1. I am also using a 27" Samsung monitor. For some reason when I am in the reading mode and using the external monitor the space bar does not scroll down the text a full screen. Usually with a text it will scroll down just a verse or two, sometimes a little more. The same kind of thing happens when I am in the reading mode with a tool. It may scroll down a couple lines or several lines, I could not discern a pattern. This behavior does not exhibit itself when I use only the built-in display, nor when I am not using the reading mode. Please note this is not a huge problem for me. I can still scroll up or down with the track pad and I can see what I need to read just fine. One of the things I really like about Accordance is the fact that it is possible to do what one wants to do in various ways. But it would be really nice if I could just move to the next block of reading material with a push of the space bar. Maybe I'm just spoiled! Don
  8. Hi! Please let me customize Reading mode. I'd like to change both background and font.
  9. I have a custom theme for my user notes ("Standardize text display" is turned On). When I "Enter Reading mode" (Ctrl+R), the text is way too small. I can enlarge it, OK, but when I exit the Reading mode, font size doesn't change back to the smaller one. I have to decrease font size manually. And so every time. Why the Reading mode can't remember different font size?
  10. I open New Testament for Everyone commentary in the Reading mode (full screen). I add a user note, close it. I see its icon near the right edge of the screen. I click on it and it opens full screen. But it's top edge goes beyond the screen edge. See attached screenshot. This is the top left corner of the screen.
  11. bcordoba

    Reading mode text color

    While in reading mode the text shows up much lighter than when in normal mode. My text is set to Black and when in reading mode it shows up very light which is not very readable. See attached screen captures. Please help!! Benoît
  12. bcordoba

    Reading mode improvement

    While in reading mode the "highlighting" (the one that shows the word with the same root in another text pane) should be disabled since there is only one pane open. Thanks for the great program and support! Benoît
  13. Could you please add option to show Highlighters palette whenever I select any text in the Reading Mode? Because when a commentary is open in the Reading Mode, there is seldom any other reason to select any text except for highlighting. Could be a checkbox in the application's preferences. (I'm tired of opening Highlighters palette, detach it, position it at the left side of the screen.) Or perhaps highlighters could be incorporated in the top or bottom toolbars (while text is open in the Reading Mode)).
  14. If I click on any commentary text and then press Ctrl+R, Accordance opens that commentary in the Reading mode, but I don't like the background color and font. But I cannot customize it. As soon as I press Command+T to customize it, Accordance exits Reading mode and offers me to customize commentary display settings in the main workspace window. Could you please let me customize themes independently from the workspace? Let me save them as I like them. (There could be a Default button to reset any theme). I'd be happy if I could customize any theme and use it wherever I like.
  15. Open Accordance, place cursor in any commentary, press Ctrl+R to open it in Reader Mode. Select any word and press Command+Option+3. Highlighter palette opens and a gray color rectangle appears across the bottom part of the screen. When I start scrolling, middle part disappears, but both ends outside the scrolling text remain. (MacBook Pro 17", spring 2011 model, OS X 10.9.2, the latest version of Accordance)
  16. I open commentary in the Reading Mode, highlight text, scroll up or down, and soon when I click in the text to select it for the highlighting, it exits Reading Mode and opens another pane in my workspace. It means I've clicked on some hyperlink in the commentary. But it wasn't hyperlink. It has happened to me 6-7 times this morning, in about 20-30 minutes. Annoying. And when I press Command+Option+3 to open highlighter palette while in Reading Mode, Accordance opens it, but it shows only lower half of that palette. Upper part is beyond the top edge of the screen. Please fix this bug.
  17. When I open commentary in the Reading mode (full screen), it has lots of links to the Bible text, but I cannot see that text because Instant Details is not visible anymore. Could you please keep Instant Details visible (if it's open in the active workspace), or show a popup with the Bible text when I hover mouse over the link? I'd like second option better as it doesn't take screen real estate when not needed.
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